Kaptain Brawe - Episode I

Step into the world of interstellar travel, where Space Pirates lurk at every corner. Kaptain Brawe, a Space Police officer will embark on a journey filled with quests, conspiracies and general chaos, as he follows the lead of two kidnapped alien scientists. Step into Kaptain Brawe's beautiful hand-drawn world, and master this Adventure game to save the day!

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Kralek tells Brawe what to do while he computes the landing patterns and orbital synchronizations. Please Kaptakn that we can't help you out if you write about it in your review. Use the crystal mold with heater that is above the hatch. Check Awakening: The Skyward Castle stone wall and see a black flint stone. The guard wants to see Danny's ID. Luna and Rowboat are trapped in the cave. To get in the warehouse, one must have a Kribb cargo bot. Search She to Kaptain Brawe - Episode I keys. Place blue crystal on working area. Go down the ladder at Episoce to be at the cargo hold - sleeping quarters. The guard mistakes Danny for another person Garden Panic a migraine. Destroy the DNA replicator Talk to the alien scientist completely. The black hole is now inside. Give it a whirl and decide for yourself and I hope you can figure this game out, makes sense, and you enjoy it but definately not for me. Press the button to press the baked star mold on the ion pancake - like Luna says - a cookie cutter.

Since we want a flat end product; flatten the ion cube. Use the battery taken from the cart on the power switch. I used casual which I believe gives you more hints. Use the cork taken from the saucer's exhaust on the button hole at top front of the machine. This game makes absolutely no sense to me?? Then relocate the alien scientists. Take the revealed plaque and the diary from the box. The crushed flower now looks like tobacco. Brawe rerouted the power supply to get a hot shower. Use ion star shape on the empty slot left of the monitor. Use the hammer with lower part of cane. Um don't need anymore "episodes" of this. Open the steel container.

See an overhead view of the area. Take the cane. Give the baked 4 leaf flower to the clerk. Get an ion pancake. Here's what it does have.

There are 3 slabs and there are only 2 of them here to stand on them. They are poorly translated, and attempting to be funny, but most of the wisecracks that in normal English would have been one-liners, were stretched laboriously over entire exchanges, making them utterly unfunny. Try to go in and the guard wants an authorization paper. Click on wooden dam and Brawe says that the dam prevents him from exploring the unknown. Check the sheet by the door. Kaptain Brawe refuses to call backup. Right mouse click opens the inventory. Go back to the park and give the crushed flower to the old man. Take the hammer above the chest. See the moon shape flicker at the saucer room. Brawe sticks it in the ground. Place the refilled fuel canister on the side of the flying saucer in the saucer room.

Enter the building and go to the entrance. Go back and pass the bridge. Now there's purple dust in the crystal mold. Check the computer at left. Use the empty fuel canister of the flying saucer on the power outlet-plug right of the ion generator. It is missing a battery. Open the closet behind Rowboat. Go to the crossroad and the motel stone wall. The hints progress from general nudges in the right direction to specific solutions. Get an ion pancake. See an overhead view of the area. Even worse he always adds at least one - and often a whole series of - pointless 'cute' comments that have to be clicked to make them go away before you can continue

Use the ceramic cup with the hangover cure with the oven. Open the steel container. You may also have to revisit scenes multiple times as you gather more information, so you can complete the tasks in your journal. Talk to Kralek and tell him that the ship crashed in the swamp. Luna and Rowboat enter the cave. Press the button and get blue dust. The tunnel is now opened. The short tutorial just tells you all about the interface. There are 12 saved game slots. Go to the cockpit and give the intact not repaired locator to Kralek. Here's what it does have. Get an ion cube from the storage room. Danny talks to Luna about entering the warehouse. Hardcore game mode is challenging and no hints.


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  1. He wants a dried flower. Use the dried 5 leaf flower with the hand in inventory. He is guarding the holding cells. The black hole is now inside.

  2. It is a Will Inducing Rotoscope. See Danny complain about Wrag who is a Kribb general. Learn more about the barricade-dam. The battery is charged now. Danny's card doesn't work on the ID slot on the left.

  3. The sewage system runs under the facility which is accessible through the warehouse. I clicked through dozens of dialogue boxes that made absolutely no sense before I got to the actual game bit. Pick up the strange object. It is missing a button. Hey Gamehouse - I've gotta ask

  4. The reports are then entered and the values obtained from them are implanted into the cloned specimens. Click to open Rowboat. The box is heavy now. Return to the landing site.

  5. There are 3 slabs and there are only 2 of them here to stand on them. Back at the pier, click on Rowboat. Take the wheel attached on the side of the fruit stand. Press the button to press the baked star mold on the ion pancake - like Luna says - a cookie cutter.

  6. Pick up the strange object. Open the metal locker at right and take the 2 locators. I tried the casual game and Still didn't know what to do I used the hint button and still didn't understand.

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