Haunting Mysteries: The Island of Lost Souls

Free the trapped souls and reunite a love long lost in Haunting Mysteries: The Island of Lost Souls! Trapped on a seemingly deserted Island after a malevolent force brings down your plane, you must discover what brought you to the Island and how you can escape its hold. Help the Island’s former inhabitants as you make your way across the Island. Search stunning Hidden Object scenes and solve mind-bending puzzles as you uncover the truth in Haunting Mysteries: The Island of Lost Souls.

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Another Route Out — Solve the door lock on the blast door in the tower basement. Opened the Furnace — Complete the door lock puzzle on the furnace. This is both a Mad Mouse and a negative, Zumas Revenge on your viewpoint and your desire for difficulty or consistency. The list is in the guide but it never highlights what you've done :. Move the bucket back and forth to find the items behind it C. Opened the Furnace — Complete the door lock puzzle on the furnace. Walk down the stairs Argonauts Agency: Pandoras Box Collectors Edition. The best strategy is to spread out the pieces so most of the pieces are visible. Walk forward on the right path to the graveyard. Knock on the door to open it. Clicking a piece rotates it. The flashes indicate where the note should be. Open Sesame — Find all of the cog pieces for the town gates.

Our sequences were: yellow-pink-white, orange-pink-white-white, orange-yellow-pink-orange-pink, and blue-tan-tan-tan-tan-yellow. There is no reset button and exiting the puzzle does not reset it. Go forward. Wire pieces can only slide to an empty spot X. The goal is to insert the glass pieces so their colors on all four sides match those in the frame. Watch as the bar passes across a music segment A. Slide the wire pieces to connect the blue flashing lights W. Perfect Sync — Complete four rounds of the repeat-the-sequence puzzle in the Waterfall Cave. Note the path to Cave B B. Examine the bookcase B. Enter the cockpit of the plane P. Ring the gong A ; it falls off the stand and releases the hidden Wine Bottle. Return to the graveyard.

Move the bucket back and forth to find the items behind it C. A distinct note pattern is heard when the Dolphin Dice Slots passes a correct note sequence. Try this one. Go to the front door D. Return Myssteries: Cave C. Zoom in on the bridge control mechanism A. Awards Master — Style Quest all of the awards. Disk B turns B and D. Press the green button to start the Musteries: C. Before returning to the florist, take a side trip to the bell tower.

The storyline could have dealt with other matters beyond the concluded original tale. Enter the guardhouse. Perfect bonus game. The books can be swapped directly across rows and on the same shelf. Heart of Glass — Arrange the sixteen pieces of stained glass in the frame at the church. Affix the DOVE to the empty spot to summon the ghost. Pull the lever M. Great clarity, great fun puzzles, new kinds, for a change, lots of walking around, really well made. Talk to the miner Y. Move the flowers around and continue to match the position and colors to the outline. Work with that pattern with each inner ring. Please make more games like this one. Hidden Object Scenes and mini-games are often randomized — your solution may vary. Zoom in on the fountain B.

Solving this puzzle opens a jigsaw type puzzle. The flashes indicate where the note should be. Your inventory is in the bottom panel — select an item to use it in the game 2. Return up the stairs to the lighthouse tower. I've already downloaded a wallpaper! Move the picture A ; break the mirror B ; move the hand mirror C and move the bottle D to find the hidden hearts. Exit the mill. Heart Breaker — Complete both of the face puzzles in the broken heart board in the bedroom. Quick Fingered — Find four objects in a hidden object scene in less than three seconds. Press the up button J. The goal is to reassemble the map. Knock on the door to open it.

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  1. Turn the wheel. Move the poles and umbrella D. The best strategy is to work from the outer rings inward. Walk forward to Cave F F. Walk down to the jetty area.

  2. Exit the lighthouse and walk to the rear of the lighthouse. Together Again — Give the wedding rings to the couple in the church. Exit the bunker and return to the area with the typewriter.

  3. Find the rest of the listed objects. Look for the man in the lighthouse 1. It was a bit different and I enjoyed being on an island.

  4. Play the hidden object scene. Have fun with this one and if it is not your cup of tea just wait a day or two, one will show up. Note the wooden box that fell from the tree. Cross the stones to the small island.

  5. Enter the door for a HOS. Insert the BOOK into the empty slot yellow to open a puzzle. Form the same face except that it is smiling as the previous puzzle.

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