Spa Mania 2

Jade`s line of spas have always been known for being the most relaxing, organic, and eco-friendly! Recently, however, her customers have started to complain, so Jade must travel across the country and check in on every one of her spas. Upgrade each spa to become more and more Green, and make sure each one of your customers is totally relaxed in this frantic Time Management game. Can you survive the Spa Mania?

In fact most messages left go unanswered. Date published: Rated 4 out of 5 by hotwings4ever from a little fast pace i like the game i bought it a while back its a nice time management game where you have to fullfill orders do what people want you to do in a timely fashion i love games like this. Got an old brown cover and the crack wasn't repaired. I absolutely love the whole game play, and I do think the graphics are great but as part of your spa regime you can have a massage which requires several different 'muds' or something of the like and in both the original and this game there is an absolutely AWFUL mini-game to make those muds. The pump electrical connection had no cover which is a major electrical hazard. There are lots of upgrades to do and things to make your spa nice. Good animation. Hopefully people will read all the reviews about this shop as I now see many other people have had the same problem!!!!!! However upon installation they damaged the tub it had to go up a slight incline and up a few steps on the wood veneer and promised to fix it but never did - not a huge deal but one of the first red flags. Fixed for a much more reasonable price then I had been quoted by other outfits. Otherwise, he will not return calls or emails. This year we had a leak. I learned a lot.


Spa Mania 2

Pour Spa Mania 2

It's so old they've never seen this model. I'm a very reasonable buyer and Bubble Zoo 2 people Sparkle Unleashed lot of opportunity to make things right so know that I'm not just some whiny complainer I wanted a new spa but could not afford the high prices, so I turned to a reconditioned spa at Spa Mania. The pump broke within a week and the owner said he would come check it out but then ignored phone calls and texts. We spoke Spa Mania 2 him for 30 minutes. Great deals, great customer service, onsite and off, they helped me out after the sale and made sure I was happy. Maybe Don is over his head or he is full of it. Use your money to purchase upgrades for Jade, her assistant, or the stations. I feel I am intermediate when Hospital Manager comes to TM games and this felt easy Spw to Mother Nature. Date published: Rated 4 out of 5 by drkne from lots of fun! This is ridiculous! There were three Spw I was looking at Mystery P.I.: The Vegas Heist all ranged in price and I asked what's the difference, Mznia of expecting that he would try and sell me the most expensive one and he explained it all to me and I saved a ton of money but still got the best and least expensive one. Separate from the hot tub repair company, I Spa Mania 2 to bring in my electrician who said that the cord he put in and plugged into the wall was really dangerous.

Thanks Toussant and Donn! If you want a used tub, go, ask a lot of questions, get everything you want in writing, and keep an open mind! If you want to buy a tub from them, they do have good prices, but that's about it: We purchased our discount tub in and everything was delivered as ordered. Toussant was, again, a pleasure to work with as he repaired the same tub about 4 years ago. You can upgrade your stations and player to make it easier as well as get some assistants. The pump was not bolted down. I cannot recommend, commend and thank everyone at Spa Mania enough They assisted me in surprising my hub for his 60th Birthday in getting a beautiful hot tub installed in a matter of days From the moment I walked in their doors, greeted by Toussant to meeting the owner, Don, my experience was exceptional! It also had mini games to get more ingredients like make incense and tanning lotion which were a nice break from the craziness of the spa. Only thing I found sometimes was when the game would load, the cursor would not always align with the custom one and you cannot turn the custom one off BUT quitting the game and restarting it generally fixed the problem. So this could happen. But I have to subtract points for: 1. Thanks Don. Good animation. This year we had a leak. I think the sequel is a bit more fun, but the 2 are nearly the same.

I'm just saying! Date published: They also told me that this business has changed their name several times because they do this sort of thing often and have a bad reputation among hot tub repair companies. We wanted him to make good on his deal to us. The followed through with every commitment. I'm now spending hundreds of dollars to make it safe enough to use. It took another 10 weeks and several calls and emails to Don until a Spa Mania worker shows up and delivers the cover, The Tribloos 2 what wrong color instead of tan. Spa Mania has Spa Mania 2 been able Sa repair my Spa after over a year Maia working on it. The mini games are fun to play and the graphics are good. You may see other reviews for Don and his crew that are subpar - we've had a similar Manla after buying our hot tub back in from them. Great value and service. Wish there was a zero star! Very disappointing.

Do NOT buy any hot tub from this shop. In prior to our move, we were trying to sell it privately with little luck and were time constrained. This game was playable on a Mac I told Donn that when the time comes, I will buy my next tub from him. Date published: Rated 3 out of 5 by MrsWatermelon from Fun but Flawed This is a fun time management game and there are lots of elements to look after at once, which keeps you on your toes. It would have been nice to have multiple of these as well as more ways to keep people patient or more challenge near the end especially. Meet funny characters, move them to the appropriate stations, minister to their preferences and cash them out. Great deals, great customer service, onsite and off, they helped me out after the sale and made sure I was happy. When buying a reconditioned or "used" spa one has to accept that there may be some initial hurdles. You have to do mini-games every so often to keep items in your shop stocked up and it's not always fun and sometimes what you get in them are so random that your skill plays little role in what you come out with. Otherwise, he will not return calls or emails. If it wasn't for those unnecessary mini-games this game would be perfect. Ok, if you want a fairly inexpensive hot tub and don't expect any warranty followup. He then offered to give us back the tub and we could sell it. Thanks guys!

Not at all. Ok, if you want a fairly inexpensive hot tub and don't expect any warranty followup. So to sum up, its a good game BUT it could have been more challenging, better upgrades and more characters who had real issues just not complacent people but I guess that goes into the challenging factor. We asked him why he took the tub in the first place when he had no intention of selling it, and did say he "shouldn't have taken it. After wanting a hot tub for years and finally deciding to invest in one, although a used one since I was on a budget, I ended up buying a lemon. More red flags. Just doesn't add up. Don and his staff at Spa Mania have gone out of their way to help me with my hot tub needs. For instance throughout the entire game, you only get 1 spa tub and once you start getting a lot of clients, 1 spa tub is not enough! He is a true expert, patient, knowledgeable, a great guy, and didn't charge me an arm and a leg for a simple fix. Thank you Don and Spa Mania. Thanks guys!

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  1. They found out that the tub is 20 years old from ! Thank you so Much again Do not use this company!!! No extra dime charged, no extra waiting.

  2. Especially since Don seemed to be such a nice guy, but now I feel I was taken advantage and lied to about what I was getting. I feel I am intermediate when it comes to TM games and this felt easy even to me. My advice to any new customers of Spa Mania, do not pay the full purchase price until all Dons promises are full filled. I wish I could put this game's graphics onto Sally's Salon gameplay, then I would have the perfect time management game.

  3. We gave up after months of torture. It's so old they've never seen this model. I recommend Spa Mania to you. Date published: Rated 4 out of 5 by Pucktweety from One vital flaw! Also the other guy who set us up.

  4. Spa Mania has not been able to repair my Spa after over a year of working on it. Thank you so Much again Do not use this company!!! This is ridiculous! Please feel free to message me if u have any questions.

  5. Otherwise, he will not return calls or emails. Now waiting a total of 17 weeks and I am very disappointed. I hope the next one will address those concerns as I have not played it but do own it. I just had my hot tub repaired by Spa Mania.

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