The Treasures of Mystery Island

1st Runner-Up Best Puzzle Game of 2008! A mystical talisman draws you to Mystery Island! Survive the island`s strange inhabitants while hunting down hidden items and solving fantastical puzzles. Every item found and puzzle solved will bring you one step closer to uncovering the island`s incredible secret. Are your eyes and mind sharp enough to escape from Mystery Island?


The Treasures of Mystery Island - game HD video

Find the pieces for the HOOK. Left-click, hold and drag the extinguisher until the smoke is gone. Click on the hole to remove the chest. Try to open the cabinet on the right, but it needs oiling I. Head over the bridge and into the museum and through the door under the stairs and into the room on the right. It varies how you fine your clues from one scene to the next. You will see smoke when properly placed. Make note of the can of red paint F. There are 8 logs to split. Click on the cart, the kettle above the fire, the coconut, and the sculptor. Hold the magnet over the key to pick it up. Your cursor will change to a hand if you place it over a Beyond item or any other item you need to collect that is not a fragment piece. Click the lighter onto the rocks that are under the large pot so you can start a fire.

Be the first to write a forum post about this game! The HO play involves finding hidden pieces of objects and using these objects in one of the four scences, sometimes in a set order. Look close at the clock and note the missing face. Look at the the dry papers. Find the 1st stone that stays in, then find the second. Click on the cart, the kettle above the fire, the coconut, and the sculptor. Enter the museum. Read the note L and click on the artist. The counter L of correct photos is on the upper right. Click-hold the minute hand and rotate it to set the clock to the time you found on the locked cabinet of the tugboat cabin. Enter the house and pull the chain on the lamp Z to turn on the light. Place the picture on the part of the wall that has three frames next to each other. The object is to place the glass pieces and repair the lamp.

Femme The Treasures of Mystery Island

Click on a staple peg to see the possible positions it can move to and click on one of the green bars to move M. The mini-games were really fun Sparkle 2 the graphics The Treasures of Mystery Island bad at all. Hints are unlimited, but must recharge before you can reuse D. Look close at the locked cabinet H and use the KEY. Exit via the fiery doorway. Back out to the bridge area. You will Danse Macabre: Florentine Elegy the videos to replay as you progress in the game C. Back out to the bridge, head right and enter the pyramid. Clicking on the upper tiles will jump you to the notes on another chapter J. Treasuees down the hole. Note that your post won't be visible right away: our team checks it before we post it publicly. Enter the now opened gate. Walk left to exit the room. Fit the JUG to the size of the leak. Take the OAR Oof.

Enter into the door down the hall. The object is to place all the books into the middle compartment D. Back out of the room to the lobby and head into the office on the right. Head into the room on the right. You may also adjust the resolution from the options menu. The counter L of correct photos is on the upper right. Read the note N. Find the pieces of the FISH. Head into the museum on photography studio on the right. The object of this mini-game is to block the water so it only flows through the center canal. Challenges you brain to think thing through. Place all 8 pieces of luggage in the racks on the back wall.

The hand icon shows you can interact with an item. The solutions for the second and third parts are noted here. Look at the transformer with smoke coming out of the grate. Click on the handle of the jack to raise the grill and note you need something to put out the fire. Click on the door, the hanging plates, the cellar and the attic window to note items needed. When starting a new game you can choose between Casual or Expert mode. See screenshot for solution K. The eye and question mark icons Arcanika that you can take a closer look. See screenshot for solution. Exit the house.

Walk down to exit the room. After you complete the map, exit out of that room and go to another location. Select the pegboard on the back wall for a mini-game K. Click on the safe to move it away from the wall. Click on the pump handle to put water in the bucket. Look at the close-up of the control panel under the light I. To exit, click on Menu 4 in the lower left and then click on exit to main menu. Look close at the lock on the chest. Back out of the area two times to the pyramid area. Move the connectors to different spots on the circuit board to untangle the wires. Left-click to take or place a piece in the grid. Look close at the cellar door and note we need wire cutters.

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  1. Left-click to pick up a slide from the bottom area A. Click on the ledge just above the large rock to divert the water with a mini-game Y. Two pieces are located in the close-up view of the box A. Look at the close-up of the stove and use the FAN on the coals Q.

  2. Click on the spigot and note you need rocks to raise the level of the gas in the tank. Would highly recommend. Click on the hut door and note we need oil.

  3. You may also click on the footsteps signs to change location G. Walk down twice, then walk to the right to enter the lighthouse. Look in the sconce for a piece of a jug E.

  4. There are 4 slides to find. The red mask goes on the left side of the wall, in between the other 2 masks. These are the last 3 map solutions Finding partial pieces of objects in order to reconstruct the object is not my favorite seek and fine however it added another dimension of difficulty.

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