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Explore the center of Isola in this innovative new chapter in the Virtual Villagers series! Bring in new members to your tribe and make them believe in you! Use your incredible God Powers to impress the New Believers and make them be completely devoted to you. Work your way through perplexing puzzles and survive intense Island events in Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers!

Once you solve their puzzle, they will join you. A villager will drop what they are carrying when chased by an orange mask, and you will lose the food or the collectible they were carrying. Be sure to have at least one person collecting food. Have a child pick up the piece. A doctor, a farmer, a scientist, and a builder. Then when they turn 14, set their preferred skill to devotion and they will start honoring the statue by themselves. Not only can this mess up other things on your computer, it can create havoc within the game. Get your builders to work on dismantling the totem. Orange Masks: These are aggressive guards, who try to keep your villagers away from certain areas and also the blue heathens. The villagers are a tad small, but not so much as to affect the play. Drop a villager on it to put this sphere in the eye of the Blind Totem in area 9. Second, drop a builder onto the huts not the clothing hut and they will repair them. Drop any villager on the necklace piece and they will take it to the statue.

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As advertised, this will revive any dead thing, be it a villager or fish in the lake. The fun thing is that even after you have completed the game, which technically means you solved all of the puzzles, there is still more to the game than that. I think, more than 10 powers, Keep the orange guards away and keep your adults on it until the totem collapses. Love the new additions that help you get past the "heathens", love the story line, and so far, this one is the hardest to get through. You Virtual Villagers: New Believers tell they are thinking due to the light over their head. Once the aqueduct is repaired the farm will be ready to go. Once you have the levels of technology, start dropping your builders on the statue and they will complete it. Drop a villager onto the red dye until they pick it up. And then there were more! Keep one person on Aveyond: Gates of Night the hut until they hit master, put everyone else on research. You must slowly convert the heathens with your new skill of "Devotion" into believers to gain access to vital portions of the island one by one. In order to get food from the bush, you need to get the guards away and tear down the totem.

I chose the male so that it was easier to find him and you don't have to worry about him nursing a child. This and The Lost Children are probably my favorites. Drop your villagers on top of them to start a conversation. Eventually they will convert to your tribe. Level 3 science allows for another lab upgrade, and you accumulate points more quickly. Towards the end, the purple mask heathen who sits by the mausoleum may try to put the blockage back. You have this spell from the start of the game. In the Camp Puzzle 2 Your villagers will appear inside a flimsy bamboo enclosure. And it's great to have your own idea. I think the combination of achievements, collections, and puzzles gives you power. Drop another adult on the dry grass, which is to the left, across the stream. I actually bought the tree of life one because it was so interesting. The view will move around and show you the selected character circled in white. Drag a villager who is a master in at least two skills onto the school and they will start teaching the children.

They will take the dye to the pools. You need to have completed building the clothing hut to tear down this totem puzzle They Believera chase your villagers and make them drop whatever they are carrying, especially disrupting food gathering and building tasks. The necklace pieces will go to a spot to the left of the hand statue until all four are accumulated. You can also scare them away with several of the many spells you gain during the game. I love the extra Vlllagers: and having to think and do trial and error. Wait, hold up a LandGrabbers, you mean there's a new discipline? I strongly suggest you go to the Hungry Totem first, or you will seriously struggle with food supply for the first part of the game. Fire is your friend! Puzzle 4 Once you've got some decent food reserves and the honeymoon hut, it's time to take down the Knowing Totem that is blocking the science lab. You can't talk to them, yet they don't harm you. This will include red, orange and blue masked heathens. Your ability to have more energy increases with the size of your population and the 3D Mahjong Deluxe of spirituality tech, Nightfall Mysteries: Asylum Conspiracy well Virtual Villagers: New Believers your conversion Hero of the Kingdom. He will ignore your villagers and doesn't want to talk. Drop a child near the heathen guards with orange masks that are patrolling the totem so the guards will chase the child away.

Creates a rain storm. Nursing mothers do not work, so be careful about breeding early on. Unfortunately you don't have a lot of choices. By restoring the Blind Totem you restore you vision in the area Puzzle Lure him away from the routes your villagers take with another villager. You need the Earthquake power energy to convert them. Eventually the Faith meter will go past the center and you will get one to convert to your tribe. After you've destroyed the knowledge and hunger totems, there'll be one in the dry lake, one helping near the mausoleum and the other one will be swimming next to the rainbow totem. Also one can honor at the statue. In New Believers, it's a little different from the others: you try to accomplish various tasks with active interruptions, obstacles that scare your villagers away, and try to influence and convert non-believers into believers and therefore join the tribe. Wait a little until a small group is surrounding the totem and then unleash the Lightning spell on them so they will run away. The best way to get them to move away is to manually pull your villagers out of their path so the orange masks will walk away. You may see a blue masked nursing mother sitting by the dirt hovel on the east part of the village.

