Spear of Destiny: The Final Journey

The Alliance has given you a most important mission – find and destroy the Spear Of Destiny before the enemy can use its terrible power to conquer the world! During the fury of war, an amazing discovery was made. An ancient artifact known as the Spear of Destiny was discovered and it’s believed to have the power to change the course of the war. Some believe it to be only myth, but neither side wants to make the mistake of dismissing its power. Your mission is dangerous and you’ll have to cross the battlegrounds in France while facing death and destruction on every step of the way. If the enemy gets their hands on the artifact, it could be the end of the Alliance and the world as you know it.

If you use a Hint and it directs you to close a close-up window, or proceed to another location, that Hint will not be used up. I highly recommend this game! Many conspiracies formed around the belief that Hitler did find the Spear of Destiny, but shipped the artifact to Antarctica along with other masterpieces when he knew the war was lost. There are a wide range of collectibles that keep you engaged and busy and are rather difficult to locate, I am my third go. Try to discover under which cup the marble is located after they have been rotated. Multi-step puzzle. This game to me is every bit CE worthy, and not just saying that because this is one of my fave teams. The following are brief description of the games you'll encounter during the demo: 1 Use levers to adjust the mirrors so that the light reflects from all of them and create a beam that will hit the flowers, one lever affects others. At the same time, the sounds are also excellent — the orchestral background music serves the game well and the voice acting is pleasant to follow. Use this on the mine cart on the left. Hints are unlimited, but require time to recharge after use. However, they do vary as to the activities which must be performed in each scene. The Skip button is located in the lower right corner of your screen where the Hint button usually is. However, it is real and as powerful as stories say.

This game definitely comes recommended. The mini games are not too hard, but that's OK with me--more fun to solve a puzzle than be frustrated by it. Another thing that is refreshing about Spear of Destiny is that we are not inundated with sparkles that literally lead us through the game. It was the best SE that I have played. After you open the doors to the 'temple', you manage to get your hands on the Spear of Destiny. And, to boot, the child will not go with you unless you showed him something special from his mom. Finding all the items here will reward you with the Spear of Destiny. Their types and locations are as follows: Dock An Army Collection Hat 4 of 5 is hanging on the post at the start of the railing on the right. It even has extras, such as achievements, plenty of collectables and morphs, All that in a SE. Beautiful 3D graphics and colors. The order is Green upper right , Orange upper left , Pink lower right , Blue lower left , and finally the orb in the center of its chest. The graphics are amazing; just like watching a movie, and the voices are excellent! And last but not least, the actor who did the intro narration, wow-oh-wow!

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The graphics are amazing and crystal clear on my large screen monitor. Chapter 1: The Hidden Temple With the help of your companion, you will receive your first objective: to find the entrance. Again, this is an SE version that Medieval Defenders like a CE. Hints are unlimited, but require time to recharge after use. Jigsaw puzzle. Once in the Cockpit, use the various types of screwdrivers to open the compartment behind the pilot. The Mini Games are really good, but not really anything new. There were few locations and few items, so it was pretty obvious, what to do. The final piece, the Bazooka Grenade, is inside the wooden crate on the left side of the Stone Steps. Anyway, the child will be looking at you the whole time as you're escorting him home to his mom. Press the blue plane icon Burger Bustle: Ellies Organics shuffle as needed. The graphics, storyline, voiceovers, mini games, HOs and extras are superb. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by OldLady50 from Should be a Collector's Edition Great story line, there is not a deranged ballerina or a pink and purple fairy anywhere! Climb up a wall by locating the correct spike for each level in climbing. There is simply not enough new things to keep us engage — at the end of the day, Cursed House 4 of Destiny is just another forgettable adventure.

The graphics were great and the characters were believable. Date published: Rated 4 out of 5 by Italia47 from Devs, you restored my faith in you! This also happens with the ships, bombs, planes, etc. As for the storyline, it's the usual and there's no need to elaborate as other reviewers have done a great job in doing so. Press symbols in the correct order to open a cave. Wasn't sure I'd like it- ended up loving it and didn't want to quit at the demo. There are morphing objects in the HOP scenes. Your tools include a map that IS transportable and my other favorite tool, a diary is also included. Create a picture EASY Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by abbotsford from hidden object adventure What a gem this turned out to be. I tried very hard to find all of the collections and was distraught when at the end, I had missed three objects along the way. The overall soundtrack is excellent with the exception of the flat and dry voiceovers. I could tell almost right off that this team put their heart, soul, and love into this game.

No Princess in distress! Very good gameplay, somewhat easy puzzles and HOPs but still fun and interesting, Map is good, diary available. Many of the puzzles are mechanically based. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Anangelsprayer from This game is awesome! I loved that plane at the beginning lol. The collectibles include 45 WWII mementos such as uniforms, ships, airplanes, bombs, tanks plus 7 figurines. At the same time, the sounds are also excellent — the orchestral background music serves the game well and the voice acting is pleasant to follow. Town Square A Bombardier Plane 1 of 4 to the left of the old man, in front of the crate. It seems like I beta-tested this game ages ago and have been looking forward to its release. It's also a Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol Collectors Edition map. Disharmony Blocks II the music and art extras are there, and there are replayable puzzles, which is my favorite thing. Spear of Destiny: The Final Journey started off with a great potential.


