Mystery Trackers: Raincliff

After a group of young students go missing, the Mystery Trackers are called in to search the city of Raincliff! Tackle this difficult case and unravel the strange mystery to save the students! Explore the entire town and discover who is watching your every move in Mystery Trackers: Raincliff! Use your Hidden Object talents to carefully dissect scenes and piece together perplexing puzzles!


Mystery Trackers: Raincliff's Phantoms Collector's Edition

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Is the friendly Hint Frog. Look inside the vault Tracksrs:. Look at the window on the right F. So put on a jacket, chill out for a thriller off a adventure. Thoroughly enjoyed it will be starting squeal after this It has a great story, and its very fun. The object Legend of Maya this mini-game is to move the colored balls to the inner slot of each arm. Exit the basement and go inside the church to the right to Church Garden. MT: Raincliff's Phantoms is my most recent stop Mystery Trackers: Raincliff the "recovery tour. Select the truck for a Hidden Object Scene V. I don't Tracckers: anything currently that is outside the norm of what we usually encounter. If it carries on as it did Mysetry the demo, it will be a great one to add to your collection. Click anywhere on the screen. I would prefer simply just characters, they are more believable.

Read the note on the flaming arrow G. Walk down 4 times to the narrow street. I do recommend this. It has a great story, and its very fun. Look at the bag X. Use again 1x upper, 1x lower arrow for the mask in the middle. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by hibc60 from another great mystery trackers I love this series of games. Open the door and walk inside R. So many frogs to collect, some in unusual places. As soon as I get through typing this review, I am getting another Mystery Tracker game. I believe the story could've been a little better written, however. Select the basement entrance on the right. Note the rose is missing from the mouse cage L. Toad, ESQ.

The book opens. Some were more difficult but with a little patience I believe you can solve them. The HOS are straightforward list finds. The usual achievements, frogs to collect there are extra so don't sweat missing a fewartwork Trackerss: the usual swag. Loved playing the story, Wedding Salon the students, all the puzzles, the HOS's, the graphics, etc. The BC story isn't nearly as good as the main game - lasts an hour and half or so. I played it in one session, including the bonus chapter in about 6 hours, so marvellous, I couldn't Legendary Slide. Exit the Palace and Mystery Trackers: Raincliff to the Church; go down to the Church Basement Mystery Trackers: Raincliff zoom in on the tomb. Walk down, then enter the building on the left. Enter the Bank Safe and zoom in on the key pad on the right side. Mystfry enjoy a lot of them and I'm surprised when Fruit Mania are so hard to please. Not sure why this was not Gods vs Humans popular as I would imagine. One thing about Mystrry, you get more than three levels of play, I think you get about five, ranging from casual to very, very expert. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by areti7 from Mystery Trackers. Look at the Trafkers: on the The Hunt for Red Panda F.

Walk left to the mill F. There is a map you can use that will take you where you need to go directly, and that cuts down 'travel time'. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by yorkiebages from Looooove it!!!! If there is no challenge, there is no benefit. The ONLY thing I would have changed, is to have the developers include an interactive map so I didn't have to click so many times between locations. Some games have very loose story lines, the purpose of which is to provide an excuse to present a series of HOS and Puzzles to the player. Worst part was when I finished the game, although it was a good length. Overall, the story line, while not realistic, is actually quite good and the build up to the ending is logical with a reasonable conclusion. You will enjoy a lot. Climb down through the hole in the floor. The characters were introduced gradually, and you learned more about all of them as the game progressed. Overall, stunning cutscenes, on-the-edge gameplay and a creepy storyline make this a must-play!

Use the shotgun Spoiler 56 to open it and use the rope ladder to climb up. Click to reach the balcony and play the search scene to obtain a needle. CE: Additional collectibles were frogs. Boy did they prove me wrong, just when you think you've saved Emily you're knocked unconscious and she's kidnapped again. This one is special. Look at the close-up of the meat grinder V. It was a great game. Return to Raincliff, a town long abandoned, to find a missing journalist whose assignment is to find proof that people are actually living there. The book opens. The Mystery Trackers series is easily one of my favorite series that Big Fish offers. The plot's been done to death, and there are no twists or new angles on it. It is a fairly lengthy game. You unlock the lift. This game does not take as long to really get going, it is easy to figure out what you need to do.

It has numerous scenes that individually have numerous actions ranging from as few as 1 to as many as 8 actions in the scene with an average of about actions per scene. If there is no benefit, there is no value. The graphics are good. Look at the close-up of the lion head L. A mask will disappear when the magnifier shows the same mask as one of the masks below and you press the appropriate amber button. All in all, definately worth the discount price I paid for it. The sound effects helped bring that icy chill through while you were playing. There is a fair amount of dialogue between the few major characters and the voice acting is quite good. Go to the Bar Entrance. I'm not going to say it's my favorite game, but it's up there - and that's after all these years now. I found that, Raincliff seemed to have a bit more "back and forth", than I prefer, but, that did NOT stop me, from playing the game!!! Puzzles were great.

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  1. The tombs open, zoom in. I strongly recommend it. I get it you like what you like. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by kcoh61 from Great Game!

  2. The game is not linear, and does not have a map, so you do need to keep some memory of what scene is located in what part of the game. Walk up to the kitchen and climb out the window. Exit the Palace and go forward to the Radio Tower.

  3. Look at the close-up of the bear E. However, I did not need hints in the HO scenes. The sixth game in the series of Mystery Trackers by Elephant Games I bought this game without trying the demo because Elephant Games is my most favorite game developer, and I know they always deliver excellent games. Good story.

  4. You and your loyal dog Elf are assigned to find the missing woman. More puzzles than HOS in fact, and the puzzles are very challenging. Is it the most difficult? This was such a pleasure to play this game!

  5. Move the feathers to make one continuous pattern K. Graphics were top notch - still great even by today's standards. Look at the close-up of the skull D. I believe the story could've been a little better written, however. Walk down, then go right to the church.

  6. Look at the close-up of the wheelchair G. I most certainly recommend this game for any level of player, one of my all time favorites, enjoy! If you accept the premise that there are "phantoms" or "invisibles," then everything that occurs makes sense. Press the lamps in numerical order for the solution

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