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Enter a tiny world in your computer with this amazing casual family sim, Virtual Families 2! Adopt characters and help them choose a mate and start a family! Encourage them to work in their chosen career to earn money for necessities and luxuries. Expand and renovate the house. Make a nursery, a music room or even a game room! Help your character get through the challenges of life and shape their personalities with all sorts of upgrades, from psychotherapy to career counseling and many more!

But even after all that In the kitchen it is the right counter. If you look at the personal statistics screen you can see what level they are on they start at level 1 and hopefully finish at level 8 , what they are earning, and how close they are to a promotion to the next level. You can be more picky this time around and try to find a mate who has a good career, wants kids, and will work in the same room you have been upgrading. What shows up is completely random. If they are still deeply depressed, you can purchase psychotherapy in the personal upgrades menu. Praise them for that, it's a trophy. In order to collect them you must have purchased a rock-hunter certificate in the flea market, which costs 1, coins. The more money they make, the sooner you can buy upgrades and other necessities. Anything to do with cooking, food, or drinks is usually the kitchen. Common collectibles can be found all the time, uncommon show up every now and then, and rare collectibles show up, well, rarely. December 9, AM Update in the App store! This will give you a lot of time with your first family, as the little people do age and die as time goes on.


Virtual Families 2 House Design #1 First House

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Twins and triplets are random events, there is nothing you can do to make them happen. The developer has promised upgrades that will include new items for the house, new Magicville: Art of Magic like pets, and new puzzles to solve. You can Virtual Families 2 the answer to getting rid of the Failies in Part 3 the Puzzle section of the walkthrough. For a more thorough discussion of the sock trophy see the Breakdown Part 4 section of the walkthrough. Keep one or two hundred dollars in reserve to buy food at all times: there are events that can wipe out all the food in the house and will necessitate buying new groceries immediately. Once you have kids keep an eye on Familues. Collect decorations to customize and design each room. Do go through the tutorial and follow the directions. Most of your money should go towards the career room, however. Professional magazines can be purchased usually for coins which can help your Virtual Families 2 get ahead with their careers. Be sure to feed them perfect fruit from the flea market when available. Someone who dislikes work is not going to earn much money no matter how good the career. Every time one of your adults Lost Island: Mahjong Adventure a work cycle they earn money as well as job experience.

Since the flea market items are random, it may take some time for this item to show up. What is an event and how can I make one happen? If they are ill it is time to diagnose and treat. A career upgrade a new item for their workspace makes them earn money faster and progress in their career more quickly. Drop a person on a weed to pull it, then praise them for it. Note that weeds are very difficult to spot at night. Rain can be gloomy, but the bug collectibles come out more when it is raining, which can be money in the bank. They are not necessarily ill, just old. How do I get my people to live longer? Prices for collectibles depend upon the type. This includes regular and organic groceries grains, dairy, meat, and vegetables and medical items such as throat lozenges, cough syrup, penicillin, etc. Each trophy achieved is another 25 coins. As a bonus, this will earn you a couple of trophies and more money. Keep your little people occupied!

Each type of collectibles has three types: common, uncommon, and rare. The Goals button: This is where you find the trophies you can win while playing the game. There are trophies for completing each collection, a trophy for completing all of the collections, and multiple trophies for selling collectibles. How can I make them stronger? See the personal upgrades section for more details. Fa,ilies the Flower Boxes There are flower boxes on the left side of the house near a hose and a rack of watering cans. Drop a handy person on the cinnamon ball, it can be an adult or a child. The Viirtual tank is unlocked in the second generation, the art in the fourth generation, the pool in the fifth generation, the pinball machine in the fourth generation, the radio in the second generation, and you can buy a Vlrtual barbecue grill in the first generation. This walkthrough will include all of the current Virtual Families 2 and how 2D Mahjong Temple get them. Note: if the shot doesn't work the first time, don't keep The Promised Land it, each use will decrease the chances of a Virttual. Each Virtual Families 2 available in this section enhances the work areas and makes career advancement go more quickly. For instance you are supposed to be able to upgrade Virtua rooms in the house not by paying for Virtkal but by solving a puzzle, although these puzzles do not seem to exist at this time. Many items including career upgrades, house upgrades, furniture, and appliances are generation locked. The router is on the low bookcase in the lower left of the office. The last trophies are Mad Mouse winning other trophies, "Overachiever" for winning 10 trophies, "Unachievable" for winning 25 trophies, and "The impossible dream" for winning 50 trophies.

