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A beautiful young elf is missing, and no one remembers her existence. To solve the mystery of his lost friend, Ean leaves the vale and embarks on a mission that takes him through dark forests and arid desserts. Solve dozens of adventure puzzles and explore an enchanting world. Aveyond 2 is packed with monsters, magic, and humor. Stop an evil queen from turning the world into ice, capture a dragon and ride the winds to ancient lands, unite the kingdoms and discover your destiny.


Aveyond 2 Walkthrough: Episode 1 - Introduction

It is a pretty good game, definitely as long as the previous one. After that it breaks, so buy a couple of them. They reached Shaenlir at the time Thais soldiers were already attacking the city and fighting through the enemy forces. If you are playing Aveyond 2 version 2 then I would recommend downloading the goodies from their websites and install it they are very small files, only in kbs. Then go to Sabriya in Seri desert, the salamander would have hatched by now, in rare cases you may get the golden salamander armor. He will give you an empty bottle. Candar Talk to everyone, here also you will get a number of quests. You need to give it to Helga when you return to Bogwood. Go inside the cave entrance you see to your north. You will be given a quest. Talk to her, she will join you. Old Ways Enter the dungeon and keep walking southwards. The goodies are pretty good and you will find most of them in the game itself.

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I love Travel Riddles: Mahjong the Aveyond 2, the plot, and the game design overall. Ean and the others must take the book to Aveynd historical writer in Thais; his house is marked by a sign with a book and quill. Board your ship and set forth to it. In the Aveeyond map refer the arrows to know which cave leads to where. Make Ean sleep in his bed and see the events that ensue. Make sure you Bubble Zoo 2 it if you want to marry off some characters increases attraction points of the applied characters. To make matters worse, wicked creatures called Darklings keep popping up, convinced that Mel is the prophesied one who will Aveyond 2 a dark empire for them. Exit the cottage and leave the place to the south. Activate the switch and make your way to Wyvern Aveuond exit in the map. Mirror mansion Each room leads to another Daily Mah Jong. Now before going on for our main quest, lets go back to Ravenwood to see how Gulliver got duped! Now we can explore the Toadstump Marsh. Turn Avveyond your right and go up to the northern exit.

Now we are off to our quest. See what happens. For giving you more choice in what you want to do. You are in the beehive, the first true dungeon. Enter the house to the lower right of this house, it also has a chest containing 40 gold coins. Talk to the green haired guy Rye, he will join your party equip the armors and weapons on him, he will join at around same level as your party members. If your looking for a classic style, computer RPG then this is for you. She leaves the room without blessing Iya. But to do that you need something, we will come back to the squirrel later. He learns then that Rhen is destined to destroy him, but he can't kill her or he will also be destroyed. Exit and you will reach a forest cottage. The chest where we were heading for yields wild berries.

Then face the second boss-find out for yourself who that is. You will find a death certificate lying on the floor beside her bed. Shaenlir You will find an item shop directly in front of the entrance of Shaenlir, remember this shop as we need to come back here for a quest. Press enter or the Mad Mouse button to board it and sail towards north. Aveyond 2 almost did not make it, but Talia Maurva, the Druid of Dreams, saved their lives. Talk to the Elder Oak. He will open the Knight Solitaire 3 to Aveyond for your party.

He will give a quest. Enter the place and walk up to the waterfall, read the signboard, the characters will comment something. Talk to Gretel again and then go to Professor Drake. You will see a flower on the damp earth, pluck it. Resume your main course and after some time you will see the road bifurcating-one going east and the other towards north with a set of stairs. The prophecy, however, lingered on. Then after you need to go to the elders of the village, you will find them to the south of Elfwood. Watch the rest of the ending yourself. Now go to the spot marked as C2. Talk to the sultan again to get another quest. Wear accessories that protect from sleep and dizziness. The beast will come chasing you, run over to the switch and press it when the beast reaches the spot on the bridge marked with the white arrow. Go to Ulric and give him the sonnet, he will unlock the secret garden. Walk into the Brightwood forest. Check the Seri Desert map to find the location of the egg and bring it to Sabriya.

There a couple of chests in this area yielding tincture hypericum, acorn, calamity and darkness spell. She will ask you to come at Stardale Glen. The last house at the casket hill is the human parts lab; talk to the professor there. You will appear in the cave at point 1. You must save yourself often to restart when you get killed. You will see a book lying on the ground, pick it up and see what happens. Refer the map above to locate the chests, obtain the Vampire transfigurine as well as the exit to Casket Hill. Keep walking and you will come across Cyclops dung yuck! He will have finished the book, and Nuha will be released and tells the party to visit her at her shrine in Eredar. Talk to Uthar Pendragon. Open the chest to get an ice amulet. When she feels enough time has passed for people to try the game without them, she will likely make an announcement of the areas in which they can be found. If you plan to use Gavin in the final battle then it is recommended that you bring the north wind to Obert at the wind lab at Mt Siren. Exit The Mists and visit the Dogwort plains refer world map.

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  1. Find a lost memory of the lord Go to the Lord in the palace of Casket Hill. From there go up to the magic mushroom farm and talk to the man there. He will give you another quest. Open all the chests to collect the best armors of this game.

  2. Which you can control in game. Also you need to go back to Sabriya after half an hour of giving her the salamander egg. Fight them and rescue the nymph. Buy some items if you want.

  3. If he changes back to his human form or into some other form then the skill of that particular transfigurine will disappear. Fight her too and collect the honey comb behind her. Go to Bogwood to where you found Gavin for the first time. Talk to Dredel again if you also have Nicolas in your party. Now exit bogwood as we need to complete some quests.

  4. The first house from the entrance to the right has two chests containing dynamite and steel boots. Capture the north wind in the empty bottle. The house to the left up the stairs has an important character Emma. Take Nicolas in your party first, Gavin will leave. Follow the black arrow direction to reach Seri.

  5. There is a chaos master guild here which you can join by fighting the mage and will be rewarded as sphere. You can make him sleep in his bed to heal him and his party for free. Refer the screenshot to enter the Underground entrance near the Crossing cave. The magic shoes will give protection against magical damages.

  6. Install the party goodie as per the instructions given there and do the following to keep both of them in your party. The switch at the destination has to be turned on. Graystones caves This is the graystone cavern system.

  7. Our nest destination is the Land of Lost. There also a blue chest awaits you; collect the pumpkin pie from it and go up the stairs. From there go up to the magic mushroom farm and talk to the man there. The place marked as 9 hides another goodie-the level goodie. Press enter or the action button to board it and sail towards north.

  8. Return to ava in the cave and give her the items, she will join your party. Getting the dragon — Brimstone Village The brimstone village has no human members. Change the party leader to Ava and talk to both Nicholas and Gavin.

  9. You can return to towns to recover health and purchase stronger weapons and armor. To know where you have to land see the screenshot. She leaves the room without blessing Iya. Which you can control in game. Go to Ulric and give him the sonnet, he will unlock the secret garden.

  10. But if you want to keep both of them then download the "party goodie" from the Aveyond website. Talk to the Oracle again to receive your main quests Unite the kingdoms to build resistance against the snow queen. In the normal and expert mode, the party will not be healed on leveling up. A: In your items menu, use the transfigurine of the form you wish to become.

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