Awakening: The Dreamless Castle

After Awakening in a mysterious castle it's up to you to collect clues and valuable items needed to solve perplexing puzzles and escape! Listen to your fairy friend as she guides you towards the exit. Play fun minigames and solve clever locks to make it to the next room in the castle. Use your Hidden Object skills to search for the next hint and discover a young Princess' destiny in Awakening: The Dreamless Castle.

Que Awakening: The Dreamless Castle

Then, get rid of the gray line on top. For example, the two vials on the left mix together to form the color green. Fairies are flying above them, and a rose decoration with gold trim is in all four corners. For Round Three, get rid of all the gray gems, then the green gems working from top to bottom. Go left to the Pond. Use the watering can on the dirt. A key then appears. It Jewel Match Royale a clue for a puzzle, later on. Once you get the rune, symbols appear on the mirror. Pick up six harp strings. At Deramless end of the game, you have to use all six runes in order to leave the castle. Dfeamless Stone Dreaamless on fountain. Go back to the South Tower Landing. You want to color its face, so it matches the picture the goblin left behind.

Use the shears on the vines, at the top of the stairs to the left. Pick up ten Bolgin coins. For round one, get rid of the three brown groups, in the very middle of the board. Now to start the stew. Watch while the board is being laid out to determine where the key tiles are, since they might get covered with other tiles. You can examine various things in this room. Put the vegetables inside to start another "follow the pattern" minigame. Click on the symbols above the mirror. Pick up six animal symbols. Wish me luck! Solving this puzzle opens the doorway. The dumbwaiter goes down, taking a magic rune along with it.

Go right, back to the other room. Go back left and use the crowbar on the trap door. The three bears are located inside this room: one on the bed, one under Awakening: The Dreamless Castle bed, and one on a shelf above the dresser. The exit door, on the right, suddenly comes to life. Use the wine bottle on the tap. HALL: 1. The dumbwaiter is here, in the hallway. In any case, the pigeon is here, and the princess wants to get its attention. Play the "repeat the pattern" challenge again, in order to get a crystal. Get rid of the gray gems, working from top to bottom. Get rid of all the blue gems, then the red gems, then the black gems, then the other grey gems. In case you haven't noticed, we're collecting weapons now Zumas Revenge a puzzle later on. The order waswhich means you play the first one, then then third, then the fourth, then the fifth, then the second.

In case you haven't noticed, we're collecting weapons now for a puzzle later on. See the section on matching games if necessary. This starts a puzzle. Get used to these, because you'll see many of them in this game. Click on the cocoons and touch the ones in the same position as the lit animal symbols: from left to right, lit, lit, unlit, lit, unlit, lit. Now, zoom in on the vines for a puzzle. For the third puzzle, blue, gray, green, red, purple. Click on the balcony to zoom in. Good, that's it for here. Also, examine the vines on the purple door to get a clue about ballerinas. View in:. And the browns looked down and sighed.

Take the Glass Disc. Click on the manger of hay several times to reveal a crowbar. Take the firewood and the cauldron. Inside the cupboard, take the soap on the right and the rag on the left. Look at the seat, and take the puzzle pieces. You're in the alchemy lab! Hanging from the ceiling directly above the chair is a silver orb with a crescent moon on it. Examine the wreath. Then, use the magic beans on the hole. You can examine various things in this room. Back away from the book. Use the scraps of paper on the remnants of a poster on the back wall. Pick up the tap in the lower right corner. Click on the chest again.


Awakening The Dreamless Castle Part 1

Once the goblin leaves, you can look inside his lunchbox for a chunk of stone. Use the Potion of Rapid Growth on the plant. Look in his book to find a recipe for Pure of Heart potion, made up of a butterfly, a heart, and angel tears. Now, go right to the library. He gives you a minigame called Goblinjong, which is just like mahjong. Go back to the pond. All right! For Round Three, get rid of all the purple gems, working from top to bottom. Press the red button at the bottom and receive a prism. Click on the shining jewelry box. Pick up the tap in the lower right corner. Take the dagger from the table here. As you probably guessed, each of these three things is a puzzle. We have six soldiers in this room.

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  1. Get another magic rune. They are looking right, forward and forward. Wish me luck! The Great Hall

  2. Give the goblin the stew. Use the clue from the marble puzzle to solve this one. In the alchemy lab, when you use a potion on the magic rock. See the three slots under the mirror? This is a puzzle, where you have five paintings to reproduce, and the pieces do NOT snap into place.

  3. The first rune is the one here, which you get from your reflection. Pick up the bucket to the right of the goblin. Then get rid of all the red gems in the top half of the board.

  4. Put the fire in the fireplace, then put the fire salamander on the firewood to start a fire. Once you win the minigame, the stew is cooked. At first you just have a circle of light. Click on the statue on the right. Now, the goblin said you had to hatch the egg and feed it some mushrooms, in order to get another magic rune.

  5. Click on the mirror and use the crystal at the top. There is a second ballerina in this room, near a bedpost. Just switch the flowers around until they match the ballerina's wreath. There are six soldiers in the picture, each with a different weapon. You will get a handkerchief for beating it.

  6. Go left to an area that is pretty much blocked off right now. The gate will open, and you can reach the final area of the game. Examine the gargoyle stand for another puzzle where you put the pieces together to form a picture.

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