Graven: The Purple Moon Prophecy

An invitation to research ancient menhirs sends you to Brittany to find these magnificent standing stones. But you quickly discover there is far more at stake than groundbreaking research. There is a prophecy, one that foretells chaos and evil being unleashed upon the world on the night when a comet hides behind the moon and turns the sky purple. Tonight is that night. Can you race against the clock to save not only yourself, but the fate of two worlds?


Graven: The Purple Moon Prophecy - Part2 - w/WardGibs

Insert the Skull key to the wall B. Put the Triple spiral in the wooden mask E. Light up the Torch using the oil lamp. Reward is a Stones with signs. Then fill the Empty kerosene lamp with kerosene to get the Kerosene lamp. Then go inside Villa Balneaire. Close the cabinet door B to pick up the second moth. Finally use the Potion of growth on the sown patch A and then pick up the Sprouts. Fantastic graphics, story and many of the games and puzzles were unique and not something I have done before. Heal the falcon using the Healing potion. Move the glove D to find a church key. Insert all three Strange devices into the door mechanism B. I purchased this game with my Free Game Coupon, but it would have been worth purchasing at full price. There are mini games. Yes, the plot has been done before but the game mechanics were different and hidden object scenes were special!!

Go to the clearing. Pick up the Torch. Use the Tube of grease on the seized gears D. Pick up the Long stick C. The music is creepy. Place the Apple on the earth section of the altar D. Perfect sequence,perfect storyline perfect adventure,no confusion as to what needs to be done to complete a task. Your reward is a Fishing net. Break the glass A with the Emergency hammer. Insert the Coin in the slot in the machine A. First, try going to the top A. Uncover the bookshelves, again A. How is your character intertwined in this prophecy?

Pick up the Right tree part D. Then pick up the Wrench which is your reward. Press the lever C. Remove the cobwebs and pick up the Lighter. It's definitely not "mood" lighting. I highly recommend getting this game you will not be disappointed! The reward is an Empty kerosene lamp. Considering this was released a few years ago it is completely relevant and was exciting and unusual. Pick up the Horn pickaxe D. Why are we collecting mistletoe? He gives you the Silver bar. Move the chair A to pick up the moth behind it. Chapter 6: The power of the menhirs Pick up the Earth artifact. Turn on the notebook B.

Gratuit maroc Graven: The Purple Moon Prophecy ile maurice

It will uncover the wave shaped slot, so put the Water sigil there. Then pick up the Sparkle 2 and padlock B. Pick up the Tree statue B. Look at the cupboard. Pick up the Iron bar Mystery P.I.: The Vegas Heist. I looked for other Orchid Games immediately after finishing; sadly, there are none for now, but I hope that will change in the not too distant future! Follow the road to the back. Then place the Tank cap on the tank A. Pick up the Wire cutter D. Move the nest with the Long stick. Pry the coffin cover E with the Iron bar. Pick up the Grappling hook. Take the doll's head A and put it on the doll's body B then pick up the doll.

To pick up the hook turn the mirror A. Use the Horn pickaxe to tear off the Tree mushroom from the tree B. Cut the bag with the Safety razor A. Use the Grappling hook on the boat C to pull it closer. Look at the lake shore and fill the Jug to obtain the Jug of water. Look at the well. There are achievements, 70 white holly branches to find hidden in scenes and HOS, sometimes 1, sometimes 2 or more , and 40 mosaic pieces to find that form the pieces for a tanagram puzzle that opens up a passage later in the game. Place the Oar in the oar holder B. Pick up the Jug E. The story is quite elaborate, but makes sense, and has a logical progression in the search to the conclusion. Pick up the Compass key A. I just had a great time, was challenged. Take the bucket of water D and pour the water over the hot cloud sigil A.

Insert the White bloomed flower into the black Barn Yarn C. The story was very engaging and the pace of the puzzles and clues kept you moving. Go to the shore. Place the Sea shell on the water section of the altar B. You actually have to think and for me that's a buy. Graevn: story is quite elaborate, but makes sense, and has a logical progression in the search to the conclusion.

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  1. I hope this is the beginning of a great series, because I would love to come back for more. Look at the hook on the wall. Go upstairs.

  2. Look forward to another creation by Orchid. Pick up the Wave-shaped mold. Pick up the Sledgehammer and the Pickaxe.

  3. Turn the mirror A and then take the rag B and clean the mirror A Take the handle A and put it into the wheel B and use it. Pick up the Oiler C. Chapter 5: The man with the pendant Talk to the Fisherman.

  4. Look forward to another creation by Orchid. Remove the nails in the chest with the Pincers to pick up the Compass rose. Pick up the Compass needle B. It has everything: puzzles, hidden objects, magic, brave damsel in distress! Turn on the tap C.

  5. Move the rag A to find a hammer. Repair broken ladder B with the Iron steps. It made me feel like I bought a whole game and not just the knock off. That being said I would definitely revommend the game.

  6. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Raysar from Still fantastic in This is one of the best standard edition games I have ever played, equally as good as some of the Collectors Editions. Repair broken ladder B with the Iron steps. Go to the shore and take the Empty fuel can. Talk with the Lady Of The Lake. Move the rag A to find a hammer.

  7. Play the minigame with skulls C. Pick up the Skull key G. Look at the coffins to the right D. Place the Wave-shaped mold on an empty stand A.

  8. Pick up the Flash drive B. Cut the chain using the Cutting pliers C then pick up the Tank cap. Heal the falcon using the Healing potion. Press the buttons in the right order and then pick up the Device.

  9. Pick up the Watering can A. Go to the lake. Go to the hermitage and again go to the cave.

  10. Pry the coffin cover E with the Iron bar. Go to the lake. Place the Ash on the fire section of the altar C. Insert the Wooden handle into the stone B and pick up the Mallet.

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