Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown

Breaking news! The monarchy is at risk! Someone wearing a black cloak broke into the royal palace. The stranger was fearful and grim, and challenged the King's right to the throne. He accused the King of being unable to manage the kingdom, and demanded to be elected King himself! Help the King win the elections and defend the truth and justice in the kingdom.


Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown - Expert Mode Level 42

Start buying wood. Bribe the glutton to free two workers. Repair the village. The food picker should be finished and can return. Move the three to the adjacent site and clear it. Repair the bridge and begin picking gold. Return all 4 Workers through Portal. Clear the path. Hint: Once the bonfire by the bank is lit, this is the only pirate that you need to pay. Add a worker. Upgrade and add a garden to a chalet. Level 6. The happiness level is now at units; free the Leprechaun. Build and add gardens to two cabins.

Goals: Food, Wood. Send two workers down the pink hole. Level 2. Tricks: Demolish the Cottage! Repair and upgrade the remaining cottages. Strategy: Immediately demolish the sawmill and chop two trees. Pay the druid on the lower path and fully staff the farm and forestry. Tricks: Ignore the Pirate. Chapter 7: Forest Valley. Portals may change colors after they are used. Clear the paths and building sites. Continue to buy food and wood as necessary.

Chop wood and restore obelisks 7 and 8. Complete the task in two stages. We used 9 total Workers hired 4. Level 38 Tasks: Build on all empty lots, accumulate units of happiness, and restore all obelisks. Begin adding flowerbeds in the center circle. Obstacles: 3 damaged Cabins, 8 damaged Piers. Level 22 Tasks: Build 5 houses with gardens. Collect sufficient food and wood to build two statues. Repair the bridge highlighted. Level 19 Tasks: Accumulate 10, units of gold, build on all empty lots, and upgrade 6 houses of any type. New Features: Gluttons, Multiple Portals. Tips: You will need a total of 14 Workers, 8 just to operate all the Forestries. Demolish a cottage and build another market. Use the third to remove the rocks. Build a market and buy food for the glutton.

Serieuse Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown dordogne recherche mec

The Farm only has Food and runs out. New Features: Buried Treasure. Continue to gather Food from all bushes throughout level using any idle Workers. Bribe the pirate next to the castle to get access to Royl building site. Repair obelisk 4buy units of food to bribe the glutton, and free the university professor. Buy Food and continue Capmaign buy max Food possible through level. Construct beehives to attract the bees and make the residents happy. Level 26 Tasks: Add 8 flowerbeds and generate units of happiness. Strategy: Demolish the sawmill Hidden Express dovecote. Buy two doves and demolish the market. New Features: Pirate Smoke. Demolish house A and upgrade cottage B. Buy units of wood. Build Wispa Forest fountain. Keep both druids active; pay the druid by the bank and Cakpaign additional workers.

Build two chalets. Bribe the glutton. Bribe the pirate at the end of the road. Resources: Gold, 8 Workers. Repair the bridge and upgrade all the houses. Build the cottage and add the garden. Level 34 Task: Fill the central bank. Bribe the glutton and dig the first treasure chest. Build, upgrade, and add a garden to a cottage on the last platform. After each Pier is rebuilt, the Worker will automatically start Fishing there unless you dismiss him and assign him on another task. Build two cottages. Notes: Bonfire—Pay Gold to Pirate to light for limited time. Resources: 2 Workers. Repeat 2x with the 2 other Bonfires.

Continue to chop trees, repair bridges, upgrade cottages, and pay pirates to reach the treasure chest and Glyph 2 15, units of gold. Tips: Click Ca,paign the Castle to hire Keys to Manhattan new Worker. Resources: 1 Worker. Strategy: 1 Summon 2 Workers to Farm. The first pirate controls the top two piles and the gold mine. Buy units of wood. They can employ up to 2 Workers, and more Workers make Wood faster. Add a worker to the second forestry building; clear the obstruction and repair the bridge. Obstacles: Fallen Trees in road must be Cleared, but you get 25 Wood each. Buy food and add gardens to Cdown existing buildings. Clear the paths and building sites. Bribe the pirate by the bank. Continue to Chop Trees for Cronw. Strategy: 1 Build 4 Cabins giving you 5 Cabins total. Let the games begin!

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  1. Buy wood, repair the existing cottages, and build the platform. Demolish all the chalets and replace them with cabins and gardens to accumulate 10, units of gold faster. New feature: fishery. Buy Food, then 50 Food. Notes: Forestries operate like free Sawmills and produce Wood for free but much slower than Sawmills.

  2. First repair the bank. New Features: Buried Treasure. Islandshire: Levels Tasks: Build on all lots; accumulate units of food and units of happiness. Pick food units from the bushes if necessary.

  3. Strategy: Begin chopping wood by the castle; send three workers to the house island. Repair and staff a mine with 1, units of gold. Staff the remaining farm with the first two summoned workers. Buy food units total are needed — 50 for a worker; for gardens and for the bank and demolish the market and the fifth chalet.

  4. Add a worker to the farm. Pay the druids by the houses and add gardens. Fully staff the two mines; bribe the smoking pirate. New feature: building site platform. Tips: Gold Mine will only operate while Bonfire is lighted.

  5. Repair the bridge and upgrade all the houses. Begin summoning workers. Start building the bank and two site platforms.

  6. Add gardens to the chalets. Wastelands: Levels Tasks: Dig 4 wells, upgrade 6 chalets, and accumulate 5, gold units. Bribe the pirate at the end of the road. Return one worker when there is one bush left. Cheer up the Leprechaun and demolish a cabin.

  7. Notes: Bonfire—Pay Gold to Pirate to light for limited time. Resources: Gold, 6 Workers. Add gardens to all houses.

  8. Add two workers to the restored forestry building, demolish one of the cottages, and restore the second forestry building. Level 17 Task: Dig up two treasure chests. Keep the bank druid paid, collect rents, and train engineers. Repair the bridge highlighted.

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