Haunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors Collectors Edition

Help Stan Riddle escape the Haunted Manor! After being trapped by the Lord of Mirrors, Stan needs you to guide him to safety! This is a special Collector's Edition early release. The game is scheduled to be released in 2-3 weeks so, the Collector's Edition is for those who can’t wait to escape the Haunted Manor. As a bonus, Collector's Editions purchases counts toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card! Experience all the exclusive Collector’s Edition extras! The Collector’s Edition includes:


Haunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors Collector's Edition Walkthrough - Chapter 1

Click downwards to return to the room. Place the cars into the display case above their pictures. Re-assemble the note to read the message. Click the black purse to get the cigar case inside. Take the shard from within the safe and place it on the mirror. Then melt away the padlock with the blowtorch. Take the shard from the hole in the wall and place it on the mirror. Put all the images in their proper place. The object of this game is to move the rings from the left pole to the right pole. Click on the sparkling area to enter a hidden object area. Basement Light the kerosene lamp. Take the tassel hanging from the boarded up door.

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There are two objects Road to Riches a kind on the Charma: The Land of Enchantment, such as 2 hearts, 2 mirrors, 2 rabbits. Click on the glowing mirror asking you to play a game. Shoot the corresponding animal shadow. Look at the close-up of the chandelier. The moth collection moves to reveal a window that highlights a Fishers Family Farm on the base of the globe. Look at the close-up of the snake charmer; look at his book. Rather than being able to explore many different locations at your own discretion, the game just proceeds from one room to the next room--first the hall, then the library, etc-- as you complete simple, self-contained tasks. Move the rings from the left to the right. TASK: Move forward. Click on each of the rings until all the burners are connected to the center. Part of the fun of hog's is having to travel all over the map, finding and using items in obscure locations. Read it. Take the red glove from the shelf and place it on the imprint on the floor tile. Walkthrough- 1. Take the CORK.

The ghost of a young girl appears and demands all your shards! Look at the close-up of the register. Find an old newspaper article about a missing nobleman. Click on the pairs to remove them from the board. If correct, the barrel will turn white. Click on the photo under the pink sheet on the floor. In hidden object scenes, the list of items to find will always vary, but the location of items is constant. TASK: Open the safe; find the code. Take the shard inside the globe and place it on the mirror. Click on the sparkling bookcase again to find the ice axe. Find the star, sun, and moon hat. Place all the ornaments on the outlines on the safe. Click outside the frame to go back to the room and find the objects on the list. Repair the oven.

The HHaunted is reversed! Zoom in on the clock and open the doors. Click on his sheet music. Look Luxor Mahjong the close-up of the upper right cabinet. Wardrobe Room The ghost of a nobleman appears and asks for your help. Click on the oven to remove the finished pizza. TASK: Open the safe; find the code. This is based on playing the demo. Find the fuse box diagram.

Click on sparkling shelf to find a kitchen knife. The button is in a hidden object scene in the rattan suitcase. Try the light switch, but the bulb is too dirty. Click on the sparkling vines again to find a glove. Look at the sparkling shoes on the lower right for a hidden object scene. TASK: Pump the tires; get the jack. Pick up the shard and place it on the mirror. After he shoots, place the other cartridge in. Kitchen The ghost of a woman appears and asks you to help her family. One NOTE is a treble clef. Look at the close-up of the register. Indeed, it is a rather simply made game in that there is no live acting or extensive animation or even voice overs. Click on the mirror and place the items so that the right side is a reflection of the left side. It was pretty, but boring. Click on the glass display case.

How these, I assume, very young game designers even have a feel or a clue for these kinds of items I find very impressive. Look at the sparkling area on the desk for a hidden object scene. Use the ice axe on the tile with lighted spots from the telescope. Place the rapier on the mannequin. Click the diagram that appears under the floor tile. I couldn't finish the one hour trial because it felt like I was being ushered from room to room and checking mundane, simple tasks off of a list rather than exploring the mansion and figuring out where and how to use the items. Zoom in on the dragon and place the sun in the path of the fire. Do the same with the blueberries to create a blue ribbon. Take the candle and candlestick from the walls, and install them on the empty spot between the two banners. Click anywhere to return to the kitchen. Click on the box of fuses in the lower left corner. They are not identical, but similar in nature. Dialogue, cut scenes, and puzzles may be skipped. Use the glove to pluck the thorny pink thistle. Open the refrigerator to collect the tomato and 9 mushrooms.

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  1. A metal grate suddenly slides up. Look at the note to learn that the teddy bear has the KEY. Look at the sketch of the Duke. Shoot the corresponding animal shadow. Open the desk drawer to find the seeds.

  2. Examine the note on the bench. You may only have 1 chest open at a time. Collect the mirror shard.

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