Timeless: The Lost Castle

Every night you’ve been haunted by visions of a man in a red hood, pleading for you to save an innocent soul. You pack your bags for Europe, but soon you’ll find yourself headed for a different destination, stranded aboard a flying ship. In the distance, an ancient castle among the snowy mountains holds the key to releasing a young girl’s spirit, but it also contains an ancient evil sleeping just under its foundations. Follow in the footsteps of the Man in Red and uncover his secrets in Timeless: The Lost Castle, a mysterious Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game.


Timeless: The Lost Castle [FINAL]

Hommes Timeless: The Lost Castle

Access the floating orb to play a HOS. Go through the archway on the right side of the screen. Clicking the prism switches which pedestal-mounted crystal receives which color. Add the yellow powder 2 Mad Mouse the retort. Go down four times to return to the cabin. Click here to go to our help pages or to contact our Customer Support team instead. Go down once to the crypt. Zoom in on the wardrobe. Pull the lever to extend the ladder to the crashed airship. There are a huge variety of mini-games to play which Timelese: quite challenging. The goal is to create a path through the grid from the lower left to the upper right. Return to the glacier. Play the HOS in the debris pile under the steps.

The section glows when the sum is correct. Zoom in on the chest. Pull the plummets until the clock hands are positioned at aqua. I loved the challenge,the games and the thing i always use, A MAP. If there are no actions to be completed in your present location, the hint button will guide you in the direction you need to go for your next action. Move the four large books from pile 1 to pile 3. Items listed in blue lettering require interacting with the scene to reveal the item. Put a red or green token in a same-colored illuminated square that contains a gray hexagon. Now look at the table in the center of the room. Interactive locations and combinable inventory items are not indicated; hint and skip buttons recharge very slowly. Zoom in on the sarcophagus of the unknown knight. I would buy work by this developer again. Make the following moves: Rotate arc 1 to the right until it matches the position indicated by 1a. Loved the Ravenhurst, Madame Fate etc. Swap any two pieces directly.

Beautiful music and an intriguing storyline. The hint button can also be used in HOS. Follow these steps. There may be times you'll have to search back a fair few pages to find the clue you're after. Really like this game. It builds interest as you go. TIP: Start at the top and work downward to remove the ice Timeless: The Lost Castle quickly. The goal is Lost Artifacts: Golden Island Collectors Edition slide the runes so they are oriented and in the same positions as shown in the diagram. Now, examine the hTe on the other side of the door. Enter the hall. Zoom in on the clock on the second shelf of the display case. Move Sparkling Amber four small books yellow from stack 1 to stack 3.

Pick up the ROPE. TIP: Start at the top and work downward to remove the ice sheet quickly. The goal is to arrange the books within color so the numbers on the spines sum to the number on the section plate. Refer to the journal entry if necessary for information regarding the use of this machine. Look at the center table. Zoom in on the metal table. There are no click penalties in hidden object scenes. Not all the gears need to be running to connect the two large gears. Once that is done, you can use the remaining hexagons to build the flower. Look closer at the control mechanism. Use the key to open the left center drawer. Examine the broken electrical cable.

The HOP's were done well. Go forward. Use the Pipe on the hole on the lower right side to create a handle. The puzzle skips to the bottom lock. A gem cannot be placed on the same color snake or next to a gem of the same color. Go down four times to return to the cabin. Move inner arc 1 to the right to position 1a. Timeless: The Lost Castle is truly timeless. Pod Room Look at the workstation towards the back and use the Simple Key to open it. Go through the door at the back of the room. The above screenshot shows the solution. Examine the clock on the right. There are three names of the brotherhood you type to receive their mask that opens a castle door. Add the ground mandrake root 5 to the tube. Look at the table.

Use the pick to uncover the elephant and crossbow. Go down four times to the crypt. Click all along the bottom of the blank except for one notch on the right pink. Pour the contents of the middle beaker 1 into the retort. Look at the storage area on the right. Zoom in on the bottom of the sink. Rotate the arcs and gray rectangles to clear a path to the center of the circle and then clear the path again to the bottom portion. When you have finished, you will collect the Unicorn Horn, Decanter, and Hourglass. Pull the lever pink to launch the arrow at the tower door. Make sure you pick the piece of the broken mantle off the floor and place it in the hole in the mantle. Go up the stairs to the mannequin control room. Open the various container lids to find the blue silhouette items. Go to the clock on the right. Read the paper for story information.

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  1. Turn the key once more to open the secret drawer on the side of the clock dashed aqua. Avoid the three dead-end blank nodes white. Look at the metal table and use the Restoring Ink on the paper here. The inset shows the starting positions based on the previous moves.

  2. Exit the cockpit. Go down three times. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by cinnamon from A great game that is fun, challenging and doesn't end in a day I started with BFGs with the Mystery Case Files games. Zoom in on the power locker on the left.

  3. I got it in and it plays better than many games from The goal is to place each gem in the empty slots so they are all illuminated. Put the CUP in the hands of the statue on the left.

  4. Click on the stone fragments to clear them away, then use the Wax on the keyhole. Chapter 5: The Workshop and Library Examine the lock on the container. Move the cover yellow on Lucy for a cutscene. HOPs are also part of this game.

  5. Look at the metal table and use the Restoring Ink on the paper here. Steam goes to tube but if I add blue tube empties. Step B. Fantastic story! Really like this game.

  6. The shelves can be moved with the two arrows on the left. Now pull the lever on the left to send it flying. Pour the blue powder 4 into the tube attached to the retort. The music is orchestral, piano and chanting which plays quietly in the background.

  7. Go right and forward to enter the crashed airship. The thought bar along the top of a scene often directs play movement. The inset shows the starting positions based on the previous moves. Remember to switch out each colored Orb with a fresh, clear one. Zoom in on the control chains on the right.

  8. Chapter 1: The Airship Zoom in on the desk. Move the two large books from pile 3 to pile 1. Go up the stairs.

  9. Inspect the door. Click the tumblers until the symbols match the code yellow. The left pedestal prism combines the two colored beams from the left and center wall prisms and sends a single beam to the center orb stand. Enter the portal. Using the Ice Daggers, cool the stones so you can collect the Orb.

  10. This is hard in parts and takes time to complete. There are a huge variety of mini-games to play which are quite challenging. The pins with springs snap back when the wire passes over them; the rusty looking pins aqua stay in place once they have been depressed. Insert the Dragon Horn to have the dragon open its mouth so you can collect the Spearhead.

  11. Exit the workshop. Remove the cloth aqua from the machine for closer inspection. Go right through the arch to the gallery.

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