Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials

The famed writer Nathaniel Hawthorne has died during a freak snow storm, and his ghost has come to you, asking for help. Travel back and forth in time from the scene of the author’s demise to the 17th century, where a town is going mad with rumors of witchcraft and a woman is facing the gallows. Unravel the secrets of Salem’s accused witches and solve the death of Hawthorne in Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials, a fun Hidden Object game.

This game has wonderful graphics and sounds. Click on 3 COAL pieces to add them into the fire. Midnight Mysteries games are the best. Leave the scene and return to the cottage. Go back outside. Go to the Engine Room on right. Take the clover and red float. Enter the Warehouse Puzzle on the ground below the drawers. You have to decipher the code that appears on the paper using the Morse Code Book. Then place the cauldron on the fire. Click on the corresponding potion ingredients to add them to the pot. Combine the gavel handle and gavel head. Exhaust all conversations with all the ghosts circled in white. Ornithologist — Collect all 28 Ravens in Story Mode. Take the posies, white rose, broomstick and the mushroom.

Talk to Sarah Good. Leave and go downstairs and into the room on the right. Great story, as well. Take the pole axe. Click on the various ghosts. Click down. Click on the bag on the chair to make the ghost appear; talk to him. Follow the ghost inside. Go to the English House. Pick up the SHIP in the scene. Use it on the rock in front of the cave. Give the sugar cubes to the horse ghost.


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Loperec fille Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials

Use the Ocean Mahjong lids on the well. You will start with one Raven at the beginning Zumas Revenge the game and you can earn extra hints by clicking on the Ravens you find in Midnkght scenes. Click on the numbers to change them to match the ones found in the Morse Code on the desk. Click on the blue wavy lines to start a hidden object hunt. The order in which you have to place the ingredients into the cauldron is random. Use the closet key on the closet door. Mysteriss: to the right of Atlantis Evolution ghost to access the next area. Combine the hand drill and Sxlem railroad spike to make a hole borer. Place the bottled ship in its holder. Go northwest. Go left towards the Courthouse Entrance. Trace a continuous line from one tile colour to the other i. Go to the Dungeon Entrance on left.

Zoom into the fire pit. Take the waterproof boards. I love the little bonuses, finding hidden clovers and crows. An area of interest will be symbolized by an Eye Icon in the scene. Take the green bowl. Put the potion ingredients into their silhouette. Go upstairs. Use the dice, dominoes and chips to complete the Sudoku puzzle. Click on the various ghosts. Leave the scene and return to the cottage. Take the raven and the notes. Then look at the silhouette the steam is making.

Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by GrrlScientist from a good bit of historical fact mixed with conjecture in this fascinating game in this hidden object puzzle thriller, American writer Nathaniel Hawthorne has supposedly died during a freak snow storm. Then click on the glowing thunderbird on the tree. Click on the handle to open the safe and take a closer look at the diary inside. Walk towards the ghost. Go Saelm the opening. Leave the scene. I Fort Defense they can make another Midnight Mysteries sequence soon.

Place the bottled ship in its holder. Once all the ingredients are in the circles you have to place them into the cauldron by looking at the silhouette that appears in the center of the cauldron. Click the book on the boards. Click behind the horse to enter a new area. You end up with a hand drill. Put the landscape painting on the wall. Leave the house. Click on the books to reveal a secret compartment. Put the corn, mushroom, white rose, gingerbread man and posies in the basket for the ghost. From your inventory, combine the ship and the bottle. In your inventory, combine the notes. Pick up the SHIP in the scene. Click on the door. Go to the room on the right.

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  1. To solve the puzzle, use the arrows to rotate the plate so the coin passes over the circle. Use the gavel in the slots. You can access the Achievements from the Main Menu.

  2. Find the related pairs. Go in. Go left to the bench. Click on the area it just uncovered. Take the bottle.

  3. Click on 3 COAL pieces to add them into the fire. Take the silver coins. Slide the coin into the center button. Take the clover and bread.

  4. Go forward. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by SSSpencer from Addictive, exciting adventure story Finished this over 3 days. Enter the house.

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