Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened

Travel the world and play as the world’s greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his faithful assistant, Dr. Watson. Investigate a mysterious series of disappearances and use your wits to track down a dark group of Cthulu-worshippers. Follow the clues and solve the mystery of Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened, while being fully immersed in this Adventure game. Warning: Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened contains some graphic content and mentioning of the occult.

Look down and see blood. Piece of cloth - Take the piece of cloth in items and then click it on the microscope. Look close on the left hand and use magnifying glass on the tip of the finger. The moment you examine the last piece of evidence, the safe will be revealed, and you will automatically be taken to it, regardless of where you are. A newspaper is placed in the portfolio. Cross the walkway just like the thief did. Holmes deduces that there were 2 men; one of robust size and a young Hindu that kidnapped the Maori. Take the Black Edelweiss metal box similar to the ones sent to London behind the pink crystals. Follow the tracks of the footprints. There are 2 books that are of interest. Exit the shed. See a puncture mark done by a hatpin and used to draw the picture on the American passport. Look at the door and see that it is not forced. Under preferences: subtitles, mouse and camera sensitivity selections are seen.

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Return to the trophy room when the scene ends, and grab a lemon from the lemon tree. Check Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened pitcher hSerlock water on the other bench and Holmes will say the water contains opiates. Read the note by Dr. Move the bed to see something on the floor. Use the truss for roast beef on the cart handle; it will automatically stretch past the first gate. He woke up with his package AAwakened. The secret wall recedes. Return to the Port District. Turn right and cross the green roof of an archway to get to the next building. Enter and try to talk to the patient. Stenwick and learn about his missing Maori manservant, Baowpa. Use Awakend on door Mad Mouse then LandGrabbers. Look at the picture on the wall of Arneson with servant. Mad Mouse that he Mad Mouse glasses and has a beard. Talk to Champagne guarded by Napoleon and Lafayette.

Pick up the book. Go pass the crates and boxes and right to the planks. Go to the right side of the building, around the corner and see dirty windows. Go to the Customs house on the left pass the house with anchor. The dots on your map have been disabled for this next sequence, so you will have to physically walk Holmes around. Just past the rock there are more blue ropes and the Jellyfish Tree. Holmes says that the moonshine is made from turnips. Go to the door on the floor. The numbers have to be inserted in sequence. Place the yellow jug and bolt of blanket on the mattress. Interact with more than 60 characters in 5 disturbing universes. The other exit has a male nurse standing reading a note on the wall. Gerda - If you haven't picked it up yet - Go back to the lab and now you can take the doll. Check the liquor cabinet left of the entryway. Follow the hallway, ignoring the closed doors.

Enter through gate - Go to the gate at end of corridor. He calls for Holmes to help him. The object of the puzzle is to hook the padlock Awakemed is on the floor. Watson takes the fake Amos in custody. Go back to Holmes. Talk to the barman about the man with silver eye. Sherlocm to Holmes. Exit through the Tradewinds Classic. Use the space bar to see all the exits in the screen. Check the documents to update what is seen.

He finally recognizes Holmes, who is white as a sheet as though he met a ghost. Harper went on a boat last night. Knock on door and Kuntz welcomes Watson. Cross the walkway made of planks and rollers. Look close on the right hand and use the magnifying lens to see that one of the fingers has dust on it. Use the pot holder on the right lever; then use the anvil on the pot holder. Go forward until the Saloon archway. Return to Arneson, and click on him. In Documents, read Answer from Mycroft and Strange Poem, the translation of the temple stele message. Use the key on door. Play as the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his loyal friend Doctor Watson. The padlock is automatically pulled by the hook. Use the advertisement on the drawing. Example: 9 is only divisible by 1, 3, and 9, so the inner number is 3.

Holmes has removed his Amos disguise. Use and combine more than 50 objects, and discover hundreds of clues and documents to carry out the investigation to its final outcome. Walk down the stairs, and return to the stables, and then talk to Watson and Eulah. Take a white coat and automatically be wearing it. Inside temple - Look around the temple. Holmes says they are decoys. See signs pointing to Gygax' office. Talk to Barnes again. Pull the left lever to open the first gate. Look at the fireplace and see burnt paper that will not help. Look down and see the footprints. They need to change some currencies. Be sure to check the item or the document taken by right clicking to open the portfolio. Schwartz Disguise. Go out the gate and get swarmed by mosquitoes.


Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened Remastered - [01/12] - [Chapter One - Part 1] - English Walkthrough

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  1. He mentions the latest news about a Scandinavian princess. Gygax wants the intruder caught so he can take care of his memories. Once every item has been picked up, and every piece of evidence has been examined, the safe will be revealed. Talk to the female patient. The secret wall recedes.

  2. Check the back of the shed close to the wall. Holmes makes a comment that the mustard seed didn't completely ignite. Blackman just had a jewel sale and will be back in 3 days. Read it in documents to see the delayed connection to New Orleans.

  3. Go down the winding stairs. Enter the warehouse pointed by another sign and exit to the other side. The bottle of moonshine is in items. Rich graphics, biting dialogue, disturbing characters and an excellent sound track create incredible turn of the century atmospheres. Equip the spoon and unlock the cell door.

  4. Gygax in documents to learn about the Swiss bank's auction of Gygax' jewels and the amount collected. Try the front door; it is locked. The door to the laundry is not accessible.

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