Mystery Tales: Her Own Eyes Collectors Edition

Big Fish Editor's Choice! This title was chosen for its high standard of quality and amazingly positive reviews from our Game Club beta testers. Domini Games presents the next haunting installment of the Mystery Tales series! Your crystalline-lens transplant was a success! You can finally see again, but you're not just seeing the living anymore, you can see the dead as well! Follow in your lens donor's footsteps to uncover the dark dealings happening in her hometown of Hallstatt, Austria. Girls have been disappearing left and right. Can you help the police find the latest victim, before it's too late? Find out in this stirring hidden object puzzle adventure! See what our Beta testers had to say: "I enjoyed everything about this game. The graphics were crystal clear and exceptional. Domini are one of my favorite devs and I think this is one of their best games. Just Outstanding." - Cynthia, Beta Tester "Just loved the game!!! The story was different, very refreshing. The beta seemed to go too fast. Well, that will tell you how much i was enjoying the game. This is a winner, release it now, I want to play." - Sarah, Beta Tester

Zoom out from the file drawer. You don't go all Scarlett O'Hara and say, "I'll think about that tomorrow. Okay, yes, that does sound kind of familiar, especially considering that said downtrodden heroine is a Red, but beyond that I didn't feel like there were many similarities. Pick out the file that contains case number When you try to use the handle, it breaks off. Continue forward, and find Cassandra, now worshipping Andramalech who will — according to her, anyway — soon take over the world with fire and brimstone and the usual paraphernalia. The TV crew obviously left in a great hurry, because they left a lot of stuff behind, including some things that can be of use for you. But to do that, you need some essentials. When you have solved the puzzle, the window opens, and you find a secret passage behind it. Work on one side first, and then do the same thing on the other side. A farewell letter is where the final drawing fits. The phone screen closes automatically.

Click on the bookshelf, and then on the yellow book: In case anyone is interested, the photo in the book is actually from , taken during a big meeting in Washington DC, and depicts six Sioux chiefs — the two white men who are also in the original photo have been edited out, as you can see from the picture above! Irrational: My teeth grind together, chewing on the words before I can spit them out. There is something under the bed — so check it out. Read the description of the IR camera that you took from the motel. The notebook works as it usually does in HOGs, the most important information you come across is logged there, including personal comments from the detective you play as. Then there's if you haven't started noticing it already the melodrama: My hands wipe at my eyes, though my tears are long lost in the rain, leaving behind only an embarrassingly runny nose and some black makeup. I've said before that if you're going to be an assassin, you need to own it. Match the dials and the entries in the book like this: So set the dial with 5 hearts on Read the card about a suitable book to look for. Rowling Find out more about Harry's creator in our exclusive interview with J. NA Help Alicia solve a mystery behind a ritual murder! Starting where I left off: view spoiler [ Self-centered: The biggest gripe the Reds have with the Silvers is that when they turn eighteen, if they don't have a job and jobs are few and far between they are conscripted into the army. NA Discover your family's legacy!

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In the office, take the Fabulous: Angelas Wedding Disaster Collectors Edition from the shelf and examine it. There may be one or two objects to find outside the car, but a majority will be inside. The final picture should look like this: Watch the movie. Zoom in on the shoes, and find the phone. Dumbledore also allows us a glimpse of his personal relationship to the Tales, remarking that it was through "Babbity Rabbity Sparkle 2 Her Cackling Stump" that "many of us [wizards] first discovered that magic could not bring back the dead. She gets distracted lighting the candle again and loses sight of the relic, so zoom in on it. In the bonus chapter, available after passing through the main story, Sparkle 2 have to investigate a similar case: after transplanting lenses, the young Englishman Collectros to see the ghost of a girl pleading for help. The rest are to be placed outside and inside the church. To think that Cal and my father, a broken Red man, can share the same thoughts makes me pause. Mahjong Magic Islands the M80 in the padlock. NA Put your investigative skills to the test in this new Sweet Lily Dreams: Chapter 1 Christie mystery! NA Unscramble the Book of Magic and Myatery the fairies free! Zoom in on the floor and read the info on the Dewey decimal system. Enter the bathroom.

