Nancy Drew: The Trail of the Twister

University grant competitions usually bring out the best in innovations, but inventor P. G. Kholmeister suspects that someone is sabotaging his Canute College tornado tracking team. That’s why he hired you, as detective Nancy Drew, to go undercover as a new intern! You’ll need to learn fast if you want to survive the stormy rivalries and the dark, spiraling supercells looming over Oklahoma’s heartland! Test your Hidden Object talents in Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister!

Oct 4, by Carlahna on Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister Trials of the Trails of the Twisters This game was super fun to play, with its relaxed atmosphere, enjoyable puzzles, and entertaining characters. Do the weird and large shapes first. The picture below can be used by selecting the number where your starting point is located. That looks right! Twister: Enter the farmhouse. For Juniors: The inner ring shown in the red and green pictures below is not present. Chase and Frosty can sleep through the storm. Is he trying to divert attention from something he has done? You will ride with Frosty. Enter and talk to Chase to return the mp3 player. He was so easy going, which was a refreshing break from Mr. Enter the layby and see the twister. Remember or note down the route. He is freaked out by mice.

Thankfully, you get to drive the car for the majority and that one is not so bad. Watch as the mouse come into the trap. Inside is a storm globe with a token. Think ahead not to block a path. That Moon Chunk cheese looks like a treat for mice. If you find all the clouds in Frosty's drawing, you will get a medal. Check the Dust Bowl display. There's oil on the ground. Place the pieces back together on the 2 antennae. If you give several bought candies to other characters multiple times, you might win a medal. Terms are agreed. Pick up the mousetrap. See a man bent on the coffee table. Automatically, the number on the cursor changes. To the right, buy the green batteries to match the green flashlight just bought.

Do not open the inventory grocery bag and click on the candy or Nancy will eat it. Click enter. Examine the Fact or Fiction display about tornados. Fill the next area. All of the characters and graphics are really good. Retrieved October 21, He wants Nancy's help at the store. But if Nancy eats 15 or more candies from inventory, you might get a medal. He wants Nancy to catch the mice by the Homesteader display in the museum. You can check the photos taken by clicking on 'view photos' below the number of shots left. Look ahead to see where the next several numbers are to be situated and count how many numbers need be placed yet to reach that number. Single-player Trail of the Twister is the 22nd installment in the Nancy Drew point-and-click adventure game series by Her Interactive. If you drive a vehicle a lot, you might win an award.


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Seul Nancy Drew: The Trail of the Twister

See an enclosure protecting the Twiister on the ground. Camera: Open the cell phone. Move the red wheel to pass through all the metal disk without passing through any wires again you can pass through the hhe connectors. Nancy comments that it is like made by the knife in Scott's office. Technology Tell. Go down to the cellar and look up the Tornado measure in Twister Trivia. While many Nancy Drew fans do not consider this game to be one of the best, I must disagree, this game Tue awesome, it kept my attention and made me Twistfr like I Spellcaster Adventure really getting Boom Voyage with what the characters were doing. Exit the house. Place the grocery bag in the Disaster kit on the bottom shelf at back of the room. Examine the Fact or Fiction display about tornados. She wants you to take care of the mice by the file cabinet. If you want to remove a photo, click on 'delete Wonder World at left'. Nancy Drew games are a must have for everyone because they make learning about anything fun and exciting!

Place the pieces back together on the 2 antennae. Chase is not in the barn. Back at the farmhouse, climb the stairs to go to bed. Turn right as soon as the cursor is active. There, now it should work. A mouse jumps on his desk. Scott says to release the mice in at the springhouse at Old Orchard Rd. Click the mirrors to adjust the direction of the beam. Climb the stairs and call it a day. Check the Dust Bowl display. Click on active spot. Talk to Pa again about Brooke, the leader of another chaser team. Scott failed to get tenured.

The aim of fhe puzzle is to connect the red beam to the other red post at top right and connect the blue beam to the blue sensor at right. See a mystery box on the counter above the newspapers. She Drw: better keep her wits about her, as she not only has to uncover a saboteur, but battle some of the deadliest twisters in Oklahoma! Look close at the burned outlet. When all are collected release them at springhouse again. Then click on F-scale. He said that it was not Fionas Dream of Atlantis. Click a cheese candy on the mousetrap opening. It smells like coolant. No overlapping. It is loosely based on a book entitled The Mystery in Tornado Alley

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  1. Look close at the burned outlet. Pick up the grocery bag. See a clipping of a Peregrine car on the shelving beside the chair. Do the weird and large shapes first. Click the vacuum on the ground and watch the prairie dogs enter their new home.

  2. Drive to Old Orchard Rd. Use the vacuum on the burrow and the screen changes. There's a cage hanging on the wall right of the Dust Bowl display. Peek through the barn door and see him clean his best boot.

  3. Right click to turn the pieces. He is freaked out by mice. Tobias "Frosty" Harlow: The team photographer.

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