Spear of Destiny - The Final Journey - Walkthrough Part 07

Some of the backgrounds seemed "mythological" and at some times appeared as if they may have been designed originally for another game with WWII elements added. Give the Hidden Listening Device to the officer. A Cannon Collection Cannon 2 of 4 on top of the book shelf above the desk. The Spear is believed to have been in possession of General Patton as well, but the Spear is thought to be cursed, anyone who loses the Spear will die an untimely death, and of course both men were victims of an untimely death. I really recommend this game!!! A Figurine Collection Figure 2 of 7 is on the left, behind the leaves close-by. The developers used the Spear as just another "quest object" set against the backdrop of the war. Our Spear of Destiny — The Final Journey walkthrough will serve as a guide, providing you with key insight, Achievement collectibles locations, and useful tips and tricks to help you on your journey. What I love about this game is that it is a departure from the everyday storyline of an ancient evil entity that wants to reincarnate and take over the world. One of my pet-peeves involving children is that if a child is stranded or lost and you find him but then send him on his merry way without supervision, well, that's a no-no in my eyes, regardless if it's a game or not. The play so far has been exciting. Set off on a dangerous journey full of adventure and intrigue, as you search for the Spear of Destiny. I love it, there are things to collect, it has hidden object scenes that are interactive, it has puzzles and the story is cool.

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  1. Were you able to find the rest of the Achievement collectibles? Retrieve the Ink Bottle by examining the desk on the right side of the House. The action starts right in and is quite immersive. And on sale too. Combine all these components in the Library to obtain the Dynamite, then use it on the door on the far end of the Foyer to gain access to the Sitting Room.

  2. There are six collections to complete, war uniforms to find and achievements to earn. Although the game is an SE, it certainly comes with most of the bells and whistles that we expect to find in CEs even though the strategy guide and bonus game are missing. For my liking, to easy. As much as I love music in games sometimes it can be annoying and distracting, and this game is no exception. The game settings include a custom mode so you can tailor the game to your specifications.

  3. Speak with his mother in the Cell, then offer him the Teddy Bear. Question Mark- You can learn something interesting by clicking here. There are Collections to find pieces for, Achievements to work toward, Soundtracks and Wallpapers.

  4. Super value for money especially as it's not a CE and definately one to keep. The Hidden Object Locations can be found over the fallen tree trunk near the Uprooted Tree you will need to chop it with the Axe , within the cabinet in the Secret Room after rescuing the boy, and at the back of the Demolished Hallway you will need to illuminate the area with the Glowing Mushrooms. No strategy guide or extra chapter but there was a good map to help guide you. Really a good value and considering that today Sunday there is a sale, it is a total score. The Hidden Object Scenes are located in the frozen bush on the Stone Steps twice, the second time after you retrieve the Arrows from Beneath the Bridge , and in front of the obelisk at the Castle Gates.

  5. It's no secret that mysticism, ancient technology and extra-terrestrials played a very big part in Hitler's gestapo war and the spear of destiny is especially well written as one of those possible scenarios. The Sun is hidden behind the bars within the alcove on the right side of the Demolished Hallway. This game will probably appeal to those who have an interest in adventure games, the military, or WWII.

  6. It is awesome. To obtain this, speak with the customs officer on the left side of the Harbor, then return to the House. The mini-games are imaginative, but not dauntingly difficult. Find all the objects on the list to complete the scene and move forward.

  7. Stunning graphics and terrific game play. Climb up a wall by locating the correct spike for each level in climbing. But that's short lived when the enemy comes and bumps off your ally Clarke and pushes you down a hole with moving spike walls. H0GS: Played one so far where you have to find the items on the list to collect little spheres to get the Spear. But the H0GS seem like they will be really fun in this game as this one was.

  8. Again, superior job on this game. Once outside, use the Spear of Destiny to incapacitate the guard, then retrieve the Handle in the box on the left and use it to lower the crank on the right. To play Match Many, find groups of three or more tokens.

  9. During World War II, you are sent on a quest to recover an ancient, magical weapon which was disassembled and hidden centuries ago. Just a lot of fun. Looking fw to what else they produce.

  10. There are more puzzles than HOP scenes. Good luck, the spear will be destroyed in the end. Use this on the mine cart on the left. Conservatory A Bombardier Collection Plane 3 of 4 on top of the circle of pillars at the back of the room. Use it on the mechanism at the back of the room to trigger a minigame.

  11. Sound is excellent and the music is orchestral and piano. This is really a CE at an SE price. Really a good value and considering that today Sunday there is a sale, it is a total score. There were few locations and few items, so it was pretty obvious, what to do.

  12. The Spear of Destiny has been found after two millennia. I definitely recommend it. Some even decided to describe it as a myth. The characters are wonderfully believable, the voice-overs are excellent and the dialogue uses correct English grammar. Awesome, developers, can't praise enough, thank you for a very well made game with a refreshing new storyline.

  13. At the beginning, I thought, the game is 3 stars worth. House An Army Collection Hat 3 of 5 on the head of the statue behind the woman. Workshop A Hunter Collection Plane 4 of 4 on the beam at the top of the room. The mini games are not too hard, but that's OK with me--more fun to solve a puzzle than be frustrated by it. They are: Mansion Front A Navy Collection Hat 5 of 5 by the merlon to the left of the large window above the entrance.

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