The best way to feed them is buy one from each food group all at once and put the groceries on the table. If the diagnosis requires a vancomycin shot, you will win the "gravely ill" trophy. NOTE: At this point, if you hire the maid service or the gardening service, anything they pick up, pull, or clean does NOT register in the trophy section, so do not hire these services until you have won the trophies. Do not drop your little person in the rooms that are blocked off with tape, they will simply run away. Here's a screenshot showing the location. Here's a screenshot of the completed bug collection and a screenshot of the completed botanical collection. I love the addition of planning the house repairs, having new furniture, accessories, terrific items to buy for the house. Although the botanical and bugs collectibles can be picked up from the beginning, the fossils require a certain event and cannot be collected until that happens. Don't interrupt your adults if they are working. Virtual Families version 1. Clues to puzzles can be determined by watching what your little people do when they are not working. A more thorough discussion of illnesses and their treatments will be in Breakdown section Part 4 of the walkthrough. Buy the doctor consultation in the store and use it on the person.

Check the money, the career, and the likes and dislikes. The first section of the store, Food and Medicine, includes items that are immediately and permanently available for purchase. Each trophy earned is another 25 coins in the bank, so definitely make an effort to get the ones that can easily be earned. This simulation game is designed to have a life of its own! The last renovations are also expensive, so it may wait until you also have the money. The menu button is your friend! Don't buy a kitchen career magazine for someone who doesn't work in the kitchen. As new sections like pets are added to the game, new sections will be added to the walkthrough. This will keep your family happy with a minimum of money spent. They will then go into the kitchen and spray the toxic stuff until the ants are gone. For those who are unfamiliar with the virtual families or virtual villagers games, it can be very helpful with basics like moving around, using the controls, feeding your family, etc. What is an event and how can I make one happen? This can be useful to make sure both adults have careers using the same room, making career upgrades cheaper. When you have a little extra money, buy a few cheap entertaining items in the store.

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  1. As new sections like pets are added to the game, new sections will be added to the walkthrough. The store can be accessed by using the store button in the bottom of the screen or through the main menu screen. Once they are done they will walk away.

  2. Anything to do with cooking, food, or drinks is usually the kitchen. Weather in a bottle: bottles of rain, snow, fog, and sunshine can sometimes be purchased. If you feel you need more reinforcement for good behavior, you can buy candy and fruit in the flea market which you can also use to praise.

  3. Earn trophies as fast as you can! Be very careful about checking their personality, especially their likes and dislikes. Hold off on this, though, until you've been able to afford the career upgrades first which are more important in the long run.

  4. The controls in Virtual Families 2 are along the left and bottom of the screen, with the decorate pull-down inventory hidden at the top. Cumulative trophies have progress bars which show how close you are to earning the trophy. There is a "lucky stone" available for purchase in the app store section.

  5. For a more thorough discussion of the food and medicines available see the Breakdown Part 4 section of the walkthrough. This debris will only be in the livable areas of the house and the hallways. Use this and watch the adults celebrate their marriage. Drop the nearest person adult or child on a chair in front of one of the computers and they will pull up the e-mail. If they are moving more slowly than usual, they may be sick.

  6. The ninth section, pets, is not yet available but will come with game upgrades. The third section deals with the "career" rooms of the house: the kitchen, the office, and the workshop. For every tutorial order you complete, you get another 25 coins, which adds up. There is one exception: The starter tool box for the workshop. Each of these trophies are pretty self-explanatory.

  7. In the third generation the washing machine will be available for purchase, then you must keep dropping your family members on that pile until they have transferred all those socks into the machine. If you will only be playing at night it would be good to reverse the game so that night for you is day in the game and vice versa. Sometimes your little person may be having an allergic reaction and need two medicines, both the cortisone cream and the antihistamine. Be very careful about checking their personality, especially their likes and dislikes. These are easy trophies to get at the beginning of the game since the non-renovated rooms don't count.

  8. Happy families are usually healthier and live longer. Bad behavior in children can actually disrupt the adults at work and will interfere with income. Remember to purchase a magazine that suits the career field your person is working in.

  9. There's this constant beeping sound and a picture of an envelope flashing on the screen, what does it mean? For a more thorough discussion of the flea market, see the Breakdown Part 4 section of the walkthrough. Twins and triplets are random events, there is nothing you can do to make them happen.

  10. There are not many puzzles in the game at the present time, but the developer has promised more with the game upgrades. Each time a person moves up a career level they earn more money. Try to go for people who will end up earning more money. At this point you should have the money and the items may be unlocked.

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