The Curse of the Ring

Go on a fun adventure in Barbados! After trying on a cursed ring, you must now find 6 stolen treasures or pay the ultimate price! Cap’n J. Flint has cursed the so-called prophecy ring and sends you out to find the treasures taken by the mutineers. Explore gorgeous Hidden Object scenes and try to survive The Curse of the Ring!

Click on the forge move your cursor around until it turns into a hand, then click. Mini-puzzle: Click and drag the pieces to reassemble the compass. Mini-puzzle: Rotate the tiles to complete the design. I enjoyed the storyline and can envision myself replaying this game someday. Click through the dialogue and a new hunt is triggered. Along with the ring, she must track down 6 treasures of Pirate Flint or the ring will suck the life out of her. Mini-puzzle: Fill the grid with tiles, ensuring each row and column has four different tiles. Zoom into the clock on the shelf B. Fill in the painting by matching color to shape and filling in the diagram as seen in the screenshot When the zoom window appears, click on the ring. Then click on the shelves white circle for a hidden object hunt. Continue in this way until all the ropes are gone. So, if you have any punches that need redeemed, you can always use it on this fun little gem! Solution: Click on the barrels in the back white circle to start another hidden object hunt.


The Ring - Cursed Video Tape (ORIGINAL - STRAIGHT FROM MOVIE)

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Then click on The Curse of the Ring tablet below the fountain white square. Solution: Go through the newly exposed area. Click on the clock on the shelf white highlight from screenshot above. Clicking ship 1 rotates all three, ship 2 rotates itself and ship 3 rotates Elven Legend 6: The Treacherous Trick 2 and 3. One solution is to rotate the upper right tiles 1 once, the lower left tiles once 2and the upper left tiles twice 3. Date published: Rated 3 out of 5 by pepperlady from The Curse of the Ring I enjoyed this game. Solve the puzzle by moving the tiles to an empty square until you have the correct orientation. Join the matching words and phrases. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by andrewhow5 from The Curse of the Ring I like playing games based on different countries and this one was based on the Caribbean Date published: Rated 4 out of 5 by Najia7 from Pretty good game. Take Sallys Studio Collectors Edition two statues and two figures. Write the word that completes the sentence. Enter the cabin 1. Repeat the sequence of ringing bells.

A shovel is added to your inventory. Mini-puzzle: Rotate the discs to complete the design. Put the mosaic pieces on the back wall to start another hunt. Go south and below deck. Load all of the items onto the boat. You have to remove the ropes. Take the seven mosaic pieces. Move in order 4, 6, 5, 4, 6, 5, 4, 5, 6 to swap 4 and 6. In , Valentino went to a jeweler's shop to buy a ring. Solution: Turn the handle 1 , then when the cart appears, click the basket 2 to drop the gold, then click the other handle 3 to move the cart. These are the treasures you need to find in order to advance and finish the game. Click on the pump white circle to start a hunt. Enter the gate into the forge. Now click on the cannon 2 to start a hidden object hunt. Go up the stairs and into the room.

When your cursor changes to an eyeball you will receive important information. Pick up the GEMS marked in green. Click on the door on the floor 2 to trigger a Egyptian Settlement 2: New Worlds to find a key. Some hidden objects are hidden even further and you must perform Th action to find them for example, opening a box, pressing a button, etc. Click on the box. You are given the choice to play in Casual Rnig or Advanced Mode. The jeweler said it had Rudolph Valentino, the famous movie actor, bought a a some bad He on it, but Valentino did not believe in curses. Enter the gate into the forge. Watch the cut scene.

Zoom into the map E and close the window. Take the sulphur, saltpetre and mortar. Zoom into the cave and collect the rest of the GOLD marked in blue. However, the find list did tell you an idea of the location since a little blue lock would appear if it was not located in the scene for the most part. Zoom into the panel on the fountain B and solve the puzzle by spinning each pipe piece until both ends are connected C and then spin the handle F. Find the four available dice, then leave the cabin click south. Zoom into the chest to pick up the third SHIP. Take the three moon pieces. Use the torch to light the bomb. Enter the shipwreck through the porthole. The policeman shot the gun into the air to frighten the thief, but he accidentally shot and killed him. Move in order 1, 6, 5, 1, 2, 3, 6, 5, 4, 1, 2, 3, 5, 4, and 3, as marked in the screenshot, for a winning sequence.

Click on the boat. Move the curtain F hanging behind the pirate. Go back above deck south and go east. Clicking ship 1 rotates all three, ship 2 rotates itself and ship 3 rotates ships 2 and 3. When the lock disappears, the item is somewhere on the screen. I enjoyed the demo, and the length of the game together with the variety of locations makes it a worthwhile acquisition. Repeat the sequence of ringing bells. Click through the dialogue, then close the window. Keep clicking until you have removed all the moss and dirt. The combinations may be different each time you play. Click on the clock on the shelf white highlight from screenshot above. I'm not going to recommend the game because I didn't experience the feeling of enjoyment or success that I've gotten from other games. Place the resin in the pot.

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  1. Use the pickaxe on the wall 1. Some hidden objects are not particularly easy to spot. Open the grate below the oven white square to trigger a hunt.

  2. Enter the temple; click the Indian L and enter the room to the left to trigger a Hidden Object Scene. Solution: Click to close the dialogue windows. On the brazier, place the pot, then the wood chips, then use the burning candle to light the wood chips. Mini-puzzle: Rotate the tiles to complete the image.

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