Small Town Terrors: Pilgrims Hook

The only person that could bring you back to Pilgrim's Hook has called you out of the blue. Return to your childhood home and save your twin brother from the dark forces that have invaded this coastal village. The few remaining residents of Pilgrim's Hook appear slightly mad and something strange is happening to those that resist the call of the sea. You are the last hope in this decades long struggle between good and evil, sand and surf, and land and sea. Do you have the strength to defeat this evil that lurks beneath the ocean? Find out in Small Town Terrors: Pilgrim's Hook.

In any case this game is up there on my list of favorites. Inspect the light. Options Adjust the music, effects, ambient and voice volumes. There were some moments of light humour with the townsfolk the museum worker acting like a cute little squirrel was the scariest thing in the world made me laugh and those provide a nice counter to the suspense of the game. Go left to the graveyard. Remove the bricks 11 hiding the Binoculars. Back out three times and go right twice. Open the jar to get a pepper L. Creepy visuals add an extra layer of enjoyment. Place the typewriter key on the typewriter to get a name E. Not too difficult, so you may want to play on a harder challenge level. Click the wheelbarrow to move it to the garden.

Remove the bricks 11 hiding the Binoculars. Location names in this guide correspond to those on the map. This is one of the most beautiful and scary hidden object games! Press the circled buttons in the order shown. See screenshot for solution A. We must find food for it or otherwise, we'll get eaten!! Click the numbers in this order: Hardcore mode offers the most challenging way to play. Go to the wharf and enter the tackle shop. Play the hidden object scene. Examine the opened trunk to access a HOP. Very good length. When I first started playing this, my initial reaction was Return to the pirate ship.

Use the handles at positions 12, 1 and 2 as section references when ascertaining if the sections handles are correctly position. Go to the Town Hall; enter the hall and go to the back room. Loved the spookiness, lovecraftien to me. Close the scene and return to the boathouse. Exit the boathouse. Press the Reset button. Lot of great thought into the story and the characters. See screenshot for solution U. Date published: Enter the Town Hall. The positions correspond to the numbers on a clock. Remove the bowl lid to get fruit N. I highly recommend this game.

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This guide completes tasks in the most efficient way possible. Play the hidden object scene in the kitchen. Cross the two outside chains to the hooks on the bottom opposite sides. Click the plaque that pops up to add the information to the journal. Zoom in on the boat. Examine the bottle and take the note V. It had longer gameplay than many bonus chapters and the story tied in well to the main theme. Pick up the bottle pieces. Yellow means the number is in the combination but not in that position. Go to the playground. Put the sponge 3 in the bowl 4 to sop up milk and reveal a Nut. Bubble Zoo 2 through the door at the end of the hall. Very good length. Go down twice to the front of the church.

Arrange the pictures in chronological order. Look at the spare light in the corner. Back out three times. Areas are added to the map only after they have been visited. I found that most of the mini games were pretty easy to do although some were a bit harder. The graphic is very realistic. Go through the door that is revealed after the priest leaves. Play the hidden object scene in the kitchen. See screenshot for solution S. This game was done about a year ago, so there really are no new features to report here, and the graphics on games just continually improve, so graphics may not be as good on this as you are getting used to, though they are very good. Play the hidden object scene on the table next to the priest. I have no doubts about buying it.

Drag the chain hooks and attach them to the eyelets so they match the pattern above the rock. Examine the kitchen table to access a HOP. This is the best game I have played in quite some time. If they ever make another STT, hope it will be as good Mother Nature or better than this one! Cross the two outside chains to the hooks on the bottom opposite sides. Examine the bas-relief; press the stone button J. Look at the bottom of the far aquarium. Back out and go forward. See screenshot for the Tefrors: three symbols

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  1. Click the phone to open a puzzle. I had an HP forever and I'm crying happy tears, the graphics in this game are so real, you can touch the hidden objects! Inspect the light.

  2. Very clever game plan even though the objects in your inventory aren't used for a while in some cases. I don't own the first small town terrors, as I remember it came out as a standard edition awhile ago and I didn't quite care for it but these developers learned from their mistakes and were able to make this incredibly well done game. Speak to the creature at the stream crossing.

  3. Cursor icons in these scenes are the same as in the rest of the game. The goal is to remove all the pieces until only the bottle neck is left. Examine the fertilized garden to trigger a puzzle R. There is a map for traveling as well as indicating an area of interest by glowing and the hint system is excellent and the arrow will continue to show you the path to take through each scene until it reaches the point of interest and then shows you what inventory item to use.

  4. See screenshot for solution P. Go to the church and enter it; go out the left door to the graveyard. Zoom in on the broken bottle to open a puzzle.

  5. Click the horseshoe 1 to remove the grapes hiding a slice of cheese 2. To solve the puzzle, enter the following code: D. Enter four numbers on the keypad. Zoom in to open a puzzle.

  6. Hidden Object Scenes Hidden object scenes are the standard list of items to find. It had longer gameplay than many bonus chapters and the story tied in well to the main theme. Go up the path on the left.

  7. Examine the broken bottles to trigger a puzzle T. Examine the grave to trigger a puzzle A. Pick up the floating bottle; read the note for story information. Use the key on the cage to get a lobster F.

  8. It is surprisingly good! Speak to the Captain. Examine the door and use the KEY on the lock; turn the key and the handle H. Go to the lighthouse. Go forward through the newly-opened gate.

  9. Bought a Samsung monitor! Enter the back room. Journal and Map The Journal icon is in the lower left of the screen.

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