Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse of the Full Moon

Called into a small city from the capitol, you have been put in charge of solving a string of mysterious murders! Around the same time as the murders, a wolf has been appearing around town and spooking the townsfolk. With rumors of a werewolf swirling, it's up to you to get to the bottom of the mystery and set the record straight in Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse of the Full Moon!

Gratuit Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse of the Full Moon

Zoom into the organ on the left 1. Use the umbrella to Cursd the ladder down, then take the ladder. Click down and head left. If they are identical, they disappear from the board, if not, they switch positions Spooky Mahjong face down again. Click on the cage to start a hidden object hunt. Click on the dead man Eand the organ F to add a journal page. Close the pop-up window. Zoom into the desk M. Click on Myxteries: cabinet against the left wall. Look inside the door. Click the rolodex twice 1 and frame 2 to expose all the objects. Click Moai: Build Your Dream the pipe against the house. You have a journal and the blessing of the prefecture in your investigation. I sometimes found it difficult to locate an object or a hole in the ground because the scenes were too dark. Turn the The Story of Gimli and take the book.

Drag the pieces around and connect them to other pieces. Go south twice. Go up the right steps. Click the elephant 1 and handkerchief 2 to expose all the objects. Go through the gate and up the right steps. Put the ladder against the curtains. Give her the circus ticket. Click the bottle 1 and crate 2 to expose all the objects. Go inside. Zoom into the left door; click on the doorknocker. Click down twice. Click on the window on the right. Take the screw from where it falls 2. Go back in the house.

Rotate the rings using the arrows on each corner until they resemble Mystery P.I.: The Vegas Heist image in the upper center. Everything will be alright. A cluster of yellow sparkles indicates a Hidden Object Scene which will grant an inventory item upon completion. Take the broken sword 2then click on the book 3 and take the sheet music and take note of the forge instructions. Click on the nest E and the lid F ; take Tropical Farm available items. I am looking forward to a sequel! Examine the right side of the bookcase; click on the book to open the left Gems Quest of the bookcase K. Place the arrow button in the slot, then click it to raise the cage. Return to the center of Town. Click the drawer 1 and sugar 2 to expose all the objects.

Chapter 3 Zoom into the desk; click on the pages twice for the number 13 to appear E. Click the table on the right. Your purpose to resolve the big mistery in the town and avoid further killings. Examine the cupboard on the right; put the KEY in the lock and turn it to trigger a search scene I. Head right. Follow the recipe shown on the book to make an explosive. Click on the nest E and the lid F ; take all available items. Use the stone to break the chain off the wall, then take the hooked chain. Go back down the well. Click on the portraits on the back wall. Click the lit area on the right and take the puzzle piece. He also grants you access to his equipment and removes the 2 sheets in the room. Zoom into the right cabinet X.


Shadow Wolf Mysteries 1: Curse of the Full Moon [CE] Walkthrough (Full Game)

After it explodes, add the three curved puzzle pieces. Leave the prefect. The treasure map inside the drawer shows the location of the treasure chest. Click down and head left. The marbles run along rails, there are three that lead into the coloured slots and one circular track. When you are finished, a hammer is added to your inventory. It's so much more rewarding. Click the three pieces that intersect. Play the search scene. Click on the cage to start a hidden object hunt. Note the spots on which each light from the window is shining; this is the solution for the next puzzle. Click on the chair in front of the fire. They just got on my last nerve. Zoom into the water pump on the left. Click the drawer 1 and sugar 2 to expose all the objects.

Close the pop-up window. Click down once. Wander around and try and find items, hidden object areas, etc. Examine the right side of the bookcase; click on the book to open the left side of the bookcase K. Take the shield. Zoom into the door in the upper left. Click the wolf 1 and drawer 2 to expose all the objects. Mini-puzzle: Recreate the symbol at the top. I then worked to position purple and red. Add the metal wheel, then turn it. Go south three times, then up the stairs through the door. Move the click and drag the broken sword up and the existing lever down. Put the lamp in the hole in the tree. Place the shied. Take the spade.

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  1. Leave the house and talk to Gerard outside. The mirror lowers to reveal a hidden cache. Go south two scenes, then enter the cave. Next, determine which marble can be placed beside the green one.

  2. Click on the chest. Return to the center of town and head right, between the buildings C. Usually, those items are highlighted in yellow, but I found a few cases where they were not.

  3. Play the search scene on the right. Leave the prefect. Click on the map to add a journal entry.

  4. Remove the sheet over the wicker chest, open it and look inside R. Then you can use the tracks on the inside ring to hold the balls you want to position into the last slots. Now place a marble below the red and green position 1.

  5. Take the KEY 6 after the puzzle has been solved. This had a very good story and mystery. Take the screw from where it falls 2.

  6. Use the sickle on the vines, then take the shield. Click on the door on the right. You need to find the ingredients listed on the left page L. Click on the shed 4. Place the crucible on the forge 6 , then click on it and add the metal parts.

  7. Once complete, take the key. Click on Gerard. Use the door knocker and when the man appears, give him the prefecture pass. Use the hooked chain to take the planks. Click the door to the house.

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