3 Days - Amulet Secret

Help Anna solve an ancient riddle and find a powerful amulet! Travel all over the world, escape tricky traps, and save the world in 3 Days: Amulet Secret! Unravel the mysteries of Stonehenge and plunge yourself into a curious blend of Egyptian symbolism and Tibetan spirit, in this challenging Hidden Object game. Find the hidden pieces of the amulet quickly, as you only have 3 days to catch the crooks and save the entire world!

It's not very difficult at all - some of the puzzles stumped me for a minute but most of them were simple to complete. Your goal is to move each letter down to the bottom of the board. Collect the items shown. Hint button replenishes quickly yes I use those hints! Collect the red statue pieces. Pieces do not lock in place. Click on the items in the scene that belong with the items in the list. Once a piece is set correctly, it will not move. Use the Plazmatron to reveal the Camera. You will need to slide some boxes out of the way. If you cannot collect the Sun from the front of the Altar, you probably need to slide the Pans out of the way. When you finish the Find List, you will trigger a puzzle. Give it a try.


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Marocaine 3 Days - Amulet Secret

This is a 3-dimensional jigsaw puzzle. Date published: Rated 4 out of 5 by Alee from Just as good as 3 Days Halloween Night Mahjong I really don't get it with the ones that put this game down. One of the The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising is behind the Birdcage on the floor. True: Professor, Lord, Grandpa, Journalist. The items Amuldt the third list are marked in pink. The mini puzzles were different, which I enjoyed. Click on mAulet to identify the thief. See the screenshot for an example. One fingerprint will not match in each round. I do not have music playing while I Dxys games so I cannot comment on it. The story line was excellent, the puzzles varied and challenging, as were the HOS. Zoom in under the Bed to find the Vial. I found the graphics to be pretty good for the most part. Move the Shade on the left window to find the Grapes

The graphics are amazing! Items from the second Find List are marked in cyan. Use the Plazmatron to reveal one of the Film Reels. Hover your cursor over one of the arrow buttons to see which balls it controls. The Shield is behind the Bed. Try the game, I thing you will enjoy it. Not a bad game at all. EXIT takes you out of the game altogether. In each picture, place the parts in the sequence yellow, cyan, pink, green. Repair the Pump as shown. Use the Plazmatron on the white Statue, then click on the painting. Date published: Rated 3 out of 5 by bep1 from Not up to par I didn't finish it.

You will find another Backpack behind the Barrel. As Sdcret, if you skip out of a puzzle which the skip is available pretty quick will take you back to the same HO scene and Sexret the same items. Some of the puzzles are quite challenging; if you can't figure it out, you can skip it at which time you will have to play a HOG scene the same scene every time you skip but different things to find. This is a match-3 game. Items on the Find List Amult be hidden until you do something else in the scene. Pick up the appropriate Ventilator part. You will have to zoom in once for each object. Highly recommend! The Diary is Hearts Medicine: Hospital Heat Collectors Edition the Glasses on the left.

Collect the items on the Find List. The game autosaves automatically at the end of each Level. Put the items into the Labyrinth as shown. Once you have collected all the items, you will trigger a puzzle. Wait for the Helix on the left to fill in. When a statue is placed correctly, you will hear a musical chime. In each picture, place the parts in the sequence yellow, cyan, pink, green. The DEER needs to be placed a little lower than the hint indicates. You will need 2 slices of Bread, 2 slices of Lettuce, 4 slices of Cheese, 4 slices of Meat, and 5 Onions. Collect the purple statue pieces. There is no timer. The Diary is underneath the Glasses on the left. You will see the ghost images of all the screws for this part.

Collect the items for the Lock Pick. Use the Plazmatron on the Knight to reveal the Wheel. Use the Plazmatron to reveal one of the Film Reels. The items for the first list are marked in yellow. Click on the differences in the top picture. The Table Lamp is the dark green item on the far right. Once you have collected them all, you will trigger a puzzle. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by redminster from Really enjoyed this Collect the Animals marked in orange. He will let you look around. It might look simple and easy for experts but it's still great fun. If you then exit, you will have to start the Level over from the beginning.

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  1. After you put the pieces together, click on the handset for the Desk Phone B to call Jane. The DEER needs to be placed a little lower than the hint indicates. Click on the dials until they match the screenshot. If you do the Hidden Object Challenge instead of the puzzle, you will not earn any bonus points. Collect the requested items.

  2. There were a couple of glitches during play, where the conversation bubbles and introduction to the next scenes were absent. When you have collected everything, you will trigger a puzzle. Return to the center scene. Collect the items for the Professor. Move the Curtain C and the Vines D to reveal more items.

  3. Since the pills are of different sizes, you may need to use different starting points even if the pills are the same color. Of all aspects of the game the ending frustrated me the most. The 5 parts of the Statue are marked in green. Collect the items to repair the Ventilator. These items will glow softly.

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