Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy

Mel has gone into hiding after she discovers she can use magic. To make matters worse, wicked creatures called Darklings keep popping up, convinced that Mel is the prophesied one who will build a dark empire for them. Edward, her best friend, eventually finds her hiding in the village of Harakauna and has brought help! Can Mel learn how to use her magical powers for good? Find out in Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy, a fun Strategy game!

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Enter the shed and follow these steps: o Push the jar to the east of the Dark Dimensions: Vengeful Beauty Collectors Edition twice. Return the laundry to Wyona and collect 10 gold coins. Head east and then south. There are 7 bugs in the forest in total. Remember to explore the whole city, including the city Imperial Island 3. Go into the Almirk Jungle gathering loot. Everyone in town is talking about lilies in the forest. Gyendal the vampire is Drakthrop sent by his mysterious master to find her so they can finalize their fiendish plans… General Information General gameplay for The Darkthrop Prophecy is identical to the previous Orbs of Magic chapters, so for general information on fighting, buying and selling etc. Take the mirror that shows Edward exactly as he is, which is the Prophdcy from the left. When you go outside, Solitaire Stories: The Quest for Seeta entrance Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy Green Rock Temple is open. Go to Aveyohd: room and get some rest. The hive will spawn 6 wisps. Travel to Mt Orion Talk to the Butler at Darkling Hall; the owner found a northern star and is having a hide-and-seek party for it. AAveyond:, follow the path southeast. Follow him.

Everyone in town is talking about lilies in the forest. There is still nothing else to do, so just go straight there. Go back to the cathedral and talk to Mel. For this deed her wings are restored. Take it from the table. Follow the path around to the south and the west. Mel stirs and protests, but Edward refuses to give it back. Mel agrees to go with Gyendal and Stella is freed. There are 7 bugs in the forest in total. According to the her, the world is in great danger. The squirrels will leave so you can loot the chest in their hideout and get a pipe, which you will need later. There are a few small differences between this game and the previous one.

Go Mahjong Museum Mystery the house straight south of the castle. Note: Have Edward consume Mandrake to increase his capacity for magic. When this is done, a door is revealed on the north side of the Prophscy. Follow the squirrels but the temple is locked. As soon as they have grown, take one for Sparkle Unleashed slime herding game in the Demon Caves later on. Upon a second look, the party realizes that the villagers are also ghosts. Check their corpses for loot.

Pick up the bag of dirt and take it with you before going back into the cave. Return to Professor Yavara and let her know that you understand the house rules. Put blue slimes in the left pen, red slimes in the middle and yellow slimes to the right. Yvette asks her to find flies for a birthday recipe. Obtain the arm bone and before you leave, make sure to search the tomb for weapons and armor. You will need a dragon to fly to Mysten Far. Make sure to use the sword station on the way. Talk to the Chancellor in the castle. The first flame is in the far northwest. Leave Mysten Far and go into the lower part of Mt. Now go up the ladder to the red portal. He is dying and needs a remedy.

He strikes Mel down because she is of no more use and a battle with Mordred Darkthrop and his minions ensues. When Jebb falls asleep, open the chest beside him and take the temple map. Go back to the gem dealer once more and ask him who sold him the ring. Then she disappears. Return to Dana and get an invitation to a birthday party. The strangers are Professors of magic at Shadwood Academy in the empire of Veldarah. Go into the Thieves Caves and find the Thief Lord. Underfall In Underfall, first make your way to the far northeast of the city and talk to the skeleton outside the cathedral. When this fight is over, all of the monsters have been defeated. Orion Caves Work your way to the very top black line Read the poem at the bottom of the ladder to the cave entrance. By now, he should be getting pretty good with his lute. If you buy the mandrake, save it till later. Be sure to use Yemite in your party You will need to swim After using the 2nd sword station; Edward will have magic in him; use any Mandrakes you have to give him mana points Work your way down into the well; follow the letters on the map The colored markings on the ground are one way teleports Jump in the water and head down look at the maps Be sure to open all chests; there are some good items within After getting to the red cursed item you can use a blue warp egg to get out if you have opened all the boxes Thornkeep At daylight, you will find a torch on the ground right in front of you; pick it up Talk to Varah; you need to find her daughter Sarah who is in the house just west of the well You will receive a Ghost Doll this is not optional Marauder's Cave Head to Marauder's Cave; blue line on the map Side quest: If you want to upgrade Edward's shard at the Star Temple sword station, you will need to find spelled ice and take it to the blacksmith.


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Go south but the man is gone. Exit to the world map and go into the cabin. When you have enough gold, return to Veldarah and purchase a sword called Shard from the Junk Dealer. Go through the new opening to the Demon Plains. When all the wisps have been defeated, attack the hive. When this is done, a door is revealed on the north side of the room. If you attempt to give her a knife, her mother will throw you out of her house. Now you have to herd the slimes into the enclosures by walking behind them in the direction you want them to go. Take it. Give the lute to the beggar south of the castle and pay him a little gold to play a song for you. Demon Caves Now explore the rest of the Demon Caves. I recommend doing this, as you will now be able to enter the treasury and get the key to the blue chests. She tells you that someone stole her house.

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  1. For this deed her wings are restored. Talk to the guard. Return to Underfall and talk to the skeleton again to give him his arm bone. Go into the house where the ghoul mother and daughter reside.

  2. Enter this room. Yemite senses that the cursed object is at the bottom of the village well. For most of your party members you can buy weapons in weapon shops in the villages, except for Edward. Talk to the guard.

  3. Then leave through the yellow portal and exit the well. For the penultimate battle, Jemite keeps reviving Mel as long as she is alive, but she is only susceptible to spells. Then, report back to Professor Yavara. They put Gyendal in the dungeon and free her friends.

  4. At that moment, Galahad will arrive and you will need to select your fighting party. Enter Thornkeep. Return to Underfall and go to the cathedral giving the skeleton his arm bone. For most of your party members you can buy weapons in weapon shops in the villages, except for Edward.

  5. Plus, she has been through a lot to earn it. Go to the professors in the Hall of magic. By now, he should be getting pretty good with his lute. Find a Quill for Gregor In the house south of the inn you find Gregor, a writer who broke his quill. They insist on entering the Cathedral, but the Skeleton Guard still wants his expensive silver femur.

  6. It is dark and a torch is needed before you can get through. Since the Grim Reapers heal the others in battle, destroy them first. Talk to William. The blue water fairies are immune to melee attacks, but sensitive to magic, so it pays to get some of the eggs from the merchant in Thornkeep, as they remove the silence state.

  7. Return to the island with the statue, and put the arrow on the statue. When she orders Galahad to escort them away and they still refuse, a fight ensues. In the Demon Caves find the scary mask that is lying on the ground. Take it from the table. The unhappy girl has eaten all her dollies.

  8. Blow the snowballs off the stairs and then go west. He will be the one enter the demon realm and save Mel. Also, make sure to unequip Shard from Edward, as Stella will come across some sword stations that she can use if Shard is in the inventory, but not if Edward still has it equipped. Note: Make sure you have the best weapons and equipment scattered through the Demon Realm.

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