Delaware St. John: The Seacliff Tragedy

The sound of a hundred voices call to Delaware St. John and lead him to the site of a decrepit amusement park. The site closed four years earlier after a collapse killed more than a hundred people. As Delaware explores the area he discovers the tragic accident is only the beginning of the dark events taking place. Delaware St. John: Sea Cliff Tragedy is an adventure game full of suspense and excitement.

Move back four times to exit the view of the Skiball booth. Master Bedroom - Enter the master bedroom. Enter and look around. Move forward-left to the gate. Simon will tell you they are demons, not ghosts. Turn left, move forward three times, turn left, move forward three times, forward-right, forward twice, turn back, move forward, forward-right and go up the stairs. Enter the Skiball booth and Carl says that the machine is missing one of the balls. After the ride, Adam tells Delaware to look for locker Get walkthrough's if you need them. Use the wire hanger on the key to take it: Exit the view of the door. Take the tube of face paint: Move back twice to exit the view of the briefcase. Examine the Skiball booth: Go through the door at the left side of the Skiball booth to see the horse race game. You will talk to Mr.


Delaware Saint John - The Seacliff Tragedy Walkthrough Part 6

To the left is the door to the Haunted Castle. Dispose any shadow people. Instead, you will have to go down a couple of dead-ends in order to get to the wheels that control the grates. The hunter is here. Click twice to examine it closely. Turn left at the yellow post. Delaware sometimes uses this to force open doors. Turn left, forward until the door at the end of the passage. Open it. Turn left and move forward through the doorway. Kelly drops into a cave. To end it. Look at the seat above the right cannon: Take the can of grease on the floor: Exit the view of the seat. It doesn't have the stunning graphics that have become so common in today's games.

Avec Delaware St. John: The Seacliff Tragedy madagascar

Enter and hear the Hunter following. Move back to exit John:: view of the coffin. Employee Building Move forward, turn left, move forward-right, forward, turn left and move forward to the door. A menacing Finders Person will appear, but the flashlight will scare it Ttagedy. Back away from the shelf, move forward-right and open the door. Adam's bedroom - Look around and at the clown Treasure Hunters on the Art Mahjong 3. Pull back and turn right. Now go forward two clicks. Turn left and see the entrance to the Tunnel of Terror. Turn left to see the Gate. After he finishes talking, open the door and enter the bedroom. Come to the vertical Grate 2, which is already open. Select the switch to turn the power on. See clown toys and one machine is missing a ball. Examine the briefcase on top of oJhn: locker.

Examine the noticeboard: Delaware sees a vision of the funhouse where a skeleton is hidden behind one of the walls. Go in and look around. Date published: Click to zoom in. Move forward-right, forward, turn back and examine the door on the green building: Select the door above the sign to break it down. As soon as you are through the gate, turn left. Enter the green building. It was quite frustrating to get around the amusement park and the tunnels because, try as you might, you always ended up where you started, no matter what you did! Enter and go forward. Go downstairs, open the door and move forward to enter the basement. Check and see that the yellow door is locked. Examine the gate and then open it. Enter the skiball booth.

Hear a sound while on top of stairs. The Cellar You Bubble Zoo 2 see a light switch on the wall straight ahead. Enter the building. Adam's bedroom - Look around and at Sparkle 2 clown drawing on the wall. So that took a lot of fun out of the game, but I did continue to finish the game, and I completed it in less than a day, So not bad really I suppose ;D But saying all that the graphics were great, And great story, but a very challanging game, it will test a lot of your gaming skills. Look close at the shelf where the clown dolls are located. Then loop up and around and come down to Wheel 6 orange.

Climb up the ladder to exit the sewer. We finally had to go to the cheats to get through the game. Exit the view of the map. He doesn't want you to take the prizes. Look close again and see no way to get inside. Go back through the gate, right and you might see another shadow people. Go forward until the end of the tunnel, left, turn around and enter the elevator. Select the shadow person: Move forward and forward-left to talk to Simon about the shadow person that was just seen. The train stops. Look underneath the TV. Exit the view of the rack. Use the ball on the red shovel. This is the dressing room. Park Entrance Talk to Kelly.

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  1. The path ahead is also blocked. Examine the wall. You are now at the other side. Ferris wheel - Turn around and exit through the gate.

  2. Continue exploring by going forward to the end of the path. He wants Delaware to 'spruce up' the booths, starting on the dart game. Go right to the carousel. Delaware has a vision of a ball on the bench. Go right and forward to the end.

  3. Take the Family Picture from your inventory and click it on the door handle where the photo is outlined in red. Turn right. Delaware sees an amusement park.

  4. Try opening the door to talk to Theodore again. Use the key on the elevator. There is an elevator left of the door. Examine the map to see a question mark by the Tunnel of Terror: Exit the view of the map. Open and enter the room.

  5. Always start with one less than one - is zero. It gives you a thrill after having searched for a while for the right way, you finally find it and you never quite know what's going to be on your left or right wasn't fond of the creepy clown statues! The atmosphere created is also excellent.

  6. Try the door and Kelly says it's stuck. Simon will tell you they are demons, not ghosts. Instead, you will have to go down a couple of dead-ends in order to get to the wheels that control the grates. Take a ball.

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