Dracula: Love Kills

The Queen of Vampires is back and is determined to destroy the world! No one, human or vampire, will stand in her way. Count Dracula is still weak from his last battle with Van Helsing, so an uneasy alliance is formed between the two mortal enemies. Will they overcome their hatred and stop the Queen? Find out in Dracula: Love Kills, a terrifying Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Untangle the webs by pulling the spiders apart. Storyline — Dracula and Van Helsing find the tomb of the brothers obelisk. We chose not to drink the blood. Now you will be taken to a close up view of the castle gates. Image 22? Take the Key to the Shed from the opened desk drawer. Go through the door after the puzzle has been solved. Click on the abilities button then on the area near the curtain. You will only be given a few guesses at a time and will have to use logic and deduction to figure out the answer. Tokens cannot jump over each other. Image 23? Now start with key one again and place it in slot two. Click on the red arrow at the bottom of the scene and exit back to the front of the castle. Please look at the screenshot for the solution.


Click the tombstones behind the tree to repeat the hidden object scene. The list of items you are required to find may be different than the one shown. Now obviously I won't give away how it ends :- , but it's really good. Screenshot sections A2 through D2 show the solution for the second round. To solve the puzzle click on the first Knight and then on the last Knight. Image 20? Zoom into the chest; place the KEY on the board to activate a puzzle. You will need to rotate the numbers between the three dials until you get them in the correct position as shown in image above. Locate the twelve hidden objects in the scene. Go back up the room. Take the machete from your inventory and use it to clear away the vines on the grave. Take the durable thread and add it to the arrows. Drag one strip of picture over another piece to swap their positions. Click on the character in the lower right corner for a Hint H.

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The Room of knights holds all of the shields you will need to complete in order to win the Dracula: Love Kills. Click here to reveal a hidden object scene. As an example of the second problem, I clicked on one Dracuka: twice, because Keys to Manhattan was sure it was what I was looking for, but both times, I got the red X and and bad-click sound. The execution left something to be desired, though, since FINDING the areas where the special abilities could be used required that the player scan every pixel of every area, looking for hotspots. Note that the answers are Spring in Japan and color coded. Click the right drawer. Click on this area to trigger your next hidden object scene. The answers are DDracula: coded and circled to help you find them. Ddacula: out the seal ring inside and place it in Charma: The Land of Enchantment inventory. Click on the cabinet to open it. And Van Helsing seemed so low-key as to have almost no personality, which is not Dracula image of Van Helsing. On Village Image above mini game solution D. Click on the hidden object scene at the far right of the scene. Well placed hidden objects, great puzzles had to skip a couple and hints that kept you from getting stuck.

Plenty of HO Scenes, which are very crisp. I'm sorry, but that's both dull and annoying. Use the Vampiric Vision ability on the invisible sign on the floor tile at the bottom of the left curtain. Take a key from the top, look at the teeth and match it up with the correct keyhole. You will only be given a few guesses at a time and will have to use logic and deduction to figure out the answer. The screenshot shows the final solution A. Add the three Black Skulls from your inventory to the panel to start the puzzle. Image 25? Place the wisp from your inventory at the top of the tomb entrance. Locate the nineteen hidden objects in the scene. Take the key from inventory and place it on the missing area. Click on the lever on right to check your work M. Dracula must repair his coffin so he can travel. See insert image above Imaeg 26? You can skip this puzzle after awhile if you choose.

This game had it all. Pieces placed correctly will lock in place as shown in the screenshot Van Dracula: Love Kills authorizes Dracula to search through his apartment. Image 39? Zoom into the door N. Not just in genre but also in subject. Do not touch the sides too many times or you will have to start over. Return to Van Helsing's office. So you can do plenty of training to get all the achievements. Click and drag the balls so they land on their matching color. This will be in your inventory until you need it. The greatest value for a CE price so far. Dracula: Disharmony Blocks Kills has a lot to offer. Place the OAR in the boat E ; click on the arrow in the upper left to move forward.

Use the Map to the village in Transylvania. Move the tokens to the green highlighted spots. Return to the Tomb. Puzzle 3 — Left, up, left, up, right , up and left. Click on the lantern — A candle will move into your inventory. Use the Vampiric Vision ability on the invisible sign on the floor tile at the bottom of the left curtain. Without the bonus play I would've completed about 1. Image 34? Click on it to add to your inventory. Click on the stone area of the center coffin to finish the stone tile mini game puzzle. See insert image above Imaeg 26? Click on the vial of blood on desk.

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  1. Click on the long boards and take them into inventory. Click on this area and collect the blood. Click on the sparkly area by the building to activate a Hidden Object Scene. This will cause the cabinet door to open and trigger a hidden object scene.

  2. Go through the door to enter the Crypt. Take the wisp from inventory and place it on the wisp symbol on the tomb door. Take out the seal ring inside and place it in your inventory. The Vampiric Vision Ability allows you to materialize objects invisible to the naked eye 1. Shed — Click here for a close up view of a box that needs a key.

  3. The mini games or puzzles are well explained, some of the puzzles I found quite innovative and the difficulty of these depend very much on the playing level you choose if you chose to play in hard core mode, then the puzzles will be more difficult. The CE comes with a strategy guide and after completing the game you can go back and play all HO scenes and puzzles again. Storyline — Dracula and Van Helsing find the tomb of the brothers obelisk. Click on the bottle of blood shown in image above.

  4. The game has a map which you can use to 'teleport' to different scenes and it will show you in which places there is still something to be done. Image 15? Go through the open doorway into the room of the knights. Take the red cloth from inventory and cover the mirror with it.

  5. You can replay under the same profile as many times as you want in order to obtain all the achievements. Note that the items in the image above may be different than what you have in your list. Go through the door to enter the Crypt.

  6. Repeat the sequence in which the gems light up. Location — Room of Knights Image 32? Finally the squirrel will come down from the tree. Locate the twelve hidden items in the scene.

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