Maestro: Notes of Life

Stop the young prodigy and save everyone from his evil plans in Maestro: Notes of Life! A missing girl has been lured away by evil music and now its up to you to save her in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. Find the source of the music by scouring beautiful locations and put an end to the deadly tune. Solve tricky puzzles to become a hero and complete your journey in Maestro: Notes of Life!

Maestro: Notes of Life homme nouveau

Take the stitched curtains. Click on the chairs. Return to the wood-shop, go upstairs and look at the chest for a mini-game. Open the chessboard to get the knight. Add the emblem. Walk forward Adventure Chronicles: The Search for Lost Treasures look at Maesteo: gate for Mad Mouse mini-game. Enter the room. Click on the owl statue. Note the bat in the tree B. Add the gramophone emblem. Put the butterfly on the cobweb to get the spider. Add the fishing rod. Press the medallions so they all are pressed in.

I wish I'd have gotten the CE so I could have played the bonus level! Look inside. Each disc rotates itself and one or two other discs. Refer to the diagram found earlier in your journal A. It will not guide you as to where to go next. Enter the room on the right. Leave the cell. Enter the cell door on the left. Open your journal and take note of the order of the flower colours. Overall I felt that this was a very enjoyable game which held my interest and occupied me for a good few hours on a rainy day so I greatly recommend this game to anyone looking for awesome music mixed with a interesting storyline. Click on the hole in the tree and take the ball. Click and drag to rotate the rings.

Rotate the discs so the small runes in the gold frames are the same as the large runes in the Notez of each disc. This game has it all. Talk to Alice F. Select the debris on the right for a HOS. Because of this, a step-by-step Sparkle Unleashed is hard to follow. Scissors are added to your inventory. Then press another button. Click on the jar. Let me try to Maesfro: up a few of the things the developers got absolutely right. Add the signet to the book.

Go to the bottom of this walkthrough to learn what you need before clicking on these areas. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by sabinesa from What a wonderful game There was just so much right with this game. Take the wheel. Walk down and take the path on the left. Break them up with the pick three clicks. Select the debris pile for a HOS J. Hidden objects screenshots will only highlight yellow circles the items added to your inventory and actions white circles needed to find items. To solve the puzzle from the beginning , assuming the buttons are labelled A-D as shown in the screenshot above, press B seven times, press A three times, press C seven times, then press A three times. A ribbon is added to your inventory. Add the two wheels, then push the statue out of the way and enter the room. Swap the pieces to arrange the busts. Walk down 5 times and select the piano for a HOS.

Locate all the items on the list. Click on the body parts to move them. Mini-puzzles can be skipped once the Skip button fills. Walk down and enter the wood-shop. Place the rake head on the pole to make the rake K. A rake is added to your inventory. Add the gramophone emblem. After a long wait, I can tell you, I was not disappointed! Take the rake from the harp and rake up the leaves to get the coin. Use the paintbrush on the cat to make the black cat D. Take the pipe and key. Length-of-game: 5 stars Journal: 5 stars The journal is helpful to use for some of the mini-games.

At the same time it wasn't so self-solving that each item fitted somewhere right away or was totally obvious either. Put three sacks into the basket. This will scan this page for the appearance of that word. Reassemble the doll. I wish I'd have gotten the CE so I could have played the bonus level! Items listed in orange and black require an action to be found. Note the bat in the tree B. Dip the rag in the puddle to get the wet rag. Walk down twice, go forward and enter the office. Click on the column on the right. Click on the horse. Click on the generator.

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  1. Return to the workshop walk down one scene, then enter on the right. Click on the area on the left. Climb down the curtains.

  2. Scary bug warning Clicking on the table will bring you to a table with about five bugs on it I think they are beetles. Use the chisel to get the plate. Rotate the center to complete the violin N.

  3. Give the apple to the horse. Solution: Enter the manor. When Eva disintegrates, move down one scene. Move forward twice, then go through the secret passageway. Click on the area beside the stage.

  4. Return to the cemetery move down one scene, then go forward twice. Open the chest and take the dynamite. Move down and take the right path, take the right path again and click on the stage.

  5. Great graphics, interesting and easy to follow storyline, mini games were easy enough to play without skipping although you can skip them if you wish. When the duck is close to you, take the medallion from around its neck. Rearrange the instruments so from left to right, they are the flute, contrabass, cello, drum and trumpet.

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