Sinister City

Help John explore a Sinister City and save his bride, Nina, from vicious vampires! Travel to the astral plane and save your love from the most powerful and evil vampire of them all, Count Orlak. Solve perplexing puzzles and explore ancient castle corridors in this creepy Adventure game. Meet a colorful cast of characters who will all help John on his incredible journey.

Place the fans over the vents, then place the ventilation cover, then add the screws. Then click on the cabinet to the left of the reception desk. Click on the hotel desk clerk to talk to him. Go up the stairs. How to Use this Walkthrough This walkthrough is meant to be used as a guide to assist in solving mini-puzzles and acquiring all items in order to complete the game. No penalty for clicking. If you click on a location, i. Story line is suppose to be humorous. Take the three fans. This would be a great game for someone who was just discovering this genre or was on the young side. Once you have found three, click on the Back tab. But after quickly figuring out the retro-feel mechanics of the game, I played it all the way through in a few hours with no trouble. Take the two bat wings, two plant roots and three flowers.


Sinister City

Click on the table nearest the door. If you need to rotate it, left-click to rotate the piece clockwise, right-click to rotate the piece counter-clockwise. In further developing Mr. Mini-puzzle: Position the tiles so they match the existing string of tiles. I would say attention and creativity and that can be expressed in many ways , but here is an example of one way and , hoping against hope for better new games, I offer this with the recommendation to Enjoy! Gameplay and Tips This is a hidden object adventure game. This would be a great game for someone who was just discovering this genre or was on the young side. Click the panel in the middle of the room. Peter Howell of the Toronto Star who gave the film 2 out of 4 stars argues that the movie tries for "old school shocks" but "can't afford a pre-Internet setting. Click on the toolbox beside the director. Take the two bat wings, two plant roots and three flowers. Give the keys to the desk clerk. End result for me was boredom.

Probably on the whole wished I'd saved the credit. Talk to Count Orlok to initiate the search for the truth potion ingredients. Very short game. Click on the dresser against the wall. Click the shelves behind the reception desk. Say it Ain't So! Yes the mechanics of the game are those of five years ago but for me the wit and the style of the game carried me along happily clicking on everything in sight. What can save us from endlessly recycling of game plots and tasks and images? Take the garden clippers, three beads and two gears. After the dialogue, you change scenes. Take the lag time to go to a different area to try to find items you may have missed. If you liked the silly humor of Vampireville, you'll love this game. Be sure to watch the credits! Looking for inspiration, Derrickson typed the word "horror" into flickr and searched through , images. Take the four beads and two gears.

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Take the clapboard. Take the bat wings, two plant roots, two coloured vials and two flowers. Once completed, give the potion to Count Orlok. HO games are ok, but Adventure is the best. Click Citt Back tab. Click on the toolbox beside the director. Story line is suppose to be humorous. Sinister City the two fans Sinoster two screws. Boogie, the pair had lengthy discussions about its Mystery P.I.: The Vegas Heist, deciding not to make it a demon but rather a pagan deity, in order to place it outside the conceptual scope of any one particular religion. These objects are used to repair items, satisfy NPC requests, advance the plot, etc. To some it may be. Start with positioning the larger tiles, Sinister City work your way Sinistrr to the smaller Treasures of the Incas. Starting at the end of a wire spindle, trace the long wire to the end node. Animation includes posers and is fairly well done. Click on the suitcase left.

This is a lite adventure game with puzzles and items you have to find for certain characters. Take the floppy disk. Click the chest on the far right wall. Date published: Rated 3 out of 5 by Pearly11 from Not for everybody's taste Click the plant near the door. Find the invoices. But after quickly figuring out the retro-feel mechanics of the game, I played it all the way through in a few hours with no trouble. Put the helmet in the fireplace, then add the bat wings, plant roots, coloured vials, and flowers. Click on a crystal and click on the position to place it. Click the small cabinet by the pillar left of scene. There are also plenty of puzzles—none difficult—including a jigsaw, pipe connection, memorize and choose the correct pattern, move tokens to match the background, etc. Hints are extremely helpful and re-charge quickly. Walkthrough — Hotel After the introduction, enter the hotel click on the door. HO games are ok, but Adventure is the best.

Would I play it again? Find the keys. You have a choice of playing in Easy or Advanced Mode. The Sinister City button gives instructions to solve Rush for Gold: Alaska puzzle. Extremely lite. You can also Sinistwr the full screen mode, turn on the tutorial and change the difficulty level. Take the Aspen stake, the two spellblades, the two amulets, the three cloves of Zumas Revenge and the vial of holy water. There are four in this scene. For example, at the beginning of the game, you have to go iSnister a cupboard to find Sinidter. Once back at the hotel, enter. The mini games are fun and relatively easy. Go up the path right. Find me this, do that for me, go here, go there. Take the three perpetual motion machines.

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  1. Leave the room and click the area behind the stairs. If so, use the screenshot as a guide for the placement of the tiles based on their size. And be sure to watch the credits at the end of the game because they totally tie up the story line for you.

  2. There is a small amount of interaction as you move some things to find others and select people to talk to. Take the map piece from the wall. Once again, my favorites - humor, characters who move and speak.

  3. Take the one disk and one crystal. As a mere mortal, you'll need your wits to survive this surreal misadventure, which pokes fun at the ridiculous level to which the vampire genre has been taken of late. The mini games were unique, and a few a little challenging so I enjoyed those. Thank you developers and design team.

  4. I really think this game was intended to be a parody of all the vampire games that are so serious and creepy. For me, 1. Mini-puzzle: Memorize the test card ink blot.

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