Agency of Anomalies: Cinderstone Orphanage

Save the souls of prodigy children and their caretaker who disappeared during the fire in THe Agency of Anomalies: Cinderstone Orphanage! As an agent of the Agency of Anomalies, its up to you to find the phantoms and find out who started the deadly fire. Help the inhabitants of the orphanage use their extraordinary abilities to break the plans of the mystical brotherhood and escape! Search gorgeous Hidden Object scenes and solve a paranormal mystery!

Examine the projector A. Open the window A. Library Zoom in on the wallpaper on the back wall. Use telekinesis to lift the section of collapsed roof A. I expect the same from you! Of course you do! Begin play by selecting a mode: Regular — Hint and Skip button recharge faster. Add the pencil to get a Full Pencil Case. Play the three sets of matching the objects. Attach the stool leg to the Stool. Go through the trellis arch to the left. Click the board to shoot the arrow. Use telekinesis to remove the boards A and reveal a first aid kit.

More keys Oh well. The goal is to align the buttons in the center. Inspect the bookshelf A. Did you see his face!? The goal is to connect the buttons to the blue sphere using the element shapes. Get the postcard B. The goal is to spot the differences between the two photos. Take that. How about those pillows Notice that the drawing of a squirrel B has been filled in. You need to find her books before you can help her and the children. Interesting game that keeps you wanting to play it. Can you guess what we need to do?


Agency of Anomalies Cinderstone Orphanage Walkthrough - Chapter 1

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Kitchen Zoom in on the stove. Retrace the purple path to point A. Only the rabbit remains. Each time a combination is made, the lights on the left light up and then explode. Greenhouse Patio Pick up the postcard on the right. The above inset shows the solution. HOG are pretty easy and the puzzles are not Bubble Zoo 2 either. Observatory Go through the open door to the hallway. Dining Room Play the hidden object scene. Basement — Secret Room Zoom in on the jar A. Darn string! Click on that switch over there to zoom in Locker Hallway Pick up the postcard.

Take it! Me first! Use X-Ray vision to see what is clogging the lock D. Remove the cover. The second step uses the blurry picture as a model to recreate the colors on the image. Go through the left door. Basement — Secret Room Examine the fan B. Place the mirror shards in the Mirror frame. Drag the wings to the Airplane. Active zones are highlighted by sparkles. Press the green button to start the train. The Telekinesis Ability allows you to lift heavy objects, and is red. Now use your ability on it and presto!

Place the items in the inventory bar in the scene. Play the replace the object scene B. Basement — Secret Room Zoom in on the middle device A. Not me Secret Lab Zoom in on the locker A. After the boards for that sequence have lit up, an arrow appears at the bottom of the screen. The goal is to align the buttons in the center. Once you find an individual's favorite earthly possessions such as musical instruments or books, that person will give you their ability or power to "see" through walls or enlarge a useful item. Click on the recipe part first. I crack myself up. You have a bridge to help you get to the next area. The goal is to light up all the fuses by connecting the same number of wires on the circuit board as Strike Solitaire 3 Dream Resort shown on the fuse.

All in all this is a very well designed game which I recommend for those who do not own the CE version. After the machine is repaired, zoom in on the panel A to open a puzzle. The fireflies move away from the curser. Use the resizing ability to shrink the plant and stand by the back wall A. Rated 5 out of 5 by hermitcave from A surprisingly enjoyable game with an engaging story You are at your desk reading your newspaper when a wind blows over a bottle of ink spilling it on the paper. Inspect the papers. Drag the picture of Africa to the book. Use X-Ray vision to see what is clogging the lock D. Place the rest of the objects as shown. This warning can help swat it back inside the jar. The dashed items show what the scene looks like after an item has been placed. Tree House Play the hidden object scene. Place the labels in the inventory bar on the correct item. Do not forget to collect the postcards! Head right to the bridge C.

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  1. Do I have to do everything here? Drag the yellow orb to the cannon B to enlarge it. To get the wooden board, you need to scrape off all that green moss with the knife. Open the flower A to free the Bee.

  2. Great game! Go through the right door. As you progress through the game and help each kid, they will give you their powers. Attach the stool leg to the Stool.

  3. Click the magnifying glass for a hint. Place the mirror shards in the Mirror frame. I'm being mature about this

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