Secret Diaries - Florence Ashford

Help Florence restore her familys fortune in Secret Diaries: Florence Ashford, a wonderful Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! In order to pay off her fathers debt, and regain the Ashford familys riches, Florence is off to the Marquis Henry. The Marquis is wealthy, and Florence has set off to marry him. Explore Bucklebury manor and discover the truth about the Marquis!


Secret Diaries - Florence Ashford

Click the closet to complete a hidden object hunt. Leave the room to search the house for the rest of the bears. The star rating tells you the opinion other users have regarding Secret Diaries: Florence Ashford, ranging from "Highly recommended" to "Very dangerous". When the wooden box appears, take the pot and pour the contents into the box. You cannot put a bigger box on top of a smaller box. Then note the shape of the bottom of the key. Click on the bookcase to see replicas of the statues in the hallway. Click on the drawer far right. Options allows you to adjust the volume to the sound, and music. When you press the right key, its corresponding note turns blue. Mini-puzzle: There are two sets of stones, one on the right and one on the left. Note: this instruction will not be given again in this walkthrough. Leave the library and go to the dining room and enter the kitchen. There is no timer or point system. Mini-puzzle: Click on the similarities between the two pictures.

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Place the chopped marjoram 3 and contents of the mortar 5 into the sack 7. The end! Dress the doll only in the pink garments, then take the seal. Click on the desk. Leave and return to the hallway. Click on all bottles to see the colours there are no penalties. Put the pieces together to form a small statue. The instructions at the top of the scene tell Mad Mouse to get the letter from your trunk. Click on the rope on the table 4. Click the top of the piano. Cursors: o Open hand — Your cursor will Secret Diaries - Florence Ashford into an open hand when hovered over an area of interest. Use the spare keys on the lock click four Flower Quest. Red Crop Busters is added to your inventory. Mini-puzzles: o Skip will complete the puzzle and move you forward. Click the checkmark to close the window.

Click on the painting and read the story. Click on the trunk. Then click on the nib and add it to the sharpened feather. In actuality, no tutorial is given and areas of interest are hot highlighted. Click on the wall mirror. Normal Mode is just too easy. Click on the trunk 2. Leave and go to the dining room. Click on the stone and take the wreath of power. Use the sailing trophy to break the casket. From the table, take the paper and full inkwell. Hover your mouse over every aspect of a scene and watch for your cursor to change.

Leave the bathroom and return to the dining room. Follow the instructions 1. Although no tutorial is given, if you have played other games of this genre, you will be fine. At this point in the game, you can only go where you are told. Anthony will push in the stones iDaries the left, Florence you must push in the same Swarm Gold in the same combination. Take the pieces of rope and put them on Diariex table.

Hint system: o You have unlimited hints however it takes time to recharge between uses. Chapter II Click on the writing desk. Mini-puzzle: A slider puzzle. Put the black pepper 6 in the mortar and pestle 5. Place the documents on the desk. Take the spear of destruction. Mini-puzzle: Match two game. Place the full inkwell 1 on its stand 2 , then place the quill 3 on its stand 4 , then put the paper 5 on the desk. Mini-puzzle: Click and drag the letter fragments to complete the letter. Click on the mechanism to turn on the light right. Mini-puzzle: Swap the tiles in order to complete the picture. Click on the painting on the high wall and read the story.

Mini-puzzle: Rotate the rings to complete the design. Details regarding the program you are about to uninstall, by pressing the Properties button. Mini-puzzle: Rotate each tile to complete the design. Click on the desk. The walkthrough will not include this instruction. Use the ladle to scoop up the set of keys, then click to take them from the ladle. Click three times to turn it. Follow the instructions 1. Place the rings in the holder 1. The outer tiles have a border so you can tell what goes along the top, bottom and sides. You can move a box to any available position on the far right, middle or far left positions. Use the screenshot above to match the colours Bottle 1 to Bottle 1, Bottle 2 to Bottle 2, etc. This also tells you what to do next. Mini-puzzles: o Skip will complete the puzzle and move you forward.

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  1. It starts slow and then gets faster i. Click on the item to cross it off the list. Click the closet to complete a hidden object hunt.

  2. Click on the table to the right of the stairs where you had placed the letter for the Marquis. Gameplay Tips This is a hidden object adventure game. Zooming in on areas opens small windows. Mini-puzzle: Open the safe. Put the sealing wax 1 on the back of the envelope 2 , then use the seal 3 on the wax 2.

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