Chapter 5 — The Teacher You now need to find where that teacher lived, so you get back to the school once again. Use the crowbar on the pane, zoom in again and turn the lock. Click on the red book. Upon arrival, you discover that Mayor Hallstatt, Arthur Moritz, concerned about the disappearance of the girls, ordered not to let outsiders into the city. When you enter the Evidence Room Cassandra gives you a new list of items to find. I don't speak, letting the diplomatic Maven talk for me. Click the map again and go to Downtown. Thankfully, my silver powder holds. Continue to the library, go to the inner office and open the book on the desk. Approach the blackboard. Open the door to the left. Open the shed door.

You get another list of items to search for. And when Cal is furious about not being able to fight his own battles: "I'm a soldier," Cal spits, shrugging away from his brother's touch. In chapter 1 you should find a Map - use this to move between locations after that. Click on it to listen Elven Legend you find out where the key to the entrance is hidden. Click on the right page to flip it and note that it comes from the city library — which now becomes available. Continue forward, and find Cassandra, now worshipping Andramalech who will — according to her, anyway — soon take over the world with fire and brimstone and the usual paraphernalia. The player embarks on an eery hunt for an evil relic guilty of destroying a whole town almost forty years ago.


Mystery Tales: Her Own Eyes (Part 1): Murder in Hallstatt and Time Travelling Glasses

Set the dial with 9 diamonds on Zoom in on the air conditioning unit outside the office. The movie shows how the relic is passed on from prisoner to warden. Here you can find what you need. They're supposed to learn from those mistakes--that's what humanizes them, that's what spurs character growth--but Mare never takes a hard look at herself. When you arrive Cassandra gives you a list of items to find. No, he was never on my side at all. The letters you find appear on the post-it … B-S-C-E. Enter the locker room to try and find the way up to the bell tower you saw in the movie. Meet the prisoner! Go to the motel and fetch them. NA The final adventure concludes here! This is clearly the equipment room! Zoom in on the window.

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  1. Cassandra now gets in touch with you delivering a new list of useful items. Click on the book case ladder to the left. Rowling "I am an extraordinarily lucky person, doing what I love best in the world. Go to Trestle Road.

  2. You now get a list of items to find from Cassandra. Go outside and zoom in the electric cabinet. Pull the lever to lower the safe that is hoisted high up in the air. His brother Maven stands there and watches. Use the broken off TV antenna to get the guestbook.

  3. You hurry back to the motel, to find that Cassandra has been snared by the relic. Download Grim Tales: The Wishes Collector's Edition game today and find out the truth about the deadly bargain made for your nephew's life and try to set things right so you can save him! NA The cold holds many secrets.

  4. Rowling's new introduction also comments on the personal lessons she has taken from the Tales, noting that the characters in Beedle's collection "take their fates into their own hands, rather than taking a prolonged nap or waiting for someone to return a lost shoe," and "that magic causes as much trouble as it cures. Then there are cutouts in the altar — the energy needs to create a continuous flow from relic to symbols — note the little tabs on the symbols. Even though I know that pain firsthand, I can't bring myself to feel sorry for her. When you arrive Cassandra gives you a list of items to find. Cursors The default cursor looks like an golden arrow.

  5. This time go into the garage. Maven has betrayed me. When you have found all the hidden objects, you get called back to the motel to get more drawings.

  6. Click on the cave further on with the altar. She's this BAFFLING combination of ruthlessness, pragmatism, compassion, self-entitlement, and poor self-esteem that causes her to constantly second guess herself. Work on one side first, and then do the same thing on the other side.

  7. When you let the cursor hover over the open drawer and click on the drawer you are informed that the thing would probably topple over if you put something heavy in it. When you try to use the handle, it breaks off. It has been converted to a darkroom. Please share to your friends: Related articles.

  8. Items to find are listed across the bottom of the screen. Zoom in by the pillar. Enter the quarry. Solve the minigame. Enter the front door of the house.

  9. Moving on. Get back into the school house. When they don't get ridiculous, sometimes I even like the tension they create. NA Find your missing fiancee in the mysterious underwater city.

  10. Open the large drawer and zoom in. The movie shows how the relic is passed on from prisoner to warden. If you really want to hear me rant some more, I'll spoiler tag it in my Goodreads review. This is a special collector's edition with features that will not be in the standard version of the game when it's released, including bonus gameplay and an inbuilt strategy guide that's great if you need a clue or two. Work on one side first, and then do the same thing on the other side.

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