Weird Park: Broken Tune

Explore a haunted amusement park in Weird Park: Broken Tune! Take the role of a private detective hired to investigate a rash of "accidental" deaths that befell those who worked at the park before city officials shut it down. Investigate amazing locations carefully in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! Tread carefully to make it out of this Weird Park alive and discover the murderer!

Complete the mini-game F. As for the game itself, I found it fun and the going to and fro like what you do in an adventure game was not bad at all. This was normal in Click on the briefcase A. Click on the table B. Click on the jewelry box on the table A. Turn over the trash can A. Place it on the upper drawer D. Click on the shooting range C. Collect the items on the list at the bottom of the screen to acquire the ROPE. The only improvements that I would suggest are having voiceovers for the imprisoned guy and the clown at the end. All of them are logical. If someone has a strategy, let me know! The cursor is usually arrow-shaped but will change into the following icons when you can interact with something: Magnifying glass: inspect closer Pointing finger: grab an object Gears: use an inventory item Magnifying glass with puzzle piece: zoom in on a puzzle Hidden object scenes HOS and exits to new scenes are indicated with a magnifying glass and white sparkles. Another thing I would have liked is a better ending to the story.

The graphics were great, puzzles and HO scenes were good and the story was interesting. Click on the broken stairs A. Match character to their item as shown in the screenshot to solve the mini-game E. Pick up the KEY G. I was really impressed with the imagery and story-line of this game. Go to the castle. I hate games with too much HOs, but these were kind of fun because of the scenes and they were a little bit different. Put the POT on the grill. The glass will break. Pull the rope under the cloud to make it rain A. Go to the location with the organ B. Rotate it C. Enter the windmill H.

Annecy Weird Park: Broken Tune

I especially liked how you found pieces of a record, then played it on an old victrola to open another dimension. Click on the winch handle E. Click on the puzzle C. Once you've played this game you'll want to buy the sequel: Weird Park - Scary Tales. Click on the blue chest A. The one hiccup I found was the game where you play the musical notes in sequence. Arrange the symbols as shown in Pari: screenshot B. You have a journal and no map; but despite a lot of to and fro, you won't get lost. Go to the circus arena. Weird Park: Broken Tune on a piece will turn all the pieces around it, but not the piece itself. Pick up the GUN D. Mahjong Christmas on the table B. Click on the plate on the floor A.

Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by LaSola from Weird and unique but excellent fun!!!! Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by FishyFemale from Fun to play over and over again. Chapter 1: Gate to the Park Click on the ticket window A. Click on the gear on the scarecrow E. Really happy with length of game - I always read reviews when I'm trying a demo and find them very helpful. Click on the treasury to access the hidden object area. You need to change the symbols so that all rows and columns only contain one of each symbol. There are lots of areas to explore and nice carnival additions. Stop on the symbols shown in the screenshot B. Click on the cabin with the mannequin to access the hidden object area. Once you've played this game you'll want to buy the sequel: Weird Park - Scary Tales. Click on the hidden object area. Enter the circus F.

Other than this Bfoken quirky minigame along with rBoken lack of voiceovers and a better ending, I enjoyed every other aspect of this fun game. Occasionally you will need to solve puzzles. Click on the book shelf D. Overall, this is a wonderful game. No row or column can contain more than 1 pin at any time, so moving one pin may move others too. Click on the magic Shining Plume A. Click on the left button A.

I never had to consult a walkthrough as the hint system did its job and the minigames, although easy in what you had to do with them, was based on logic or manipulation of objects. You also have to wait a long time to skip. Your hops scene is used more than once. Chapter 8: Cannon Click on the safe on the wall A. I have Windows 10 system and I had no problems. Areas that can be interacted with on the first visit to a new scene will be outlined in orange. Click on it to put it in your inventory, then take the KEY out of your inventory and use it on the lock Click on the now open ticket window for your first HOS. Go to the castle entrance. Go to the room with the clock. Open the fire equipment case. Quirky but fun. Click on the booth A. Enter the portal. Enter the portal C.

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  1. This was normal in It says the code to the safe is the same as the price of a ticket Pull the lever Zoom in on the poster on the rails and get the code 2. I will say this: If you have a marked phobia of clowns especially the evil looking ones it's probably best to stay away from this game.

  2. Chapter 8: Cannon Click on the safe on the wall A. Exit the storeroom. Click on the emerald on the wall B. Click on the mini-game in the doll theatre C. The HOS are not junk piles; the objects are easy to find.

  3. Complete the mini-game F. Just start at the top and work your way down Zoom in on the compartment that opens. Open the oven.

  4. Click on the beehive D. Turn over the trash can A. For instance, they could have had you phone a friend back home via cell phone with video chat.

  5. Click on the donkey on the left to access the hidden object area A. Go to the circus arena I. You almost always know what to do once you locate an object. Use the RAG to wipe off the paint C. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by zipsmom from Weird, yes, but much fun This game doesn't need another good review, but I enjoyed it so much, I had to say so.

  6. Graphics are great. Mini games are varied. Click on the exposed machinery A. Challenging, but with almost no annoying backtracking or endless wandering. This was normal in

  7. Complete the mini-game with the finger trap as shown in the screenshot. This creepy story comes with wonderful graphics! I enjoyed the last part of the game I won't give it away here but I will say it's a nice departure from the usual HO games where you basically stay in the same "setting". Complete the mini-game F.

  8. To win, click on the arrows as shown in the screenshot. Click on the lawnmower D. Click on the barrel organ A. If you don't like hops, you won't like this. Collect the items on the list at the bottom of the screen to acquire the ROPE.

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