Flower of Immortality

To avoid imprisonment, a deal is made to retrieve an artifact in Flower of Immortality! Set in the 1930’s, this amazing Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure Game takes you across the world in search for a hidden treasure. Find the artifact and uncover its secrets! Journey though this incredible adventure in Flower of Immortality!

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I purchased a sample and fell in love! Select the overturned urn for a hidden object area. This was frustrating as well because I liked the story, though hanging seemed severe for this offense. Click on 2 pieces to swap positions. Select the box of vegetables for a hidden object area. Exit via the lift and return to the lockers in the hall. Click to open the cabinet. Enter the grotto and enter the right tunnel. The cutscenes are like old movies. Look at the diagram on the table Z. They are very outdated Final Cut: Encore Collectors Edition gives the game a real "old-school" feel about it. Don't waste your money. Select the control panel on Atlantis Adventure back wall for a mini-game V.

I'm absolutely in love and was already figuring out how I could buy a full bottle. Hidden object scenes are random, so your solution may vary. A little shortlived for the size of the download file. Date published: Rated 3 out of 5 by orijojo from Close but no cigar. Click on the brightest star then click on the next ones in sequence. Click on the handle; the gears need to be fixed. Return to the castle and enter the lift in the main hall. The object of this slider puzzle is to move the silver piece out of the grid. But the dialogue needs work, and there were too many inconsequential tasks for me. Locate all the reptiles. Walk back down and open the faceplate of the rotating mechanism I. Rated 4 out of 5 by Granny from Review on completed game I liked the game enough to use a coupon.. Not longer than an hour The object of this mini-game is to swap the metal tumblers to match the lock pattern M. Talk to the botanist and she will give you a JAR G.

Press the button to go to the observatory. Click on the handle to raise the pick and better see what needs to be changed D. Collect all the items on the list. Hint was very helpful Select the area to the right of the mirror for a hidden object area Q. Note that both the shirt and jacket go on the hangar. Click on a stone adjacent to the empty spot to move to that spot.

Note the shelf area C. You must locate all the items on the list to receive the inventory items F. Look at the drawing on the wall W. I cannot comment on the music because I play it silently. Select the upper left shelf for a hidden object scene K. Customer Rating Low to High I absolutely love this fragrance. Talk to the alchemist I then click on the device J. Some objects you need, are broken - you take a part in HOS and the other in a different place. Place the MASK on the stone face. Exit the freezing room and go to the docks. Select the overturned cart on the right for a hidden object game. Cutscenes are like old movie, but the game has crisp and clear graphics, excellent music. Select the drain grate in the center for a hidden object scene.

It would not have been possible with that script. It was so awful! Select the broken boat for a hidden object game E. Walk right 2 times to the park entrance; select the overturned cart for a hidden object game. Open the closet and look inside for a mini-game H. But the dialogue needs work, and there were too many inconsequential tasks for me. The RAG will go into your inventory. It took me so long to work my way through the HOG scenes I had not progressed beyond the first two island scenes when the demo ended. Note the grate on the left F. Press the button for the kitchen. Create the drawings from the papers using the stars. Really good music, I actually enjoyed it and no voice-over which is too bad. Look at the chalkboard to see the symbol of the book you need Y.

Date published: Rated 4 out of 5 by Nilosh from Sold! Look at the close-up of the statue. Date published: Exit the dock through the door to enter the courtyard. This is the solution for the second drawing. Select the plants on the center right for a hidden object scene. It could have been good because the storyline is decent. The door will open when the pick is correctly set. Not longer than an hour Hint was very helpful Walk right 4 times then walk up to enter the park. The book will go to the book stand A. They will be checked off as you find them.

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  1. Good deal to me. Note the shelf area C. Delicate, fresh, succulent. I expect that this is another case where many will either hate it or really like it.

  2. Exit the castle. Finding your next step may prove to be difficult. Click on the lift to exit E.

  3. Select the ice hidden object area on the right. Look at the headless statue to discover you need a tool S. Exit the shore and return to the castle. Click on the back of the statue for a mini-game.

  4. Talk to the physicist who is working on the lift and give him the screwdriver U. Exit the greenhouse and walk down to the park entrance. The characters conversations were sometimes awkward and it made them sound like dullards.

  5. This will rotate the lighthouse. It will change to an hour glass while recharging. I decided this perfume sounded like one I would like.

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