Edna & Harvey: The Puzzle

Edna & Harvey: The Puzzle offers a completely new puzzle-experience and will be a challenge to the players' skills as they try to combine the various pieces of 90 puzzle backgrounds from successful adventure games. The game offers three single player modes: in "Search & Find," the right piece from different piles has to be put in a predetermined place. Two other modes require puzzling via Drag & Drop.


Let’s Play Edna & Harvey: The Breakout #79: The Truth

All the rest of the monitors should be on. Edna says she needs someone who knows his way around these things. Explore the area: The car wreck-sedan is totaled and lying partway in a pool. In inventory, use Harvey 2 ability on the cocktail menu. Try to take it and learn that it is attached to Bladder's belt. He knows about a lot of things about Edna. Immediately when able, walk to exit through the opened window. See Mr. Walk to the drivers cab and see a close-up of the dashboard. Daedalic Entertainment Hey guys! See a hole in the ground surrounded by broken spoons. Doctor Marcel enters and checks on Edna. Ask the guard to turn on the AC. Climb the ladder and go through the double doors. Talk to Moti and play his card game.

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Do this for all the patients. Not bad at all for a cult classic and a remake that for Mystery Cruise matter! Go back around to the grate. Climb the ladder and go down to the furnace room at left. Be in a coffee room. Marcel's office at left. He would not let Te enter the tent. Recreation room: Look around the rec room. See the furnace with blazing fire. Turn off the light switch. It doesn't work. Immediately use the pinking scissors to cut the cable hanging underneath the panel. Use the TV and the channel is moved to the stock channel. There's a roadblock ahead.

Edna exchanges the coat hanger 3 with Aluman's coat hanger 2. It is locked. They approach the garage while Marcel's sedan goes through the open gate. Use Harvey 2 counterfeit signature on diploma. Select a patient and learn what is in their record. They will help if we distract the guards. Nock - roast chicken for something he bends down to eat with his hands. Frock who lives here in the lift. Use the polo mallet on Hulgor. Go right to the riverside walk and across the river. The animation is beautifully hand-drawn. Turn on the light switch left of the door. He could not hold it anymore. Options menu has music, text on and sound on selections. Use potholder with pot to get steaming pot.

This Governor of Poker the one seen from the rooftop of the asylum tower. Try to play once more. There's a roadblock ahead. In inventory combine the pot from the kitchen and the medal to get medal in pot. Talk to Key master.

See an antenna. Change the foods of the patients around to cause disruption. Go up the stairs to the 3rd floor or where the Surveillance-monitor room is located. Remember the fingerprint pattern left on the TV screen. He is dangerous as Petra mentioned also. Edna automatically turns on the light, looks at the electricity meter and says someone leaves the light on all the time. Edna turns it. He recognizes Edna. Aluman sees the aura and chi of Edna. Options menu has music, text on and sound on selections. Learn the reason for the coat hanger. Pick up and then use the rake with window. Go back and talk to the Key Master. Try to use the lift and see that it is turned off. There is a way out via the laundry lift system at the third exit at the basement.

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  1. It doesn't work. Enter Dr. This is Modern Gamer back with another round of gaming tidbits. Automatically be on the chair, Edna and Harvey are shocked! Frock again.

  2. When asked by Moti if you are sure of your card - watch blonde Hoti's eyes and see it blink up and then down when you clicked on the correct card. Use Harvey 2 counterfeit signature on diploma. This is the one seen from the rooftop of the asylum tower. Do this for all the patients. Still mad respect for those guys.

  3. Click to select the card. Use potholder with pot to get steaming pot. Enter the WC. He says that dinosaurs hatch from occlusions in amber. Go right to riverside walk.

  4. His plans on how to get out of the asylum are: - Get to the other side of the bars. Talk to Mr. Talk to the portrait of Alfred. It is now labeled airy gap. Nock is bent over eating chicken with his hands.

  5. Check the locked drawer under the diploma on the wall. We have to get to the other side. Edna goes out and back in immediately followed by Hulgor. The ticket is a coat hanger. Open the main gate: Walk around the house again and be at Zen garden.

  6. If you want you can go in and see-talk to the guard. Frock who lives here in the lift. Then about mini golf and being dizzy.

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