Grim Tales: The Nomad Collectors Edition

Elephant Games proudly presents another moving story in their classic series Grim Tales! Your sister Luisa once again needs your investigative help to solve a bizarre series of robberies plaguing her museum and others around the city. No one has seen the suspects come and they’ve left few clues behind. Use your powers to travel to the past and uncover the culprits. But be careful, you’ll also uncover a shocking revelation about the Gray family in this heartwarming hidden-object puzzle adventure game!

Roumaine Grim Tales: The Nomad Collectors Edition pour

Mystery and a bit of sleuthing. I tend to be kinda slow at game play Bonampak it's relaxing. Matching puzzle. The scenes are very clean and clear and items are not difficult to find. Some might think of Richard as a gimmick but he does provide some help when needed without being too intrusive. Thank you Sparkle Unleashed Tales Witches Legacy: Rise of the Ancient keep them Be Richer. Place pieces back into the proper position. Place tokens Virtual Families 2 a grid according to a guide — which is upside down! It was bad enough trying to see in the much too dark regular size hos. Pushing one affects the others. And her father Richard, one of my favorite characters in any genre, is his usual wonderful, snarky, irritating, occasionally helpful when he feels like it, Dad-like self. The bonus chapter is definitely worth paying for the Collector's Edition. So I'm left with a somewhat interesting story, surrounded by overly familiar tasks and general silliness.

Things will make a bit more sense - but you would have to play the CE to get the relevant background info. You're Anna and you go back in time to basically change drastic events. I enjoyed this installment as well along with it's high standards of artwork, music and effects. Yes, I have been disappointed, many times. The story is excellent. Restore an image by placing the pieces in the proper location. This Collector's Edition version has 8 Wallpapers, why do they always plaster a character on them, can't we just have the scenery view? But where this game really falls down for me is the story line. As in the others in this series, you do a lot of backtracking. I had to quit and restart three times before being able to finish. The puzzles were super easy. I tend to be kinda slow at game play as it's relaxing. Nevertheless, there are only twenty-four 24 in the entire game. Hopefully they will issue a fix for these problems soon. Date published: Rated 3 out of 5 by sigap from Good story, too short The demo was longer than the rest of the game when I bought it.

Jared's father is Alexander Gray, brother of John Gray. I will probably sit on the fence till the SE comes out and revisit my decision, or lack Zumas Revenge. Some of the earlier games had a tendency to be what some might consider a Collectors gritty but the later games have been far more to Nlmad liking. The Archive has replays on 13 hops and 13 mini-games. Do I recommend this game? Looks like we have 16 in this series.


Grim Tales: The Nomad Collector's Edition Gameplay

As always, try the demo for yourself. This was a bit too easy, even for me, since I don't follow with audio, and often bore trying to keep up with a storyline. The gameplay tasks which you have done hundreds of times before are just plain monotonous. I could have put them on the inside if I knew that is what was wanted if I seen the finished product picture. The map does not indicate if you have missed a collectible. The bonus chapter is definitely worth paying for the Collector's Edition. Jigsaw puzzle. Cons: The plot is all discovery and the resolution feels a bit rushed. They are time killers. You have silhouettes, straight lists, interactive lists and highlighted words. I just completed the entire CE version. So, I try different games and get the ones I think will be okay.

CE games are my favorite since I love finding all of the collectibles and morphing objects. Of course, this is a developer I really like and a series that I have enjoyed for quite some time now. There is a replay of hos and puzzles. Collectibles, morphing objects, puzzle pieces to tackle and for once I got them all. I liked the characters and hope they get back together. Thank you Grim Tales and keep them coming. I recommend this game with reservations. Now I need to find out what is really happening, why and who is the Nomad? Not much effort put into this and I can't believe it is Elephant. Dad doesn't seem to show up as much in this addition, but he does provide us with clues and items we'll need to use. I knew from the start that I was going to purchase it anyway. I do like "Dad's" voice. It's not a scary story by comparison with some of the others, but i'ts very good. Push down barriers to shut down parts of roads which have obstacles.

I enjoyed this. Yes many of the items are easy to find but not all of them jump right out at me. I find a bunch of confused kids that have special powers. You must turn each gear before seeing the symbol associated with it. I only found one I enjoyed, a scene in which jewelry items are returned to a jewelry box. Story is boring Graphics were okay but nothing to write home about. We aren't out to save the world from some hideous cosmic fate this time, and the game is oh so much better for that. The Archive has replays on 13 hops and 13 mini-games. It took the normal amount of time for me but I like looking around and just enjoying. Luisa is married to John Gray. Date published: Rated 2 out of 5 by pdwalla from cheap remake seems like they are just getting cheaper in the way they make these games, this is a great series, but the graphics are not crisp anymore, just kind of blurry a lot of the time, oh some are clear, but the people are not.

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  1. I did not see that you could switch to a different game. And upon encountering one too many mini hos, I quit before the demo was up. I bought this game and then regretted my decision.

  2. There are HOP's, mini-games and puzzles, collectible statues, morphing objects, and collectible jigsaw pieces and an assortment of CE bling. Luisa is married to John Gray. I recommend this game with reservations. Returning in this chapter is Vincent to help Jared.

  3. The gameplay is entertaining and the storyline is excellent. I'm rating the game a 3-star. I enjoyed this installment as well along with it's high standards of artwork, music and effects.

  4. The Archive has replays on 13 hops and 13 mini-games. I do prefer to solve mini-games that make you think, especially ones that make you strategize or plan several steps in advance. It seems a petty point I know, but if you are going to put together an epic game series such as Grim Tales, continuity matters. Music was quietly in the background and moved with whatever was happening at the time. There are few scenes which offer a series of puzzles in a row.

  5. The graphics are poor Grim Tales: The Nomad is a wonderful game and perfect for the way I like to play. The puzzles were super easy. My only complaint with this one is that I found that the bonus game was full of bugs.

  6. CCTV cameras have not been able to identify the culprits, only that they appear to be in their teens. If you are new to the series, I wouldn't bother until you played the others. The museum is closed, and Louisa wants Anna's help as the police seem to have no clue pun intended. Pretty graphics. Disappointed as it's more satisfying if I have to work at finding all the extra features that a CE offers.

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