9: The Dark Side Of Notre Dame

The Festival of Fools is in full swing in Paris when the gargoyles of Notre Dame Cathedral abduct a festivalgoer in plain sight. What was assumed to be a festival stunt turns out to be something much more foul. You are hired by the Paris Police to work the arcane angle of the case in this fantastical reimagining of Victor Hugo’s classic tale.

Return to the police archives. Move back once and go to the cemetery entrance. The iHOS and mini games are fun to play. Go to the bell tower. Go to the main hall of Notre Dame. It was interesting and fun start to finish. I have a nit-picky pet peeve which also annoyed me in the first installment - Use something the wrong way or make a bad click and a black bar remark ending " Move the mask to get the beetle 4. Click the small stone gargoyle. Wow what a great game. Slice the seat using the razor blade. Give the merchant the coins. Assemble the pieces to complete the picture. Zoom into the cash register; attach the register handle.

Click on the coffin and select the panel to get a mini-game. Zoom into the door; insert the green jewel key and play the puzzle. Leave and go to the stained glass chamber. Zoom into the drain; collect the register handle. Zoom into the blue robe; put the needle, pattern with 9 and the golden thread onto it. Push all the buttons in. Go to the police hall. A cut scene will play, making the archives inaccessible. I liked the story, the graphics, the MGs,? Zoom into the wall; insert the falcon. Examine the opened van to access a HOS Q. See screenshot for solution Z.

Not needed. Go up and left into the north tower entrance. Select the gates to trigger a puzzle S. Enter the police archives. Go into the souvenir shop. Give the man the amulet. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Imberis from Beautiful Game! Another great game from GameHouse! Click the cabinet door closed. Go to the sacristy. You collect all the ingredients to make crossants and you collect a needle and golden thread to sew a cloak. I loved this game.. Use the mouse on the guard.

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Submit Thank you for writing a post! The mini games are challenging in this one also. Collect the 3rd inspired token. After this, click on the Gem and then head back into the souvenir shop. Zoom into Slingo Deluxe table and place the gilded lion onto it. Help the Police Inspector Charmant to solve this case Gladriel, the little gargoyle, will also help you. Zoom into the blue robe; put the Nootre, pattern with 9 and the Monarch - The Butterfly King thread onto it. Rotate the tokens to duplicate the code. Zoom into the stall to access the hidden objects area. Use the wood burner A on the carving and then coat with varnish X. Find the listed items. Place the pins in the doll to get a voodoo doll 2. See screenshot for solution; use the yellow square for your starting point C.

Examine the opened coffin to access a HOS. Go down to the window of inspiration. Walkthrough Table of Contents. Move to the underground. Kudos to the authors! Examine the pedestal; choose the items to assemble the dagger J. Not needed. Swipe the paintbrush on the canvas; collect the picture. Go to the north tower entrance. I don't use sound so can't rate that but over all I definitely recommend this game. Rotate the tokens to duplicate the code. Rotate them to look outward.

Push all the buttons in. I liked the redeeming part for Quasimodo in rescuing his daughter. There are bright colors! Place the jug into the water; collect Primate Panic jug of water. Remove the picture to get the tarot card, number 3 and expose the plug. These activate a mini-game when placed on the large statue in the cemetery entrance. See Ntre for solution B.

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  1. Now go to the table and make a cup of coffee. Go right to exit and then go to the cellar souvenir stand in Paris. Plug in the TV to get the clown 5. Examples: Wiring a circuit, runes and codes, one involving photographs of a mime was completely original and fun, magnets, potions, baking, carving.

  2. There are 3 game modes you can play. The music is beautiful - orchestral and piano. Assemble the pieces to complete the picture.

  3. Move to the main hall of Notre Dame. Go to the south tower entrance in Notre Dame. Return to the sacristy. Place the jug into the water; collect the jug of water.

  4. Move forward to the plaza. Rotate the tokens to duplicate the code. Zoom into the cloak. Captivating is the word I will use to describe this one.

  5. The guardian amulet will now be able to assist you in finding hidden symbols. Cut the roots using the chainsaw. Unlock the right door go back to the souvenir stand cellar. Move the hand according to the code T.

  6. All in all I enjoyed about 5 hours of toataly absorbing gameplay! See screenshot for solution P. Go to the police archives. To solve, click the arrows as follows: 1 — 6 — 2 — 5 — 4 — 6 — 3 — 5 Move forward.

  7. Examine the opened chest to access a HOS. Go to the stained-glass window in Notre Dame. Use the carafe on the glass; collect the wineglass. Select Gladriel; use him to collect the torch.

  8. Move to the police hall. Move back once. Return to the sacristy. This game has all the ingredients that intrigue me - gorgeous and historic location, well constructed scenes, lots to see and investigate, challenge in figuring out what to do next, well done balance of iHOS, plentiful interesting and clever mini-games, with a cohesive, non-hurried ending.

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