Basically you want all three mommies to be talking to the heathen "mommy" at the same time. Pick the child up and pause the game with the space bar. Your ability to have more energy increases with the size of your population and the level of spirituality tech, as well as your conversion efforts. This strategy guide is based on three adults one a nursing mother and two children. Triggering the bees can cause mayhem as the bees attack nearby villagers and heathens alike, so they can be used as distractions to get guards away from totems. Collect Ruthlessly! The puzzles are pretty straightforward so far, and if you really have that much trouble, you can always go on yahoo or whatever and they'll have detailed instructions on what to do. Not sure. And that means they don't want to talk to you anymore. When it is over they will light up, thinking. The Rainbow Totem Required: all master builder s , energy Puzzle: 6, 7, 9 Before taking apart the Blocking Totem, start the building contest first in order to convert the Heathen Master Builder. Revive energy : Bring a villager back to life. You can also increase your population beyond the maximum by reviving fallen villagers or converting heathens after the maximum has been reached. Most totems are a focus for the orange and red masks guarding the useful spaces, the pool, the science lab, the mausoleum, the dry lake, and the noni bush.

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  1. Frequently Asked Questions Where do I find relics? If its power comes back, hit it with lightning again and finish demolishing it. See Puzzle The Lake below. Each time you gain a level in Devotion you can complete the next stage. You can convert the blue masked heathens by dropping one of your villagers on them.

  2. Keep working until the blocking is cleared. The former chief is a master in all six specialties. Right after that you can start to build the love shack and send some villagers to the west bank of the river to gather dry grass and wood from the woodpile.

  3. Blue Mask Heathens The Blue ones are the easiest. Drop an adult on the shallow pan and they will start to pan for gold. However, earthquakes don't come to the end and it's hard to hold off on building the clothing hut at least it was for me! The farmer will also drop the second part of the necklace. If any orange guards come back early, you need to keep them distracted with a child.

  4. I look forward to try to finish completing my puzzles. It's very well done, and quite challenging. When you're away for like 6 hours set it on slow. I enjoy discovering the secrets of the islands as each game is unique in what there is for your villagers to figure out excepting the hunt for food that is.

  5. Using a spell will decrease your current energy, but not your maximum energy. Okay, I've converted all of the blue masks, the purple masks, and the chief. Your master builder will start moving really fast. Keep one person on building the hut until they hit master, put everyone else on research. Once the food bin is finished concentrate on finding mushrooms with the children.

  6. I kinda wish they would upgrade on that You can complete this puzzle in two ways. Especially when you are stuck on a puzzle.

  7. Don't worry, when the light disappears you can talk to them again. Get Tech Points: - After getting your food stores above , you can work on gaining access to the lab to start getting tech points. However, at this point in the game you don't want more nursing mothers as you need their research abilities. If your villager has several skills, they will predominantly work on their highest level skill, though they may sometimes decide to go and do something else for a while. Blue Masks The blue masked heathens are harmless; they just run around the tribe doing their own thing.

  8. See the heathens section of this walkthrough for more information. Use distractions! Drop a master builder to start construction, then any other builders you have as well. Drop a villager on the grass to have them take it to the fire pit.

  9. Once the food bin is finished concentrate on finding mushrooms with the children. If a child gets scared away by another heathen, they will drop the necklace piece and it will reappear by the hospital mat. Wait for an hour or two until the lights above their heads go out, then trigger another earthquake.

  10. These areas are usually important. Food and Fire Once the Hungry Totem is down you can start to harvest noni berries. Grant Youth energy : Make someone young.

  11. Each duplicate collectible gives you tech points, common items , uncommon and rare are worth 1, tech points. Have your builders finish the second hut as soon as possible, then switch them to farming or research. It took me longer to beat this one than any of the rest in the virtual vigger series. You can't talk to them, yet they don't harm you. Alternatively, wait until a rain storm, as the heathens will scatter and run for cover.

  12. Screenshot Puzzle 5 - Organic Farming Requires: Construction level 2, 1 master scientist, 1 master builder, other builders. Oh no, I have a villager who is nearly a jack of all trades, but they're old and about to die! The purple mask master is very fast, however. Technologies As with previous installments of Virtual Villagers, there are 6 technologies you can research.

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