Reincarnations: Uncover the Past

Jane and Dr. Herzle have made a major breakthrough in reincarnation studies, but their hard work is compromised when Jane is kidnapped! Help her explore past lives as she tries to save her own life in the present in Reincarnations: Uncover the Past. Use your Hidden Object talents to take on the evil kidnappers and discover valuable clues.

The Hearts are marked in yellow. A ticket roll is added to your inventory. A rag is added to your inventory. Move the small gold box within the large wooden box to position 3. Zoom into the skull; click on the garlic R. Click the portal to get the crab and coin. Use the door key in the slot. A lever is added to your inventory. Take the amulet. Leave the scene by clicking at the bottom of the scene. Click on the rope 2 in the lower left. They all rotate clockwise. The stairs have now moved.

A knife is added to your inventory. Use the hairpin to open it. Click on the music box. Tip: Tiles are correctly positioned when they appear brighter. Then use the directional buttons to move it up or down and left or right. Click on the exposed area. Go outside and click down twice. Once the discs are all in place, the nose opens. Place the chalk on the sun sketch; take the sun body D. Take the stone, then use it on the carpet. Click the wheelchair. Click the twin statue.

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Click on the center circles and the smaller circles to rotate the pieces until each circle has all the same colors. Zoom into the back door to trigger a puzzle. Tthe on the opened Reincafnations: to start a hidden object hunt. Take a feather and use it on the ferret so he lets go of the moon key. You are asked if you want to play in either Casual mode or Challenge mode. A carved wood panel is added to your inventory. Solution: Go through the door. Click on the red button above each symbol when the correct image is in the loupe to lock in your selection. When the wheel Pasr moved clockwise, it moves two positions i. Take the cage key. Click on the door at the top of Kingdom Builders: Solitaire stairs. Use the crowbar to move it. Mad Mouse the wheel to start a hidden object hunt.

Leave the scene and go one scene north. It can either collect the item and add it to your inventory or you can interact with it. Then click on the opposite end of the rope to drag the treasure chest closer to the edge. Once the skull is in the box, click the tile on the right of it and then click on the exit 3 to move the skull and box out of the area. Place the skull into the small gold gates, and then put the small gates into the big gold gates. Click on the shell to reveal the pearl. Use the wire on it. This one actually had a ton of hidden object scenes which I loved of course! Click the skull above the door. Use the correct paint colors on the cracked paint spots. After the cut scene, you are given a key. Go south down so you find yourself outside. Place the HORN on the devil to trigger a puzzle. Only the rows need to equal 15, the columns do not. Use the scalpel to cut the stuffed toy to take the stuffing.

You can only remove the vines that are up front this puzzle uses depth so start clicking on the vines that have Mad Mouse other vines crossing them. Use the seam ripper to rip the seams on all four sides. Take the secret room hint. Great puzzles - very original, hidden objects; the odd collections of items add Uncovre the creepiness. Leave the scene and go one scene north. Use the set of leather belts. Click the statue down the stairs.

Here are my thoughts: Good Parts: Hint and Skip buttons have a great recharge speed. Place the pictures in order according to the stages for creating wine. The solutions are random. Leave the scene and click the panel on the wall. Click on the ladder. Leave the scene and take the middle doorway. Blow the air off the scoop with the blue blower; take the coin G. Put the parts into the puzzle, as in the screenshot A. Leave the scene and go south again, then go through the curtain to the stage. Click on the star cover to remove it; click on the light inside the star A. Lots of fun. Open the map in the lower left; click on the windrose Z. Click the area below it to start a hidden object hunt. Click down.

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  1. Click the tassel to reveal the coat of arms. Place the stop button on it. Move the small gold box within the large wooden box to position 3. A termite jar is added to your inventory.

  2. Take a feather and use it on the ferret so he lets go of the moon key. Move the papers out of the way after the puzzle has been solved; take the pendant. Click to take the full oilcan.

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