Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets

What was intended as a relaxing vacation to Savannah, Georgia for Claire Donnelly, quickly turned into one of adventure and mystery! Upon her arrival, Claire started experiencing unusual visions, which grew to vivid depictions of evil forces living among the citizens of Savannah. Help Claire explain these terrifying visions in Hidden Mysteries: Vampire’s Secrets, a dark Hidden Object Adventure game.

Click the numbers on the keypad in the sequence indicated. Return to the outer office. The order of placement within each area is not important. Rule 5: Do not add H last. Exit the trailer and go to the crossroads sign. After the finds the map and tries following it, she ends up at a castle, which has a lot of rooms and things to do. Continue down the hallway to the right to the armory. Submit Thank you for writing a review! The first chapter contains an interactive tutorial that may be omitted by clicking Skip. The door opens revealing a hidden object area. The chisel will go into inventory. Click on the board in the back to trigger a puzzle. Click down twice and go right.

Go through the back door. Place the faucet handle on the spigot and fill the pitcher with water. It contains the blood from the blood bank. Exit this area and go to the left of the nave where the organ is located. Click the hidden object area and find the items. Retrieve the mace from the current resident. I guess when your download is only 64mb, you have to cram everything into this small unit. Click down and zoom into the gate on the right. Use the machete to clear the bushes on the left side of the bridge and follow the cleared path. Click down to exit; then click on the door in the upper center. Click down twice and go right. Click to activate the hidden object area. Go to the fortune-telling reading room. Return to the pool room. Rotate the puzzle pieces so matching colors meet.

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Open the area on the desk and find the items listed. This opens a hidden object area. The color of the meter represents how much pressure will be applied. Pick up the sheet music for inventory. You have to be precise when Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets on objects or Royal Mahjong: Kings Journey them - the game will not proceed if you do not. Pick it up. Click the snake on the fence to open the area. Go all the way back down and enter the leftmost door. Place the mural piece in the vacant area of the mural on the back wall. In each hidden-object scene, Claire finds items she needs to use to proceed, but occasionally, she finds books as well. Place the pieces in inventory. Correct pieces will lock into place. Note this number? Farmers Market monitor shows that someone has been staying in room for a while.

Use the quarter for the crane machine. Enter the pool room. Chapter 4: The Cemetery Zoom into the gates. Use the fishing pole with the lure to hook the knife for inventory. The Inventory tab will switch to a List tab that contains objects to be found. Go upstairs and turn left. Use the crowbar to remove the planks on the window. The door opens revealing a hidden object area. Go through the lower left door and then go through the back door to reach the back gate. Click the double arrow on the left to display the entrance to the library. Find all the objects listed. Click on the path in the direction you want to head. Tasks to do later: Place the moon pendant in the slot above the right-hand door.

Go all the way back up, go through the door in back, and then go into the stained glass door. Click down twice to go back outside. The chisel will go into inventory. Click down and then head right. Use the key to open the cell door. Zoom into the door and unlock it with the KEY to Puppy Sanctuary the Foyer. The tips were just arrow pointing in directions that lead no where. Click down and then click on the back doors. You'll probably spend Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets three and four hours of the game, but it could have been longer if the puzzles themselves Tradewinds Classic more involved, or just more challenging. Zoom into the Hymnal Sparkle Unleashed the left. The total will be displayed above each Secrest.

Chapter The Castle Enter the cell with the open door. Play the Hidden Object Scene on left. Arrange the fuses on the board so that each column adds up to Find the items. Retrieve the mace from the current resident. Exit to the second floor landing. Pick up the OAR in the boat. Play the Hidden Object Scene on the left. Clicking the computer screen indicates that a password is needed. Place the files in alphabetical order according to the colors in front of each drawer. Use the wire cutters to disable the security system. Find all the items on the list. Follow the direction of the yellow arrow, which takes you left and leads you to the upper left side; click up where you see the tip of the second yellow arrow. Collect the metal peg. Pay attention to the order of the symbols in each section.

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  1. Pick it up for inventory. Date published: Rated 4 out of 5 by RVKittykat from Entertaining enough I found this game entertaining enough although the plot was a bit silly. Click to open it and obtain the key. Click on the book above the ladder to trigger a puzzle. Please note that we can't help you out if you write about it in your review.

  2. Zoom out of the package; go into the lower right door and then enter the door in the back. Click down 3 times and enter the left door, closest to the steps. Use the key to open the cell door. There are many different solutions for this puzzle.

  3. Now that the fire is out, click the area on the side of the confessional. The inked stamper will go back into inventory. When the puzzle is correctly solved, the pool table will be set up with the cue ball available to break the balls in the rack.

  4. Go through the right door first; then through left door. Place the coins according to the image on the screenshot. Click the chains across the entrance to activate a game. The ice pick will go into inventory. Click down and go to the right door to return to the Alley.

  5. Click down 3 times and enter the rightmost door. The colors at the bottom of each file show you the order in which the files should be placed in the drawers. You will enter the room automatically as soon as the puzzle is solved. Go left.

  6. Return to the library. Click the bird to add it to inventory. Play the Hidden Object Scene in the back. Please look at the screenshot and follow the next set of directions to complete the maze. General Tips This is a hidden object game that requires visiting several locations to collect inventory objects to complete a chapter.

  7. Took me around 3 hours to play. Exit the dungeon Orient yourself with the locations of the different areas off of this main hall of the castle. Place the helmet as shown above.

  8. Click the glowing area by the night stand and find the listed objects. Return to the lighthouse. The game moves from location to location fairly quickly, and not once does it ever force you to backtrack to a hidden-object scene you've already solved; each one you'll encounter is unique, and only seen once. After you complete the puzzle, the rose will open and expose a jewel. When all three match, the rope in inventory will turn into a lasso.

  9. Click down twice to return outside the gate. Exit this room and go left. Tasks to be completed: Retrieving the antler from the chandelier and the sun pendant from the balcony.

  10. Find the items on the list. Click down and go through the fence to access the pool area. Receive a fire poker for completing the game. Click to open it and obtain the key. You can also look at the screenshot for the solution.

  11. Return to the medical lab. The puzzles, unfortunately, are a bit of a mixed bag, where the contents are either "tricky but uninspired" or "meh". Drag the hands on the clock to set it to the number illuminated by the lamp in the bedroom.

  12. Pick up the jewel for inventory. The solution for the Bottom is: Click down twice and enter the door on the lower left. You must arrange the balls so that all the numbers are equal to 50 on each side of the rack. The lure will attach itself to the end of the fishing pole and go back into inventory.

  13. Nice graphics. Working from the top down, click the directional arrows on the bars to move them back into the recess of the door. Go through the lower left door and then go through the back door to reach the back gate.

  14. Click the door to get a closer view. It's an extremely tightly designed little game in that regard, and it's nice to feel like not only is it not wasting your time, but the developers put a lot of work into it. Although I had no difficulty completing the locations, at times it was a mystery but quickly solved since there were few places to go or things to do of what to do next. Go all the way back up, go through the door in back, and then go into the stained glass door. Use the knife on the ropes securing the door to enter the boathouse.

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