Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poes The Black Cat

Go on an adventure with Inspector Dupin! Monsieur Mark Davies has reported his wife, Sara, missing and now it's up to you to track her down and solve the mystery! Follow a mysterious black cat, who seems to be purposely helping you, and discover helpful clues in Dark Tales: Edgar Allen Poe's The Black Cat. Use your Hidden Object talents to tackle the case, and discover the evil culprit behind Sara's disappearance.


Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's The Black Cat

Great HOG. Click on the Clay Jug and the Paving Stone white to open then may contain items and collect all the items. Correctly placed pieces will lock. Take any items on your list. Place the remainder of cylinder A into cylinder B. Walkthrough Click Play to start your adventure and help Detective Dupin solve the mystery. Click on the window and Madame Davies will appear. Exit the pop-up window and click down twice. Flowers can only jump into empty pegs 1. Keep placing the cheese pieces around the maze until you reach the upper right side. Note: the Strategy Guide is available from within the game; the button is located at the lower right. We will see the next one. Return to the cellar via the rope ladder.

Zoom into the coffee table by the window. The key to solving this puzzle is to do one color at time. The GEAR will be added to inventory. The Notebook, lower right, glows when it adds new information and clues. Click on the barrel to move it out of the way; zoom into that area on the floor. You have unlimited hints in the game but you must wait for them to recharge between uses. Slide the tiles around the board until they are next to their matching symbols on the right D. Inventory Item: Oil Can yellow Click on the right Lion c — refer to the screenshot at the beginning of this section , click on the Leaf blue and collect the Key yellow. Once the mechanism starts; zoom out of the pop-up window. In other cases, you need to click on an item in your Inventory, move it to an object or area, and click. Zoom into the veranda. Discuss with other players! Return to the lab; zoom into the device on the right wall S.

Collect the Window Handle 5. The GEAR will be added to inventory. There was a lot of thought into creating a believable story. Go into the lower left entryway. Where possible, the Maps will indicate areas that connect to other areas. Click on the Right Bench blue and use the Hammer green on the Nail. Return to the Playground. Open the middle drawer; look for items on your list. Zoom into the boiler. Place the KEY in the keyhole. Maps Yellow lines indicate rooms or areas that connect to each other. I agree with the first review: even at the expert level, you need a little help.

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A cluster of sparkles indicates hTe Hidden Object Scene which will grant an inventory item upon completion. Click on the Desk Lid 1 and click on the Compartment 2. Click on the Door 1 at the end of the hall. Click on a book, drag it to a new location and release your mouse button to place it. We can't help you out if you write about it Cwt your post, so click here to go to Tue Help pages or here to Fiber Twig our Customer Support Team instead. Open the cabinets and drawers; find the items on your list. Go back; the cupboard will be on the ground. Just for fun, click on the Chicken red and wait… Click on the Trash Can Lid white to open it click to look inside; may contain items and collect all the items. Love the graphics! Inventory Item: Candle green. Note that your review won't be visible Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt away: our team checks it before we post it publicly. Return to the Pool Room. Zoom into the stagecoach Heroes of Hellas 3: Athens. Use the Broken Cue Stick green and the Glue red on the Table 2use the long section on the short section 3 and then use the Glue on the joint Pose.

Some are standard HOG fare, but updated with varying degrees of twists and turns. Return to the Entertainment Room. Go through the entryway. Return to the lab. Click down and then go left. Go into the lab; zoom into the table. Zoom into the door to the right of the boiler. Return to the Lobby. The HO scenes were very good. Click on the Gramophone 1 , use the Record green on the Turntable 2 , click the Handle yellow , use the Owl Key purple in the Lock 3 , collect the Owl Statuette orange and then return to the front of the Garden House click back twice, forward twice and click on the Bushes 4. There was a lot of thought into creating a believable story. Place the KEY in the center; click on it to unlock the chest O. From the top, clockwise, click twice green , right click twice red , no click yellow , right click once blue and click once purple. Write a post!

Take a closer look at the right door. The parts where I knew what to do were well done. Click on the loose string and it will land on the table. Click on the edge of the cushion; take any items on your list 5. Only the key items will be highlighted This guide includes video solutions for most of the puzzles. Please note that we can't help you out Ocean Mahjong you write about it in your review.

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  1. Note that some areas do not connect and this guide will offer the most direct route for navigating between those areas. Besides a different and more complex story requiring much more independent thinking, we have dozens of interactive HOS to scour. WOW what a great game. Great HOG.

  2. Remove water from the cylinders by placing them back into the cup. Do this 3 times. Flowers can only jump into empty pegs 1. Click on the Fireplace, use the Plate green in the Fire, return upstairs click back twice, upper left once and click on the Dresser again. Zoom into the wooden boards on the left X.

  3. Head right. There was no help outside the hidden object scenes; there was no map indicating active areas, so I had to keep exiting out of the game to go to the walkthrough whenever I got stuck - hence frustrating. Place the keys into their respective holes, as in the screenshot, and then click each key to unlock a secret compartment below. Simpler puzzles and minigames may only have images of the solutions or solution steps.

  4. Place the BAR 3 as shown in the screenshot. Collect the Record green , click right to the Folly 1 and then click on the Bushes 2. Flowers can only jump into empty pegs F. Crazy cat ladies might enjoy chasing a black cat through the grounds of a dilapidated estate as well!

  5. The story line was classic and kept me interested all the way through. Slide the tiles around the board until they are next to their matching symbols on the right D. Re-enter the coach and then go through the hole in the other side. Cut the branch with the SAW O.

  6. Wide variety of interesting puzzles and mini-games, which vary in difficulty from easy to intermediate. Zoom into the front door. Collect the Pen yellow and use the Screwdriver on each of the 3 screws 3 — again, this can be tricky; hold the tip of the Screwdriver over each screw and click to remove the Cover 4. Click the orange tile, 3 times and click the green tile once. Zoom into the door at the bottom of the steps.

  7. Although the puzzles had no intructions once again they are simple enough to solve or skip if you have to. Zoom into the hotspot by the right bench. Beautiful visual effects — creative efforts show when the cat looks as real as a live cat as it moves in and out of the scenes to catch your attention. Place the long pole on the short pole; fix them together with the glue.

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