Nancy Drew: Secret of Shadow Ranch

A phantom horse visits Shadow Ranch, leaving a trail of frightening “accidents.” Local legend says the horse has come to avenge the hanging of its master, and that misfortune will befall whoever sets eyes on it. The ghostly horse tramples all hope of a restful ranch vacation for you, as Nancy Drew. You must discover the truth from the ghost stories quickly - you might be next on the list for unearthly revenge!

Right, then left to lime. So if nancy says ''i'll better remember this'' Write it on the paper! It is best to check the ends of the weaving and the design. Find a safe path while blocking the coyote s so that they will not be able to catch the roadrunner. Give the eggs to Shorty. Talk to Mary and she'll give the beads. Perhaps a bit short, but nonetheless fun and interesting to play. Look close on the icing on the cake and see some indentation. Find out which number gets depressed, ex. Go to the kitchen and then go back to check the white hen's nest. Graphics are fairly average but good as this game has been out for some time. I found the game to be interesting and challenging, and the desert scenery is breathtakingly beautiful. Cashmeer Valentine is Dirk's father. Click on the drawing on the right and place the drawing on one of the light colored square that is as close to the place you found it on the rock formation.

Where's the horse's frog? Horses - We need to feed Bob, Clyde and Ace. Rawley was bitten by a venomous snake and rushed to the hospital. Take bucket full of water and place it back beside the fire pit. I love Nancy Drew! Pick the ripe veggies again. Talk to Tex. Check the web using your cell phone for reminders on what ripe veggies look like. The other items are sheriff badge, scissors and pan. Pick up bricks from the floor by next cell and look close at key. Nancy will say if it looks right. It is best to check the ends of the weaving and the design. I played as a junior detective. Go outside the store and use the cell phone.

Click on the initials and Nancy should say - If I could find out who made this thing, it might help me get it open. It is so realistic. Turn around and go forward. It can be done anytime today. Enter brown opening. Click on the gate to go out to the wilderness. Check what they look like at the tool box. Open the recipe box on the preparing table and read the different recipes. I was at Fry's with mom and I discovered this game sitting on the self. Use the second arrow from the left as the angle of the throw. Click to go there. Pull the lever and try to get 4 mean guys to make the meanest, roughest and toughest gang in the West. And make sure you see what's below.

Emploi Nancy Drew: Secret of Shadow Ranch algerie

Note the inscription - EH AH inside a heart. Where's the horse's hocks? Take the music box with flowers. Chicken Coop puzzle - Remember what Dave said - use gloves. Remember Beneath Cappy's keys pappy's name please! Tex and Mary are in love. Nancy is told to get a horse from Tex, the wrangler so she can ride, Shorty will go ahead with the cookout tonight and also to take an envelope from the roll top desk to Mary Yazzie. Eggs in basket - Basket - Pick up the old basket. Turn and place the blue Mahjong World Contest on the metal end. Turn around from chicken coop door and pick twigs from the ground by the cactus garden on a rusty cart. Build Campfire: Wood - Go to the chopping block by the kitchen door. Turn left at the General store, go to the right side and then look close at the contraption on the walkway. Left garden - Pick all 4 red Northern lights tomatoes and ignore the beans and ivory egg tomatoes. Game setup has voice, music and special effects volume control, closed captioning, auto move and brightness adjustments.

Turn the red to 12, the blue to 2 and the yellow to 7 o'clock positions. Its night time and we still haven't fixed the chicken coop. Pull lever. Go between the vegetable gardens and pick up more twigs. Nancy should say -the daisy stitch. It can be done anytime today. The birds have square pegs on them. Hey, I did 9. Note the lily on the stationery. To solve these wonderful games without or with as little help as possible is always a good boost for the self esteem. Call the sheriff. Pick up the arrowhead beside the barrel. So without giving too much away here a little tip: "Don't look at your aim with the lasso, but look for a perfect geometrical shape to appear, as this is your moment ;- ".

Avalon between the vegetable gardens and pick up more twigs. Arrange the wires on the hole of the coop. This game is a classic and definitely one of the best. Take white hat from barrel. The second letter mentions about favorite crackers, cracker tins and an agate that shows one of their meeting place. Mahjong Deluxe 3 part of the horse is most likely to be hurt when it founders?


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  1. The trunk opens. At center area of the rock formation, look up and use the lariat on the protruding log to get up on the top of the ledge. If you have not collected them yet: There are 2 arrowheads at Dry Creek, 4 arrowheads at Trail Stop, 3 at Cougar Bend and one at the pump house at the ranch. Pick up an arrowhead on the right sides of path just in front of Bob. There are unlimited save game slot in this point and click game.

  2. Talk to Tex about Jane. The gloves are on the saddle. Look at the barrel across the hanging platform - another brand, this one with a heart.

  3. Call the sheriff. Take the twigs on the ground right of the red shed. Pick the 2 reddish Golden Queen tomatoes. So the object of the puzzle is to get a space beside the red FH tile, so that it can move to the right. Click the phone icon to place the call and talk to Aunt Bet.

  4. The gloves are on the saddle. Check the old arcade game by the exit. Pan right to the outhouse and pick an arrowhead from the ground. To open the watch, click on the pick and it will be inserted on the side of the watch. The red, blue and yellow birds surround a clock.

  5. Read the note - Did you know you can play some games more than one way? I love this game. I have all 25 games : I can not decide which is my best.

  6. Pick eggs again - The basket is in the tool box. Chicken Coop puzzle - Remember what Dave said - use gloves. It's an asthetically beautiful experience reflective of reality that's both educational and fun and not easily replicated elsewhere. He has a secret relationship with Mary Yazzie. Click on throw.

  7. Go to the chicken coop and pour the chicken feed in the Easy feed hopper. When correctly done, the beads will be sewn and Nancy will say- Perfect! Read the note - Did you know you can play some games more than one way?

  8. Check the door top of the stairs. Check the web using your cell phone for reminders on what ripe veggies look like. The next morning, Nancy talks to Bess and George. Click on red thread 3 times to sew the weavings together.

  9. Talk to Mary and she'll give the beads. Have fun. Insert the 3 levers on the square peg of the 3 birds at the corner point of the chest. Check the books on the table. Check the petroglyphs and old west pictures under the Closed sign by the window.

  10. He wants you to prove that you can ride before he'll let you. Click the left lever to 4 o'clock position, the middle to 9 o'clock position and the right lock to the 11 o'clock position. Jail - Go to the Jail-Sheriff's office across the way. There is only one chance given to remove the good guys. Remember the poster - tighten that girth.

  11. Check all 8 nests with or without hens to be sure you've got 6 eggs. He gives permission to enter the pump house. Read the second newspaper about bank robbers.

  12. Jail - I'm in the jail cell. There is only one chance given to remove the good guys. Nash to Tex - remember the irate mail at the roll top desk. Pan right and see that someone has been hanging out in here. She is the only playable character in the game, which means the player must solve the mystery from her perspective.

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