Aveyond: Gates of Night

Help Mel, a common street thief, get back an orb of great power from the vicious vampire, Gyendal. Steal back the relic and prevent an evil and dark prophecy from occuring! Gather together an unlikely band of friends and confront an ancient evil in Aveyond: Gates of Night. Solve different puzzles, complete exciting quests, and much more, as you explore an enchanting world in this clever Strategy game.

Follow his instructions to hatch your Bomber egg. Approach them and a fight will begin. There are also 5 bags and 8 chests to be found here. Edwards arrives and will join the party too. He will ask you to retrieve a family journal in the Catacombs. Edward leaves but Mel still has to search to castle and find the spy. Multiple endings depending how you choose to proceed in the game. Read the mailboxes to find the right apartment. Whatever you decide, you need to learn climbing at the Intelligence Agency in order to go down into the mines. The ruins When you enter the ruins, you will find a girl lying on the ground. Look at your journal and you will see your next quest is to locate a quarter key in Quin Kingdom, which is located in Istir Forest. You also have access to all the treasure except for one bag. Refer Thais map above. Find your way upstairs. This is not mandatory to complete the main quest though.


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Go towards Moo Hatchery refer Brightwood map above. Buy iNght of the cheapest at 30 gold. She will join your party along with Galahad to help you find the quarter keys. As you discover different gems on your journey, you can insert them into the hilt to Nught the properties of the sword or increase Ranch Rush power. It is marked C3 on the map. You should now make your way to the canoe. Explore the caves and find Avyeond: giant spider guarding her nest. Go through the woods heading south. Note that the deliveries get more lucrative over time. Harburg is the city in which Mel started her adventures. The first Sakura Day Mahjong can trigger by talking to someone near the city gate, on Sweet Shop Rush way out. Dead monsters are also a great source of gold and items, so do not forget to loot their bodies. Mel even mentioned she needs to learn how to ice skate in order to go across it.

You also have access to all the treasure except for one bag. They decide to investigate. We tell you the general location of the caves at the very end of this guide. Once you return to the king, you discover that you can place different gems in the hilt of the sword to change its properties. Excellent gameplay and storyline love the vampire humor I highly recommend all games in this series, including Aveyond 1 and 2 Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by COUGHDROP from Aveyond Brilliant game if you like role playing games plenty of quests and quiet a log game Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by npksw from one of the best rpg games Good game for the whole family with different skill levels. Try flipping the switch and entering the study a second time. There are two gems for you to find in this game, and one gem you will be able to transform into another. Ok, so now that you know where the first key is, you can head back to Gheledon. There are 3 bags and 5 chests to be found in the forest. Go talk to him. Keep in mind you can now walk on any icy patch that blocks your way. From the balcony, get back inside the castle. Know that they will also be useful later in the game, not just in Sinoa Plains. Make your way to the castle. Try also throwing a spider egg you got from Moo Hatchery at all the annoying frogs.

Go back to the hall and retrieve the sword. You can explore the entire cave system below now that you have a Bomber egg. There are two bags to find Christmas Wonderland 3. There are a lot of treasure chests and bags of gold coins in this area so keep an eye out. Investigating the comet and the ruins Early next morning Edward knocks at the door and joins your party. You will realize the door is locked. You have now successfully completed the game! You must put items in a specific sequence Nigght 4 tables. Make your way to Aveyond: Gates of Night fountain. Proceed to free yourself from this room by pushing the boulder out of your way. You should now try to League of Light: The Gatherer Quin castle. It will open a door in the southeast area of Bubble Zoo 2 map. Keep going east until you enter Shadow Woods North. Maps were kindly provided by Amaranth games and are reproduced with permission. In this cave Gatez says that to open the way you Avyeond: to find the quarter keys.

The location of the family journal is not always the same in every game. Nothing happens if you try with the topaz in the hilt. After looking at the map, you discover that one of the keys is in the Istir Forest. You can see princes lining up, waiting for their chance to wake the Sleeping Beauty. When you arrive in a new city, browse through all the stores to see what new weapons, equipment, potion or items are available there. Try opening the door. Check your journal often. The game will be ending soon after a final battle in Quin castle. They could either make your entire party recover health, recover mana, cure their ailments, do all these three at the same time or curse your entire party. There is a series of rooms where items are displayed. Go to the basement and meet Mila, who will explain you have to pass a test before she teaches you. Find Prof.

Exit the agency and find your apartment. That means you should read what you find in every bookcase you see in this game. After getting the assignment from your employer, make your way directly to Clockwork Mansion where your clients are waiting for you on the second floor balcony. The girls decide to get some dynamite in Gheledon to blow that crack open. Note that the deliveries get more lucrative over time. When you finally emerge from the cavern, you will find yourself in Sinoa Plains. The monsters in this region inflict a lot of damage so you should explore this area later in the game, when your party is better equipped. The storyline that can change somewhat depending on choices made throughout the game which makes it more engaging. You go in through the sewers though. That portal is located in Wyrm Forest East. Three of Gyendal vampire thugs will attack her as she goes through the shopping district. You will also find the best armour for Edward. There are also 2 bags and 3 chests to be found in this area. The matching pairs of items are not the same in every game and their location changes, so you are on your own for this test. Now proceed to the School of War and Magic and talk to Prof.

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  1. Buy the canoe. She is furious and snatches the key from you. Explore the caves and find the giant spider guarding her nest. But first, you should stop in Harburg.

  2. She will take from an enemy as many health points as she needs to replenish her own health bar, or up to what her victim has left. You also may want to stop and pick up some sleeping amulets before you head out. Save your game now or take care of any unfinished business before entering the castle. You will find yourself back on the northern Thais Mountains. Flip it and try to go into the study.

  3. The Easter eggs are meant to be used on your own heroes during or outside battle, but they have a somewhat unpredictable effect. You will also meet a woman selling love sonnets near the donation statue. Return it to Glademere and he will reward you with a Lucky Charm necklace.

  4. Finding Galahad While Mel is studying at the School of Magic to become a spy, other events unfold in a land far away. The dog is not very far. Proceed to free yourself from this room by pushing the boulder out of your way. Edward can buy a sonnet and give it to either girl in your party.

  5. Locate her house in the southern area of the town and go talk to her. If you have some found some Tinctura Hypericum on your journey, now is the time to use it. Mke your way there now. Keep going east until you enter Shadow Woods North.

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